Geofencing Control only working sporadically now



  • The upgrade to iOS 15.3 appears to have solved the issue for me. It's a been a few days and it is still working as expected. 👍️

  • Loaded 15.3 today and heating went off when I left the geofencing zone.

    time will tell….

  • rafm5
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    Hi All.

    I will run some tests on iOS 15.4 (latest beta) + Geofencing and will share my findings here shortly.

  • Still holding my breath since it occurred after a few days with the tado app in the background. Updated all devices to 15.3 last weekend. So let’s see.

  • rafm5
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    Geofencing doesn't work without app running in the background on iOS 15.4 (beta) I spent two days testing and no success at all.

    UPDATED post:

  • christianj
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    Almost two weeks now and I observed in detail: Tado app is working perfectly under iOS15.3 even when app is not opened for a few days. It even works without the app running in the background. Can confirm this for iPhone Xr, 12, SE2020.

  • Surprising enough I don’t have a problem on my iPhone 8 and 15.3 but my wife’s iPhone 12mini on 15.3 does not update geofencing even when the app is the background
  • @FatihAyoglu I went through the complete process of signing out of our tado accounts, uninstalling the apps, rebooting the phones, re-installing, then signing in our tado accounts and then re-permitting the localization and background refresh on our phones. That was under iOS15.2, but maybe helped for ios15.3 as well. For now it works, although the signs for 15.4 are not good as far as I can read here...

  • FatihAyoglu
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    @christianj alright, I’ve just done these steps, let’s see how it behaves tomorrow. I mean Home app works every time, why Tado cannot adopt similar tech/code? 🤷🏻
  • @FatihAyoglu Good luck. I really did lose my confidence during the last 3 months of only sporadically working geofencing with 3rd party apps on our Apple devices. There has been some - let's say challenging - issue since ios15 only with 3rd party apps (all Apple apps worked perfect). Some developers could improve their code to cope with the issue. Unfortunately tado could not, so we had to wait for months for a solution or iOS improvement which had to come from Apple.

  • I’m testing Auto Assist feature, in trial period still. If geofencing is not working, I might just terminate and wait to see if it gets better.

  • isony11
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    Tado motivated me to finalizing my Home Assistant setup including geofencing for tado. We'll see how it work during next couple days. I might cancel my tado auto-assist next week since they can't fix their product.

    FatihAyoglu, my auto assist works when it wants to. 2 devices, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and I come back home to see that heating was pointlessly on for the whole day.
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    Apple has just released iOS 15.4 beta 2 for developers. Along with latest tado° App 6.32 beta the geofencing functionality has been restored (no app running in the background)

  • My trial expires tomorrow, so I’ll cancel today and wait until I see full working system. This should be an easy fix as like I’ve said in other posts, apps like Home app, works always whether it is on in the background or not.

  • This needs resolving, a lot of people have spent a lot of money on Tado kit, and one of the biggest plus points of it now does not work properly. I have followed every instruction suggested and not until IOS 15.3 did it start to work again, however now geofencing seems to detect leaving the property but not arriving home again. In light of the fact that energy bills are sky rocketing this needs to be resolved. Surely Tado should be working with Apple to get to the bottom of this instead of just taking out money.

    COME ON TADO support your customers and stop giving the same standard responses to support queries.

  • Hi
    I have the same issue here….
  • I just came here to tell the same thing, with the latest version, it detects when we leave but not when we come back. I forget about this and realised only when I’ve checked my baby girls room temp which was 15!
  • Same here. Shaking desperately my head. It has been working for a few weeks, now with the next app update it’s gone again.
    Both my kids showing away although being at home. Tado it’s getting embarrassing.
  • I’ve got the same issue on iPhone 12 Pro Max iOS 15.3.1 geofencing only updates when I manually open the app after I get home. Very annoying.
  • I now need to add my name to the list of people having problems. Up until recently I had not had any issues, but the app update to version 6.34 has changed that. Leaving home works fine, it’s the arriving home that no longer works. iOS version is 15.3.1.

  • In contact with support. Unfortunately they are clueless and going through the standard steps. No word of “yes, we are aware of this”.
    Looks like the is iOS 15 geofencing disaster which completely broke home/away for months.
  • I have the same issues that have been going on since moving to IOS15, the latest issue is as others have mentioned, leaving home works fine but arriving home my heating no longer switches back…

    I have to say I am rather disappointed that this has not yet been resolved, having significantly investing in Tado and recommending others based on what was an almost perfect platform I feel it is too late to move to another product but I am contemplating this.

    Why oh why is this taking so long to fix!
  • I also have this issue. iPhone SE 2020 up to date IOS, up to date app. Used to work fine and now it’s very unreliable. So may times I’ve been out to find the heating hasn’t turned off, as it hasn’t registered I’m away (or the other way round with a cold home with the app not registering my return). The way round it is to go in and open the app then it wakes up. All the settings are correct, I keep double checking - background refresh on, mioblie data on, location services always (and precise location). Can we fix this issue? With the price of gas now, this is so important.
  • isony11
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    As i wrote here before I've been testing HomeAssistant for tado valves. Tado used to work fine but since it doesn't i just got annoyed with waiting on tados fix and paying them for not working subscription plan.

    If you have a raspberry pi at home I'd strongly recommend playing with HomeAssistant.
    Currently I have fully reliable geofencing, it is tracking two devices and if they leave "home area" it switches tado to away mode. If valve detects open window it sets to off untill it registers closed window.
    Also I've set some rules with motion sensors which I have for Philips hue lights to turn off heating in the room if there was no movement for 2 hours.
    ... and it's subscription free.
    I am using tado app only for heating schedules and that works fine.

    I know it requires some work but as we can see there is still no fix.. good that the heating season is ending soon.

  • As you can see, the app is aware that I am not at home yet it doesn't switch to away mode. I have also updated to iOS 15.4 beta and this has no positive effect.

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    @carlwright99 that icon out to the right, means "Location Not Used", tap on the icon it will tell you, you need to open the Tado app, if the app is not used on the phone in a while, it will assume it should not be tracking it. If the person is out and being tracked the icon will be on the Left.

    If you have opened the app, and it still has not moved to the left, check in the phone settings, that tracking is always allowed for the Tado˚ app.