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  • jamese8
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    Desperately needed with present gas prices. Really smart thermostats on rads pretty pointless expense unless they can geolocatecto an individual user
  • Come on Tado, you have a chance here to really show the savings that your system can make. Don't waste it.

  • Hello, would it be possible to add to the Geofencing function the turning off of only certain heads? Example, Tomáš's cell phone is away from home, turn off only Tomáš's room.

  • And it would already work if it was allowed (possible) to add more houses to your account. Geofencing per house works as designed after all.

  • @timur, you can upvote on the first page of this post. I don't know if this helps because this message is from 2019 and there is 0 (zero) response from Tado :(

  • Are there even any Tado staff on this site?
  • ZbignieM

    It probably doesn't, and it is scary that the company cannot and does not want to do it to its customers.

  • also alarming this thread: Why I the roadmap planning a secret ? — tado° Community (

    Where the last posted roadmap dated from 2016 and the last update on new features date from 2018.

    Seems there is no development since at least 2018. Are there no competitors who do better work here?

  • In the following thread (Keep public roadmap up to date — tado° Community (, someone from Tado posted the following in 2019. But I think they forgot to appoint someone to follow this forum :(

  • Jurian

    Hi All,

    I want to thank you for this lively discussion. Individual Geofencing is something that is continuously discussed internally as a potential improvement.

    However, as stated in many different threads across the forum: We have a policy to only communicate new features when the are about to be released. Therefore I am unable to say anything about the possible implementation of this feature, or its potential timeline.

    In the past months, we have been working hard on some other topics that we hope will bring a lot of value to your tado experience.

    Please take a look here to see some of the features that have just been released. A whole new black Smart Thermostat, new features that will help save money in the future when hourly energy tariffs will become more common (as they already are in some nordic countries).

    Upvoting helps, the discussion also helps and once this potential feature has been selected for development, the product managers and the development teams will read trough this discussion as a starting point for development. As always, also keep in mind that the community forum only represents a small portion of our customer base (I would say the more tech minded power users) and that our development teams have to create features that add value to the whole customer base, since development resources are limited.

  • @Jurian its nice to get a responce as while your post doesn't give much away its reassuring to know that its even been acknolwedged as a potential feature. Maybe you could reach out to selected comunity members to work with them and research into potential new features. Even if that was under NDA.


    PS please keep acknolwedging people, even just to say that you have listened and its under consideration.

  • @Jurian , thanks for your reply and letting the community know that Tado is involved on this platform.

  • Matthew

    I agree totally with @Alweb.

    In Dutch (Geolocatie per kamer) and German community (Benutzerabhängiger Away-Modus) this request is also a very wanted feauture.

    @Jurian I don't know if you are a native english speaker (I'm not btw) but there is a saying "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going" (In other words: when Gas is hardly affordable anymore, Tado get going)

  • Willem_
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    Usually there is a choice to be made as demands quite often is higher as capacity (basic economics 1-0-1) to meet the demand. How to cope with this?

    The smart way is to focus on one or two most (customer)valuable features. Finish those, get feedback as soon as possible (test user group, beta release, etc.) deliver and decide what's next.

    Now here's what you could try differently; instead of only announce what you're about to deliver (basically keeping your customers in the dark) when you're delivering. You could also try to involve your customers in the process.

    Be transparant about what is next without the when, because things happen along the way. We all get that.

    Publish for instance a roadmap (as I understood you had) but update it regurarly; topics/features are either done now (is being worked on, released anytime soon), done soon (not yet started but is our next focus after we finish our current feature) or done later (what can also be done never but we don't know yet).

    Why is some topics/features have a higher priority than others is of course totally up to you. The customer's voice is probably reprented in comunities like this or other input (user-panels, surveys, etc) and is weighted against business/product vision and strategy. No need to explain that.

    If you have questions about this approach, please feel free to reach out.

  • @Rob even having some dates to say some new featurs due on x date for y product would at least show that developement are working on something. And keep us happier 🙂

  • Rob


    What you're describing is, as you would probably already expect, exactly what we're doing. Well, this part:

    The smart way is to focus on one or two most (customer)valuable features. Finish those, get feedback as soon as possible (test user group, beta release, etc.) deliver and decide what's next.

    What we are not doing is the roadmap thing. So the transparency part. I get that this is frustrating though, and had I had a roadmap to present to you I certainly would. Obviously there are internal roadmaps (for the app, for specific hardware teams, and so on), but I don't have the freedom to share this. I am trying to increase transparency though. I've been lobbying to get the beta release notes to be more specific and less generic, for example.

  • What programming language is Tado developed in ?

    Is there an SDK developers can download to get to work developing the geofence for smart TRV functionality ?

    Can you provide link to your GitHub / Gitlab page so a Dev can pull and start work on this as like an open source side project ?

    Kind regards

  • jamese8

    Would be good to have a response from tado as to why this is seems to be something they dont want to do or is not possible. Been a feature request for years.

    Without it the Tado rad thermostats I doubt are economically viable (unit cost plus batteries set against savings over time)

    Also, to be helpful, at least offer other solutions on how to achieve. Not doing so seems churlish. As others have mentioned, use of HomeKit may be a way.

    ' I hacked it by switching off the Tado geofencing and setting up a HomeKit'

    Early versions of Tado where improved with IFTT. So this is not new ground...

  • ChrisJ

    @timur I do not think that Tado is open source nor that there is a public SDK.

  • I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but isn't it possible to do this via IFTT or other systems? "If person is location, then set temp in room to X"

    This is what I plan to do, as both my wife and I work from home but she is frequently in and out of house and there is no need to keep her office hot all day. A Tado feature would be nice but it's not going to stop me, I don't think...
  • jamese8

    do post if you find a way to do it via IFTT!

  • @tooner & @jamese8 I have a ring house alarm which I can use to set actions based on alarm set / unset & motion in rooms. Not idea but its something. As well as the individucal Geo fencing I dont want to give the kids the Tado App as they will mess it up or override all the controls.