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Can we lock TRVs on the app so children can't adjust them and activate the boiler.
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  • It's in the 'fake' roadmap since more than two years....never implemented...they gave priority to vocal assistant support implementation...

  • Agreed; a child lock is a very important safety feature too; not just for cost savings and comfort. It is all too easy for a child to turn the radiator valve to maximum, and potentially hurt themselves on a very hot radiator.

    I would have thought this should be a top priority improvement for ALL users; V3 and V3+. Lately there have not been any changes that I have noticed to the V3 app.....

  • In October my second child will many child I must do before Tado implement child lock?

  • German just suggested I add my name to this list. I'm more than happy to but it looks like this has been just an idea for a very long time.

    Let's hope we see some action before the winter. ....
  • matvimatvi
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    Ridiculous it still doesn't have the child lock feature. When i bought tado a few years ago it was already on the roadmap and was convinced it would be on the device by the time i had a kid... He is almost 3 now.
  • Hi all, my son who has just turned two, loves playing with my radiator valves which is a pain when he is playing with his bro in the bedroom in the morning. I would love a feature to only control the value via the app and turn off the manual functionality on the value to elevate this problem. Bit concerned as if I don’t get it in time the bedroom can them become very very hot
  • It is ridiculous only because we are speaking about a very easy and stupid function that could require no more than 2 weeks of developing...but it seems that for Tado's deveolopers it is too difficult...

  • 100% need this i was told it was coming about a year ago by Tado support
  • I chose tado knowing this was in their roadmap. Almost 3 years ago!

  • jcwackyjcwacky ✭✭✭

    A TRV child lock is a long requested feature, which was on Tado's roadmap, so hopefully they are still working on it. You may wish to add your vote to this existing request:

  • Another person here also been requesting for a long time. The only sort of solution I have found was to make manual adjustments only happen for 1 minute so when my children play with the TRV they only manually adjust it for 1 minute,

    As said it only sort of fixes the issue, A child lock would be far superior, ideally with a schedule built in so I can set the living room TRV's with child locks from say 7am until 7pm when there's a chance of them playing with the TRV's but after 7pm this would allow myself and my wife the chance to manually turn the heating up via the TRV when required

  • Previously, you used to be able to set your valves to 0 minutes in the manual settings. This worked great as a child lock feature. However, over time they have changed it to a minimum of 1 minute.

    This is a right pain and a child lock feature either needs to be created, or this issue with manual timer control needs to be fixed.
  • +1 to this feature request.

    Child lock on radiator valves would be much appreciated.

  • @Tado, any update on this feature?
  • +1
    The valves are too attractive for a child to not play with....
  • Yes please for this, saves on batteries too.
  • Hello, I just got this tado system and first day my 1 year boy turn valve on maximum temperature in his room what a disaster, I was asking myself and was sure that the option is somewhere ... I mean even on a 100€ oven there is such protection... nothing for tado despite all comments here? What’s happen?
  • It's been long requested and promised - we need a child lock on each radiator, plus a 'geo-fence only' app account, so the heating can be smart even for household members who we don't want to be able to adjust the settings. Without that it's open to abuse and children can cost you more than any saving you might get to both your bills and the environment.

  • VertigoVertigo ✭✭✭

    There is an easy work around for the child lock:

    Id rather wish Tado's one and only part time developer, if or when he returns from his 24 month career break , spent his time creating a home/away button (or removing the lines in the code that hide the existing home/away button whenever geolocation doesnt detect a change).

  • I’ve asked on many occasions that system owners can restrict/administer user rights to Additional or casual home occupants. Can Tado support please give a reply to this.
  • zikiziki
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    Ahahahah Vertigo, I implemented that workaround years ago :D

    Tado engineers (if there's someone in Tado...) would never be able to think to it.

  • I’m very new here, but think this would be a good idea.

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