More Settings options for AC

Current AC v3 owner... satisfied with the overall experience. As others have said, display could be showing lots more. Controls could be a little easier/more intuitive and Humidity could be visible to the Home app as a tile. Ideally, the device could be receiving the "dumb" remote signals to update its status as well.

But the most important thing to me would be to be able to adjust various other settings of my AC unit. Namely the blades "Swing" to control the direction of airflow. For example, when I turn on my unit through its remote, it is set to a particular direction with its blades immobilised, so that the airflow isn't directed towards the sofa just underneath/below it. When I use the app/tado AC control, the AC is reprogrammed automatically to swing its blades, thus annoying the people seated below (and even risking a wry neck after a while). We should be able to AT LEAST preset a setting in the app to immobilise the airflow/blades with every directive/signal the tado device sends.

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