Individual Geofence Option



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    An interesting idea, but I don’t think this will work. 🤔
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    Hi John

    Thats what you can't do as far as I know. Let me know if I'm wrong. Think can may be should be can't? I kept my thermostats in (vain) hope that individual geofencing might happen. TBH without this feature, economics dont really stack up.

    Best you an do is good old fashioned schedule if many people have a regular schedule any more!

    Very frustrating as tado was one of the firts with geofencing, yet hasn't progressed the idea...

  • @johnsmith

    You cannot tell tado° to do this directly.......but you can use Alexa etc

  • @johnsmith no it can’t do that.
  • Well that explains the 6 pages here, and brings up the first post, on the first page, why not?
    Seems a relatively easy feature to implement.
  • Is Tado partly owned by an oil and gas company ?
  • The more active this thread is the more likely this is to be done.
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    let’s keep it going. I’m sure many people buy rad thermostats and disappointed with lack of geofencing!

  • Indeed!! Let’s KEEP BOOSTING THE VOTES on this feature.

    @timur I think you might be onto something with that comment. 😱
  • And definitely need a non admin user account or even the ability to simply put a pin on the app to make changes or access the app. That way the kids could have the app and not be allowed to get into it to mess. Pretty simple fix really. In the app settings add a required pin to open. Boom there you go Tado I’ve just fixed the Geo fencing for kids. Now just the individual Geo fencing to fix.

    @Jurian what do you think. You can pay me later 🙂
  • @mallbutt I’m sure I’ve seen this type of request, to lock out certain aspects of the app, in another thread. You’re right though, this kind of usability is an essential, and like individual geofencing, should have been implemented from the start.
  • Yes, theres anorher thread with admin and user rights, also a thread with request for a backup option for schedules.
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    Prob a better thread for this but Yes for me admin rights would be great and surely pretty simple!
  • In the german language forum we are requesting this feature for 6 years now, tado doesn't pay much attention on this essential function - in times of horrific energyprices this should be the first task to fulfill!

  • It's really annoying that after 6 years they still don't implement such thing! So many other uninteresting features, but not such a simple and helpful thing.

    Especially in such difficult times!

    My Gas Company just canceled my Contract and new i have to get a new One with a different company and instead of €600 I have to pay €2000 per year!!!

    So this tool would really help to save a lot of money!

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    Just to keep this tread on track I guess you are talking about radiator thermostat geofencing?


  • I agree with Smf that it would make things much simpler if you could just geofence a phone to a specific radiator TRV.

    It would be the ultimate automation, as you'd just be able to install it, switch it to geofence for that person for that room, so that heating comes on when they are home and goes off when they leave, and then forget about it.

    Tado could even charge a premium for it as it would be saving the customer on their energy bill each month
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    Yes, that is the feature that we need. Though the user geofencing would be associated with the 'room' rather than a specific TRV. Some rooms may have more than one TRV, or multiple measuring devices (such as Wireless Thermostats). Tado already has the concept of a 'room', which is well defined and used for many things so this doesn't change the basic premise of the feature but means it is more generally useful.

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    Lets hope after 6 years and endless comments this feature - which has good potential to save energy - is finally implemented.

    Might be worth contacting tado via twitter too..😀

  • I really don't get it as if I were a smart tech company and I could improve my product and sales by simply enhacing the software I would jump on it and own the market. There are lots of things you can do like leanring user patterns, linking in with Ring Alarm to turn off heating zones when you go to bed, or track the PIR sensors to work out room usage paterns. I could sit here all day coming up with clever ideas but it feels like the improvements are slow at best.

  • My children are irregularly present due to school, sports, work, friends, et cetera. They both have a mobile phone that they always have with them, so based on the app it is known whether they are present or not. I would find it a huge addition if the geofencing can be applied to room-person, so that the heating in their respective room can be turned down if they are not present. In addition, it would be nice if it already goes to the normal setting for the specific room when the system detects that they are on their way home (although that will be difficult in a city).

  • This has been an ongoing request to tado, via this community since 2019. They’ve also received app feedback via email in support of such.

    Take a look at the link and boost the votes. Let’s push this much needed functionality!
  • +1 from me.

    I am new to tado and also feel this is something of an own goal.

    Without individual zone and user geofencing, I don't see the benefit of taking out the monthly /annual tado subscription for my use case.

    I would prefer to keep things simple and subscribe to this functionality via the Tado app, but will now try to achieve the same thing via the home automation route instead.

    I would want for each zone something along the lines of:

    When the last person in this geofencing group of users is more than x distance from the house, override the normal schedule for the zone and set to the away schedule instead.

    When the first person in this geofencing group of users is within x distance from the house, revert to the normal schedule for the zone.

    There must be significant lost income to tado in allowing this feature gap to persist so long.
  • Reading through the thread, it seems the best way to fix this, would be to just make it possible to let people write their own replacement for the 'cloud server'. Let the 'internet bridge' talk to a computer on the LAN, e.g. via mqtt, snmp, or some other API.
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    But would be so much better and cleaner if was part of the tado setup. I can only think there is a pressing reason to not do this - but tado remarkably quiet on this front.

  • All the missing features probably are not being implemented, not because they don't want to, but because they can't (easily) do it.
    I expect there is so much crud on their backend, that all/most of their programming capacity is being used up just to keep it going. They are likely afraid to break something and ruin things for everyone if they change anything.
    Here's where allowing the bridge to talk to a custom server would come in handy. Tado could just focus on maintaining the basic service, and hardware side of things, while us nerds here help ourselves, and occasionally tado (or another party) could take the best ideas and make them available on the official back-end.
  • The German forum is full of comments around this topic as well... A LOT of users are looking for this feature...

  • Does Tado have funding from oil and gas sector ⛽💰?
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    tepebox - do you have a link or subject heading for the German forum?



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    I can understand the complexities. Only when you actually set up the whole tado system, do you start to understand that there is a lot going on it seems ...