Thermostat switched off but radioator is warm and keeps heating

I have 4 smart thermostats installed. Last week, even though all smart thermostats were OFF, the radioator in the living room was warm and we could notice the room temperature as higher than expected.

I did the reset procedure, expecting it to be a calibration issue. It did not help. I then switched that thermostat with another spare one (brand new) which went through the initial calibration and all seemed fine, until the next day. After turning it ON manually, and then OFF, the radiator kept heating until today.

I don't know if it's related but all of the graphs for all the thermostats show a flat line today.

Any advise is appreciated.


  • I have the same issue. Any solutions, very welcome

  • I have same issue. Have Tado thermostat in my bedroom and heating is always on despite the fact the temperature is well above the expected.

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    This issue can have various causes. Our support will gladly investigate and help you resolve the problem, but since causes differ from case to case, we won't be able to help with that on this forum.

    Please open a request in our Help Center and let us know the serial number of the device(s) affected as well as specific times and dates at which you observed this.

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    Thanks. Yesterday I have changed the thermostat to another radiator. While doing so I managed to damage the thermostat head nut ( but it seems to be working fine so far.

    I'll open a request with the timelines as suggested to get a better understanding of the events.


  • I have had this issue for 3 months and its driving me nuts. Terrible system and costing me a fortune. The main bedroom comes on randomly and just keeps heating and heating and never shuts off. I have to turn the boiler off at night to avoid being Arnie at the end of Terminator 2. Support is dire and it takes a week to reply.
  • For me, the problem ended up being that the thermostats were getting a bit loose. It seemed to be enough for the valve to stay slightly open, even though the thermostat itself couldn't detect that.

    The root cause was that my radiators thread size was M30x1.0 (Oventrop) and the thermostat was M30x1.5. It wasn't different enough to make it clear that it was wrong but different enough not to screw completely and properly, leading to the situation.

    After tado showed me which adapters I had to get (form Oventrop directly) and putting them on all my radiators, every Thermostat has been working perfectly since. They did respond to my help request with very detailed steps - thanks.

  • Seems like LOTS of people having this issue. I should have searched before I started my thread (

    I have to agree with @thekingster - Tado support seem very slow and not particularly helpful.

  • ALOT of people having this issue, and despite what TADO says, there is NO simple solution. It's costing me money, time and stress.

    I love most of the system and the app, but this is frustrating, especially when i have more than 1 TRV in a room. I have no idea what the temp is, and when noone is in the house, they're still heating the rads.

    TADO, your support is awful.

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    I've had it. They have the nerve to send me a bill for using their devices when I should be taking them to court for thousands and thousands this sh*t system has cost me in wasted heating and suffering in a house-turned-oven. Even now it is telling me the temperature in the house is 21-22C whilst my thermostats are set to 11C, but for some reason my radiators are all pumping out heat like the sun isn't due back for a month.

    I don't care whatever it'll cost me to get rid of it all and put in something else. It's now reached the point where it'll still definitely be cheaper than keeping this system in my home.

    You have my account details, so a personal phone call that fixes everything in a way so that it doesn't revert back to this nightmare before tomorrow morning when I sign off on the new system is the only way this shit mess of terribleness is remaining in my home. It's a shame, I had such reasonable expectations, and high hopes of being able to show everyone my impressive system, but now.....I'm pretty sure that the lifespan of this company's stuff in this country (UK) is now to be measured in hours. It sucks.

  • Only problems I've had have been stuck TRVs. System has worked flawlessly for me for over a year, got 9 radiator valves in total.

  • My Airbnb guests tend to turn the tado rad thermostats off its seating resulting in a very hot radiator which is set to a low temp. One guests had the room with window open at 27deg and complained they couldn't turn rad temp down. I has to get a good neigbours to go in and re-attach taco valve. Problem is it happens to often because it's not clear to guests what part of the valve should be turned to adjust temp.
    My solution thus far is to add wide elastic rubber bands to the upper adjust section in the hope they gravitate towards this when adjusting temp and not the lower housing. That said I noticed the room temp rise to 26deg yesterday, window open and setting at 9deg, so i dont think it's worked out as hoped. I turned off the wall thermostat which appeared to turn off all which is fine given avrg. Inside temp is 20deg. So heating not required.
    Tado TVR's should be designed to lock into housing and not screw down only. Design problem which is causing me regular headaches
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