Limit the amount of heat a room can request (three flames)

It would be awesome if we could limit the amount of heat a room can request. This could be based upon the three heating indicators already shown in the app.

This way we could limit a room with in floor heating to only request low heated water since it does not make sense to run the system at 70 degrees because the intake is already limited to max 40 degrees.
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  • Hi @Moerbei
    Your boiler will heat the water to a temperature that will accommodate the highest heat request from your Tado devices......therefore the temperature of the water for your underfloor heating can't be "selective"
    Surely the Tado Thermostat in that room is effectively opening the relevant valve based on it's thermostat sensor.......or am I missing something here......I don't have underfloor heating so I'm not sure if I've misunderstood your request /comment.