Geofencing Control only working sporadically now



  • Yes same for me somebody said IOS 15.2 would fix issue. I would suggest it’s a TADO issue cannot trust this company one bit
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    @larsras Try this:

    Go to location services -> tado° -> 'While Using the App'.

    Run tado° App and confirm your choice. Go back to location services and change the setting back to 'Always' on.

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    @MPJ This problem is with Apple, not tado° Apple made a change to iOS 15 specifically for location updates in the background. Apparently only the homekit app geofencing is working well. iOS 15.2 supposed to fix the problem, but more and more people say otherwise.

    Again, nothing to do with tado°

  • teknofilo
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    This problem is not Tado's fault.

    iOS 15 broke geofencing for many users (not everybody seems to be affected though). I am experiencing issues with Tado and other geofencing apps (Locative, Geofency, IFTTT, etc.)

    If you don't open the app regularly or restart the iPhone, it works well for only 1-2 days. That's why some people think that the issue was fixed when they installed a new iOS 15.2 beta release or the final iOS 15.2 version... it takes 1-2 days to stop working after a restart.

  • Not sure why TADO don’t report to apple. Getting fed up with TADO costing me more in heating bills everyday and it tells me I am saving over 20% completely false information
  • Idelacruz
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    Same issue here, I don’t agree that it is just due ios15, also tado is responsible,
    I have another device Nuki, and they have released and update because of this issue and now it is working perfectly.
    One of the fixes is “improve Auto Unlock for iOS 15”, this is also using Geo facing like tado.
    So not all apps are having this issue now.
    In any case this a tado’s service and it is not working, are you going to remove it ?
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    @MPJ What makes you think that this hasn't been reported to Apple?

    Have you reported it yourself? -> feedback assistant

  • I have reported to apple. I also got this reply from TADO below which I do not agree with. If when the app is forced closed tado geofencing would never work. TADO will work even when app is shutdown it works sporadically so this reason they gave me just does not ring true.

    TADO Reply
    With iOS 15.1, Apple finally fixed their app-closing ability.
    This came at a cost.
    Customers could close the app (swipe) before and the app would continue to run in the background, and would still be sending data (even though it was closed).
    With iOS 15.1, the app that is closed in the background is closed completely. It stops sharing any data. It is important that the tado° app is running in the background.
    Closing the tado° app will make it so the tado° app doesn't receive updates.
  • Sound estrange, Nuki is working find even closed (same functionality like tado to open the door when you are close to your home) before last Nuki's update it was working like tado (app opened etc)

    Whatsapp is also working in the background so this seems incorrect "With iOS 15.1, the app that is closed in the background is closed completely."

  • Idelacruz
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    Someone have hear something about it?
    I think I will cancel my subscription with tado since it is not working as expected.
  • Feedback on the Apple developer forums seems to indicate that iOS 15.3 fixes the issue. It's still in beta and might take a little while before it is released to the public. Could be a couple of weeks.

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    @ErBee From what I see there is no issue with geofencing and iOS 15.2 and up (latest beta 15.3 also works well)

    There is a delay in receiving push messages, but geofencing works fine and with no tado° running in the background. 🤔

  • Running here 15.2

    The issue still occurs. Closing the app will result in geofencing not working.

  • It’s a joke what tado is doing here. It is since months now.
    And not only closing/swiping the app is breaking geofencing, just don’t use it for a few days, then functionality is lost.
    Contacted support and claimed money for subscription back, let’s see what happens.
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    @christianj For the sake of accuracy - tado° my be also the guilty party here, but the problem is mainly with Apple messing with the iOS 15 & location updates in the background!

    Go also to Apple and tell them they are... 'a joke'

  • christianj
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    @rafm5 already complained at Apple and in relevant forums.
    Have a Nuki door lock as well which heavily relies on geofencing for their Auto Unlock feature. It was completely broken with iOS 15 as well. Latest update for Nuki App 4 weeks ago solved the issue. So it seems to be possible.
  • Just to let you know: I'm now in contact with 2nd level support and troubleshooting the issue on three (mine and two teenager's iPhones... you know what I mean). Completely removed apps, re-started, re-installed, logged in, checked permissions, all you can imagine.

    Support stated that it is important to add the home WiFi to the list the Tado app, but I feel it is just a trial-and-error thing (because how should the distance-related temperature adaption work when home/away is determined by home-WiFi??

