Make it easier to see which room is requesting heat by adding a symbol/colour to room Icon

I have a few rooms with smart TRVs and it always takes me a while to find which room is requesting heat. It would be easier if there is a little logo, or maybe a coloured border around the room icon if it is being heated.

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  • What a simple but great idea ! I second that.

  • If a room is calling for heat it says “Heating to x oC”. If the room is not calling it doesn’t say heating to. I presume you have room which are not setup to call (independent TRV), in this case, yes unfortunately you’d have to remember which TRVs they are when looking at all TRVs which say heating to.

    Hope this makes sense
  • Makes sense! I'm just wondering if it can be made a bit easier rather than reading the small letters under every room. It's definetly not a huge issue, but I switched to Tado from a different system and I miss being able to see in just a glance which rooms are requesting heat. A little flame icon or even just a red dot or something would be a lot easier to notice than reading the small text.