Fix HomeKit support (round up of feature requests)

Hey tado, everyone seems to know better than you what your HomeKit support needs. Here I gather all the requests I have seen around:

  1. Allow temp/humidity sensors to be exposed independently. We bought these pricey TRVs. Why don't you let us use all their features?
  2. Expose battery levels in HomeKit. It is really stupid that you inform us about batteries running out on each TRV with an email. I have 15 of these thingies at home. I have also plenty of other smart stuff. Do you really think we have nothing else to do other than checking emails in the morning from my radiators? I want to set up my smart stuff and never hear back from their company.
  3. Expose water heater as a tap. Being able to set the temperature is a plus, but it is not of little use.
  4. Expose a main heating switch in HomeKit, just like in the app. It is a useful feature, and I really don't want to run a whole other app for that. We have way too many apps on our phones.
  5. Allow switching between manual and automatic heating in homekit. Why would you not anyway?
  6. Add an optional local mode, in which the internet bridge does not talk to your servers anymore. Your fancy scheduling and temp control features are very useful, but maybe we don't like so much of our data being streamed to your servers. Respect that please.

To be clear, all these and more have been done in the homebridge tado plugin. But we need local control, and that's why we bought tado with homekit support and an internet bridge. You just have to copy those features! Otherwise write on your products: "Product with partial homekit support. Forces you to use online accounts to control your home anyways."

To be honest, it feels often a waste of time to give German tech companies any feedback, as it seems they don't even care to read. You make awesome products and then frustrate the customers until they move to something lesser but more flexible. But hey, I did my bit.

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  • Hi @retrography
    I feel that Tado is a bit like a Political Party........Big on promises....but not very good at delivering.
  • I'd also like to see an improvement on how devices are imported into Homekit. Not sure if it is a Homekit issue, but I setup all of my devices first (8 TRVs, Wireless Starter Kit, Wired Thermostat), and when all was working correctly, I then imported them into Homekit.

    As per the instructions, I scanned the Hub into homekit to add all of the associated devices, expecting it to take across all of the room names etc...

    But alas.... I ended up with all of the devices lumped into one room (the room the hub is in), which the devices named by their serial numbers 🤨

    So I then spent ages referring to my serial number / room leaflet I created during install and manually renamed / moved everything. Takes quite a bit of doing, surely there's a better way?