3rd party temperature sensors

It would be a great improvement if one could have the ability to use a temperature sensor already in the room (which is i.e., HomeKit compatible) to control the radiator valves. This will give a much more accurate temperature control in each room.

If you already have a temperature sensor in the room used for another device, it makes no sense to purchase another one to sit next to it in order to perform the same task that another device is already doing.

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  • HI

    This does actually not answer the request. The point is that I already have a room thermostat for another application which is linked to Homekit. The whole point was to use one sensor for both applications, and not having two sensors sitting side by side in the room, one to control one application, and another one to control Tado.

    Having two sensors would take the 'smart' right out of smart-home...

    And since I already have the sensors I'm not really interested ind purchasing another one, but just to use the one I already own. This could be supported as a premium feature for customers paying the yearly fee.

    Cheers Theis

  • Bunch of us have toyed around with home-assistant, if your 3rd party sensor supports integration with it you can adjust the Tado TRV offset as needed, so that it matches with your sensor temperature. The caveats are that 1) this is not something you get out of the box 2) the TRV offset adjustment implicitly re-calibrates it too, making the familiar noise (which can be fairly annoying in a bedroom when sleeping during the night)

    I appreciate this doesn't really answer your question, but this has come up again (feel free to read through the entire thread below). If the home assistant does the trick for you great. If not, I wouldn't expect this to ever happen.