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my.tado.com : support for 2FA

Hi. There is a ETA for support 2FA for the accesso to my.tado.com ?

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  • Given the IoT connectivity I would also really like to suggest Factor Authentication for the tado system accounts as well as for the support accounts.

  • Hi,

    Please put me down as a +1 for 2FA/MFA. I'm a little concerned that all it would take is a password hack and a nefarious person could wreak havoc on my heating system - and/or lock me out of it.

    I also note that I don't get emails when a new browser/device signs in to my account. From a security standpoint this a basic feature of most online services nowadays and would at least flag to users whether something was afoot with their account. Perhaps this could be paired with some sort of basic audit logging.

  • Just a few more thoughts on this one, I guess that somebody could also get into your account and see whether you're at home or not.

  • Please could you give us all an update on this. Like the posters above have said this is actually very important.

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