Make the Smart Radiator Valves quieter

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I find the Tado Smart Radiator Valves are too noisy for use in bedrooms. The motor noise when opening/closing the valve is loud enough to disturb sleep. I have had to set my bedroom schedule in a way that ensures the bedroom heating will never turn on when we could be asleep, and so have to manually turn it on everytime I wake up. Not ideal.

Could you either find a way to make the existing valves quieter, maybe try slowing the motor down so it takes 30 seconds to open, rather than 1 sec? Or develop a new, quieter, radiator valve.

This is my biggest complaint with Tado, and why I struggle to reccomend it to others.

(Yes, I have been in touch with support, they were unable to improve things).

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  • This would be great, though I believe other smart TRVs have the same issue. I guess it is down to the type of motor used as they would need to be very energy efficient, but if the current version can't be modified in the way you suggest, maybe Tado could produce a Silent version, with a different motor type (USM like the ones used in Camera Lenses?). If cost is a factor they could produce both types and if silence is critical, then you stump up the extra for the rooms where this is required

  • Use the heat in the bedroom as an alarm. If you are turning it on when you wake why not set it to turn on a few minutes before you wake. I can't sleep with the heating on I heat the room before bed and just before I wake.. works for me.
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    @Chapstar37 It’s the noise of the Tado TRV turning on that wakes us up. So we can’t set the heating to come on before we wake.

    But, yes, I have thought of setting the Tado to turn on at the same time as our alarm, but we often change our alarm time based on various factors and I wouldn’t want to forget to also change the Tado timing and get woken up too early.
  • I think the noise level is rather good. The duration of actuation is extremely short also. I've tried Evohome, which while slightly quieter, is much slower and therefore more noticeable.

    However, that said, if it wakes you up, then it wakes you up. I expect it might be possible to improve - I have some actuators on an underfloor heating manifold that are silent in operation. However, they do take a few minutes to open.

  • I agree with jcwacky. The valves are too noisy to use in bedrooms.

    If there was an option to have it operate more slowly and quietly, but for longer I would use it.

  • Just a thought... Tado is capable of talking to IFTTT... any way that you could integrate the two with your alarm in any way?

  • Having just installed a couple of TRVs in bedrooms I definitely vote for this and would be willing to pay the extra for a quieter motor
  • I actually think they are pretty quiet compared to others. Mind you, I used to use LightWave TRVs and they were dreadfully noisy so maybe I am just spoiled by the Tado TRVs being much quieter. having said that, ideally they would be silent in operation.

  • I suggested to Tado to allow the valve that is used in the bedroom to remain in an open position, but not send a signal to the Thermostat to draw heat from the boiler. Then, when another TRV (one which is not in the bedroom) turns on in the morning, the heating would come on in the bedroom, without the noise.

    You could then set the bedroom TRV to turn off when desired in the morning and come on when you wanted before bed.

  • @Jcwacky If you use the Alexa app to wake you up you could set a routine so that she also turns on the heating for you. Another way is to use IFTTT.

  • jcwackyjcwacky ✭✭✭

    @Andee Thanks for the suggestion! That's a good idea. I use our clock radio as our alarm and for whatever reason I don't trust any phone apps to wake me up reliably other than built in alarm app! I had thought about making something which would detect the noise from the radio and turn the heating on! Never go around to it though.

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