early start is starting far too early

I have my bathroom setup as a single zone; the morning part of the Smart Schedule is like this:

00:00-05:30 17ºC

05:30-07:30 17ºC

07:30-09:30 22ºC

Early Start option is enabled.

Away mode is set to Balance.

I have noticed, that the heating is starting to heat at around 05:00 reaching 22ºC within about 40 min, i.e. it starts more than 1.5 h too early.

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  • Hi @mw9342

    Could you contact support about this please? They might need to make an adjustment to better account for how quickly your heating system is able to increase the temperature. It looks like it is able to heat up a room much, much faster than average, so the algorithm is unable to compensate and adjust accordingly.

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  • Isn't this simply a known issue? On the Dutch Tweakers forum there have been complaints for a few years now around this topic:

    Dutch support kind of confirmed (in early 2017) that this functionality is broken and that it won't get fixed, or as it's officially called: "it doesn't have high priority".

  • mw9342
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    Hmm - that would be disappointing;I had expected that this kind of adaptive behaviour makes the system "smart". Anyway, I've opened a support case as suggested by Frank ...

  • I wish I'd seen this earlier... just looking back from when I installed Tado and my Ovo Gas Usage and I can see a large increase in gas usage after I installed Tado. When I looked at the Tado graphs, I can see that some days the heating is coming on hours before we get up. It reaches temperature an hour or more before hand and maintains that. That to me is wasted energy as it serves no purpose getting to temperature and hour or more before we get up. Switched that feature off now... I did wonder why my energy bill was going up and up!

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    Hello @Toonartist,

    As mentioned before, please contact our technical support via the chat on our website so that they can adjust your account settings. 

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  • It’s a very unfunny joke how bad this is. I have a room set to heat to 22°C by 06:00. With Early start it is reaching the desired temperature at 02:52, over *3 hours* early.

    With rocketing fuel costs, and global warming, this is simply awful. Tado° seriously need to address this issue so the it actually learns how quickly it heats a room, or allow a user setting so we can make it less aggressive.

    I will contact support, but it shouldn’t take every customer to individually contact support to fix the issue for them (after spotting it’s an issue in the first place).
  • @lnoelstorr

    If I was you.......I would disable this ( terrible) tado° feature, and simply alter the time block for the required room(s) by starting 20 or 30 mins before your actual required time. At least you know that it will function as you need it to, and will therefore be more economical than the (useless) tado° "Early Start" feature.

    It is simply one of a few tado° features that either don't work or don't work as users expect them to.

  • I’ve read on other posts here that Tado say this feature is only suitable for UFH but no idea why they don’t make this clear.
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    I cynically believe that the reason that tado° don't make it clear is because it "appears" as a great selling point......to new potential customers.

  • This feature worked really well on my nest thermostat and clearly their system could learn how quickly or slowly the rooms heat up and then adjust for it
  • I had the same problem, heating coming on at 2am! crazy.

    I turned off early start in all rooms.

  • If it is only suitable for UFH why is early start an option on radiator TRVs? Utter BS from Tado again.

  • @srichards that's exactly what I was thinking? Almost all of their system is tailored and aim for radiator-based heating.

  • IMO it would be good, it WE could set how long it takes for OUR ROOMS to heat 1˚c (each room should have it own setting), then early start may actually be useful.

  • Hi @andyblac

    I have copied my response from your other post........

    "I wouldn't advise you to hold your breath waiting for tado° doing anything to sort out the "Early Start" feature.......especially if that involves giving the user a "configurable setting" option..........not gonna happen imho"

  • @GrayDav4276 same, yeah i know, but I thought i would put the idea out there.

  • My old-fashioned Chronotherm from roughly 20 years ago already managed to learn how much longer it took to heat up the room yesterday, and adjust today's starting time by that much, and that was without the weather prediction or any outside sensors available, just a relay to turn the furnace on or off...
  • When we originally installed tado a few years ago, I thought the early start would be an amazing feature. Saw similar to others .. heating coming on at 2am to heat a room to temp for 6.30am ... went through a butt load of oil unnecessarily.

    I've since disabled the feature and use the schedule instead. Haven't looked back since.

  • Very angry to find that TADO Early Start overrides my schedule and has trippled my gas usage in one month. Didn't understand why my heating was not activating according to schedule and instead was coming on way too early before the time I set. I want to be in control of my own heating and energy usage not some AI system that doesn't pay my bills. Now need to find out how to switch off or alternatively rid my self of this TADO system that is costing me money in these times of high energy prices and "Climate Crisis".

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    @JacV go into your schedule (each room one by one) and click on the gear icon top right of screen you can disable there.

    Early Start is designed for underfloor heating or Slow heating systems.

  • Go into your heating schedule, click on setting cog at top right. Toggle off Early Start.

  • Cant understand TADO how to turn this costly Early Start Off. can anyone help?

    Do they have video to help?

  • here you go follow the green circles.

  • TADO refers to Early Start but does say how to deactivate it.


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    @JacV look at my post above, it can't be any more clearer.


    Please do not shout, it will not get you anything here, it will only put people off from helping you.

  • I cant even send a message/email to TADO. Only a useless TADO robotic chat system that doesn't help with issue.

    Not a good customer service company!

  • I have no problems here

  • Very disappointing when I have to view third party YouTube TADO reviews to understand how the system works; How to turn early start OFF.

    TADO should have basic videos of how to operate system especially Early Start which has caused my gas usage and cost to treble

    TADO should also have a human interface for people who are not tech savvy, not just their useless robotic chat system.

  • Agreed, but I don't think tado can afford all that, unfortunately, even with what they are asking for their hardware... So we'll have to make do with this platform of fellow-sufferers, where the lame are guiding the blind. Some proper technical manuals and documentation would be nice.