User specific Heating schedule

It would be very helpful if there would be the option to have user specific heating schedules.
I travel for work but sometimes I work from home. Would be great if Tado would recognise that and switch heating off in the office when I am away.
Could that be integrated please.
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  • Please do a search and find an already open request for this feature.....then add your vote to that thread.
  • The most discussed thread about this is Please cast your vote there
  • Thank you. Wow 2019 and still not implemented.
    Does Tado even read this forum?
  • Yes....certain tado° staff members do read the forum entries......however (it seems that) they don't appear to be in a position that allows them to make these sort of appears that they can only pass on our requests to senior team members.
    tado° is seriously constrained by the limitations of the current generation of hardware and the level of achievable programming.
    So apart from fairly mundane and minor changes.....nothing major is likely until a new generation of equipment is rolled out.......and don't expect to see that for many months yet.

  • see this thread.

    Individual Geofence Option

    suggest upvote (on first page of thread)