[Released] How to turn off my boiler with thermostat and valves? (Global On/Off)


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I have 6 valves and 1 thermostat + extension. If I am at home, I have to turn off each of the rooms manually to shutdown completely the boiler because if not any of the valves will reclaim heating. Is there any way to turn off globally with less steps?

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  • Hi ddnad,

    A global on / off switch is planned, but I have moved this to the suggestions discussion because it would be good to gauge the interest in a global switch, as well as get feedback and suggestions.

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  • RickEd

    If the implementation of this road-map feature would include temperature settings that would be awesome.

    Ideally if there was also a 'dummy' device added to the tado app that can control everything that would be awesome.

    The best solution would be to create a device per zone in the app (and be available in homekit / alexa), so that on, off and temperature settings can be managed over a group / zone. Devices / rooms can then be added to a zone.

  • mw9342
    mw9342 ✭✭✭


    I'd like a global on/off switch for tado as well; although I've managed to create a workaround using IFTTT.

    In IFTTT there is a "Turn heating off" applet and for that you can add a widget to show it in your Today View (swipe to the right from your iPhone home screen) or even your Apple Watch. That way you can easily switch all rooms to off with one click. I also added another applet called "Return to tado Auto mode" and added that as a widget. That then allows me to switch everything back to normal with one click.

  • Smoggie
    I agree this should be a feature. Also to be able to force it to think you're home or away. I had an instance yesterday. Where it was a nice day. Had doors and windows open. I had to manually turn all rooms down as the house was cold and it would have called for heat but in the garden in the sun it was lovely and warm. If I could turn it all off or force it to Away mode it would have save a lot of manual adjusting. Similarly had an occasion recently when my parents were staying in the house whilst I was at work. System went into away mode making the house cold for them so I had to manually override it each day. Global off, force away, force home would sort it.
  • maximundo
    +1 for this feature. Had the same issue as @Smoggie yesterday and had to turn everything off manually.
  • Gav

    Yes please a full house off switch would be most useful.

  • matt_t


    Had the same issue as @Smoggie at the weekend. Gets tedious doing it zone-by-zone.

    Would also be nice to have that "All Off" action to integrate with IFTTT for things like "Smoke detected - turn off Tado"

  • DaveP

    Heating Off and House Off would be good.

    Heating Off - so we can turn the house heating off once we hit warmer times.

    House Off - turn heating and hot water off - probably more use for holiday homes or when you go on holiday (why heat the hot water if you aren't there for days) :)

  • charlie35slr


    Yes please! This makes sense.

  • jcwacky

    It is also possible to create a global "Heating Off" "switch" in HomeKit if you're on iOS. Just create a new Scene, add all Tado devices to it, then set each to "Off". Then when you tap the scene's button in the Home app or widget, all zones will turn off.

    Regarding being able to turn off the heating during summer, I've never understood why people do this, as it's hotter in the summer the temperature is less likely to fall below the set point so the heating won't turn on anyway. I never turn my heating schedule off, that way if there is a sudden cold day, the heating will still trigger. (Although I am in Scotland!)

    However, I agree that the schedule you use in summer is likely to be different to winter. E.g. in summer, perhaps you lower the set point a degree or two and set the heating to come on later (if neccecary) as the heat from the day is likely to be enough to heat the house so you don't want the heating kicking in just before when the house temp will increase naturally anyway. So I'd much prefer the ability to set a different summer and winter schedule and switch between them when I wish.

  • mw9342
    mw9342 ✭✭✭

    I think it would be best if the system could switch between these modes:

    • Home and Away (based on presence)
    • Night and Off (manual)

    Home and Away already exist.

    The Night mode is useful if you go to bed before you usual schedule would turn down the heating. Switching to night mode would switch all rooms to a preferred temperature. Different rooms have different schedules and target temperatures but tado could pick the lowest temperature in a schedule for that day to find the target temperature for the night mode.

    The Off mode is just that - a quick and easy way to turn the heating off. You can use it if a day turns unexpectedly hot or use it during the summer months.

    Both Night and Off modes should offer the following options:

    • until ended by user (useful for for "summer" mode, for example)
    • until next schedule change (useful for for Night mode, for example)
    • for specified duration (useful for unusually hot day, for example)
  • truespirit

    I should like a global off switch. Also the ability to turn heating back to Home while still Away to heat house before arrival after a holiday of days/weeks. The current Home Area is insufficient for periods away from the home longer than a few hours. My old digital room thermostat used to have a holiday setting I could set to number of days at Away temperature before returning to usual Home settings.

  • MarkC
    MarkC ✭✭
    I would like to see a global switch, has been promised in the road map for a while now.
  • maxibaut
    edited April 2019

    I need that also, as i use it in a rental house. If people leave , I could set every to 12°C with 1 button.

    I have added 2 IFTTT app buttons on my phone . Go to IFTTT.com and you will see that TADO is in the list.

    Buttons on phone:

    1/ go ALL to 12°C temp (search on IFTTT "Boost heating to ___°C")

    2/ set all back to automatic (search on IFTTT "Return to tado° Auto mode")

  • ThomasD

    I would like this too

  • Dario

    +1 to this. It would be very useful.

  • Dario

    +1 yes please. This would be good

  • ian

    A global heating off is what I’ve been hunting for. This should be added asap please.

  • Just4One
    +1 great idea quick sets all on all off all set toX temp
  • Heatexpert

    Global on / off for all zones (Smart Thermostat + Radiator Thermostats) would be very useful to save having to alter seven zones manually.

  • CorkDonal

    Yes, A global On/Off or a Summer mode would be useful..

  • jdmachogg

    Please do this! Its super weird that you don't, especially as you had this back in 2013 -> https://www.tado.com/en/blog/tado-summermode

  • mw9342
    mw9342 ✭✭✭

    @jdmachogg - that is weird, indeed; this summer mode is what we need; I wouldn't call it summer mode though as you might want to switch the heating off for other reasons.

  • ChrisJ
    ChrisJ ✭✭✭

    I would like explicit controls for:

    • Everything off
    • Set away mode
    • Revert to full auto mode

    And I'd like this to be exposed via HomeKit if at all possible. I know you can use a scene to set everything off via HomeKit but at the moment I don't think the other two are possible either in the Tado app or HomeKit.

  • paulm
    +1 it’s the main omission in the app. Would be useful to set another set of schedules for devices (different temperatures/times) without having to do each device manually.
  • sc0974
    edited May 2019

    Since weather compensation and open window detection are not accurate a global heating off button would be very helpful and in fact help with saving energy. It’s May and the heating system still things it needs to heat my room to 20 even though the room temperature is perfectly fine with 19.7. Please add you had it in 2013 so just bring it back.

  • bribagz
    edited May 2019

    I would like this for the same reasons, I want too turn the main thermostat down/off like my old system to control all in one operation.

    I have a full system 8 TRV's House thermostat and extension.

    Thanks for an excellent system, please add this function..

  • jplondon

    +1 Agree this is s a shocking omission.

    Similar to the other recommendation for manual home/away mode - for those of us with child-carers, we need to have the heat on when we are out, so can't have it go to 'away mode'. If we set up geofence disabled times when our child carer is around, we have to manually re-enable geofancing if we want to go away with our kids (e.g. school holidays)

    How on earth does a feature so simple not exist in the app?

    Please add this

  • BillyHunt
    Ability in the summer when not using heating, to allow the smart radiator thermostats to open and therefore allow the pin on the radiator valve to lift freely and stop them sticking
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