Early start - how long to 'learn'?

Hi, we have a new tado system and so far it has been a nightmare; installing it was largely guess work as I didn't get the email instructions that were promised, I've run into the 10 limit of TRVs controlling the boiler (which is not specified when you buy them) and now the early start is possessed, we've had to turn it off. How long is the early start supposed to take to figure out when's a sensible time to turn on? We've just found out that the system has had our boiler on half the night, it must be costing us a fortune. The early start is starting four hours before the start time - even though when you look at the graphs you can tell it only takes twenty minutes to warm that room. I'm really annoyed as this was one of the key reasons to get tado as I thought it would save money but it's actually costing many times more than it would ever save by turning on for four unnecessary hours. Does this every resolve?

I have tried to search for early start but it comes up with no results so apologies if this is a repeat.


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