    After that and first arrival at home: 2 phones working, 1 phone not (still shown away). All other location services fine (homekit lights on, Nuki Auto-unlocking door). Disappointing.

  • Idelacruz
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    I’m in the same situation, others apps are working fine excepting tado.
    I don’t know who is the guilty one but tado is billing me a service that is not working at all.
    Also disappointing
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    I wouldn't call a three trillion dollar company a joke. It is however utterly disappointing that they (Apple) manage to break stuff with every major software release. iOS 15 broke location based services for a number of apps, including Tado, but certainly not all apps. 

    Tado completely dropped the ball on this by pointing their finger at Apple, telling their paying customers to complain to Apple and by the way stop harassing us.

    A better response would have been something along the lines of: "Dear customer. It has come to our attention that with the release of iOS15 the geofencing functionality stopped working in the Tado app under certain conditions. Although we believe that the problem lies with Apple, we are working very hard with them to resolve this issue as soon as possible. In the mean time we advise you to keep the Tado app open in the background as this ensures normal geofencing operation. We will keep you informed on any developments and we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience."

    Meanwhile, Apple released iOS 15.2.1 (19C63) but the release notes do not show any indication of a fix for this particular issue. I guess we will have to wait for the release of iOS 15.3.

  • rafm5
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    @ErBee iOS 15.3 beta 2 (released 2 days ago) does not address this problem :-(

    @christianj Wifi is not needed to operate tado° thermostats, so claiming that users have to 'set WIFI' up is stupid :-(

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    @rafm5 I think what tado meant is to setup the home WiFi detection under the geofencing settings as an additional help in detecting home/away states.

    Although how that helps if iOS has killed off the tado app running in the background is anyone's guess...
  • @rafm5 to avoid misunderstanding, it has not been WiFi setup, but I was asked to add my home WiFi network to the list of home WiFis in the Tado app (to detect home position as @cbd20 says).

    I have to say that support is pretty involved and trying to help, but I have to make each setting on multiple phones and it consumes time and somehow I know that it will not help unless Tado and Apple release a fix.

    @ErBee proposed the correct way to handle this. Other affected companies are going exactly this way.

  • rafm5
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    @christianj Have you tried this?

    Go to location services -> tado° -> 'While Using the App'.

    Run tado° App and confirm your choice. Go back to location services and change the setting back to 'Always' on.

    I have no issues and Geofencing works well even without the app running in the background. What i currently see is a delay in data transfer from tado° to Home App (or however it works) so I 'm getting different readings in each app.

  • @rafm5 yes, did that on all devices. It works for a few days, then - checking the blue tile - location of at least one device is stuck or device is greyed out in nowhere.

    It somehow does not affect all iOS users, so I believe that yours is working fine, but unfortunately in my case all family devices are suffering and home/away switching is useless.

    Tado's support conclusion is to add my home WiFi to Tado app, NEVER to swipe up the Tado app in the app switcher, and wait for iOS 15.3 for which Apple stated that the bug is probably fixed.

    Gave up for this heating season and probably will use homekit home/away feature with some automations for this purpose.

    Data sync from Tado to Home App is indeed slow, for me there has always been a delay (sometimes a few seconds, sometimes minutes), but never considered this as a problem as it is a sluggish heating system.

  • We are having the same issue with our Tado installation. We have 4 iPhone's (2 12 Pro, 11, XS) connected and 1 iPhone 12 Pro has the same issues, all the other phones work fine. We have done everything as stated above, but are not able to get Geofencing working on the 4th iPhone.

  • @Lexy welcome in the club. Right now nobody home, both kids at school but son shows up as home... heater is keeping the house at 21°C just for the guinea pigs. Purchased the tado stuff in October last year, so it was fun to use for 4 weeks. Then localization went useless.
  • @christianj

    Have you checked the settings on your son's phone ??🤔

  • @GrayDav4276 Yes, I did multiple times, each and every setting, inside the app and in all relevant iOS menus, according to tados support advise. As long as the app is actively opened from time to time it will remain working. If not (app idle in background for a few days) it will stop working.

  • @christianj
    There are reported issues with IOS 15updates causing various issues with Tado Geofencing......possibly that's the issue here.
  • New iOS version is released and should fix the problem.