Multi-Home Tado

Would be so great to have multi home support in the app. Such a pain having to log in and out all the time. If this is complex - and I realise that not everyone needs it - how about releasing "copies" of the App so we can download 2 or 3 of them and have them logged in individually.

This may apply well to everyone. I want to put Tado in my elderly mother's house - then she can control the heating easily, and if she wants help, or me to adjust it, I can do it easily. It's not just for multiple home-owners.

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  • I see that this problem is facing more Tado users in community, TADO should do an update in app and make it possible to have 2 diferent houses and make custumer better experiace, I dont have 2 emails or 2 mobile phones, but I could buy three aparments and what to do then? to have 3 mobile phones? that is not logical, please note this problem and make an update to the system:)

  • It’s insane seeing those requests popping up since years… can’t believe 5 years later it still isn’t a feature… already filled up the shopping chart… won’t be buying a second set now… so sad…