[Released] How to turn off my boiler with thermostat and valves? (Global On/Off)



  • Hotrod
    I Airbnb remotely so when guests leave I normally go into the app and turn off each TVR. As I also have a Tado wall thermostat wired to the boiler i wonder if i simply turn this off would i achieve my objective?
  • jacoscar
    jacoscar ✭✭✭
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    Why do people want to switch a thermostat to off when it’s hot?
  • necy_sm

    I agree this is a must feature. I for example have 5 valves + extension kit, so 5 times to set away when I am away.

  • Liamor

    would like this feature

  • c12ble
    So far this morning I've had 5 push notices from the "open window" app to turn my heating off.
    So it's the summer, doors and windows are open, and the heating is not on, surly a programmer could program this to only be sent if the heating was on!.

    They call it "smart schedule" although it's not very smart, it's just time control.
  • c12ble
    This topic goes back to February!!!!
  • mikeyorkie10

    add my vote to this as a feature. Also in my pre-Tado days, I simply used to switch my boiler to a 'winter' setting i.e.Hot Water only. The only way now is to do the same at the boiler or go thru each device and reduce temperatures or make another adjustment to the schedule. Should there be Summer and Winter schedules or some way to globally adjust device settings or at least a 'copy' facility?

  • Another vote for this. Being able to turn heating on and off with a simple single change. This would be useful for other situations than just the summer months

  • wajcn50
    Yes this would be very useful in the summer. I dont need heating in the summer
  • Charlie

    A global on off switch would be great to have

  • I just installed tado in my home as I'd like to reduce my energy usage as much as possible but still keep my comfort as high as possible. I have Auto-Assist enabled.

    Suddenly I had to find out, that my tado was heating from 21°C to 21.5°C in the early morning despite, the wheater forecast predicts about 28°C Outside Temperature in my Region. During the day, the house heated up to about 25°C from the sun which is far over my desired temperature of 22.5°C

    The heating in the morning was very unnececary, even further, it was in fact counterworking against my desired temperature of 22.5° C

    I thought well, probably tado will be able to learn this for the future. Well it ain't. The next day showed exactly the same behaviour with even higher outside temperature.

    It shouldn't be that hard for tado to disable heating on such a summer day when tado is marketing their so called "smart weather forecast heating".

    In fact, tado used more power than my conventionial installation as before I was able to set it to summer mode in the past. A function, I have lost now because of tado.

  • jcwacky

    @madejackson I completely agree. While Tado is still working as it's meant to in this scenareo (in the morning you asked Tado for the temperature to be 21.5ºC, but it was less than this so it turned the heating on). I too would love for Tado to become smarter in this area and provide us with an option to enable a "summer mode" where it wouldn't kick in for low morning temperatures (within reason) if it knew the outside temperature would be significantly higher later in the day. This would avoid us having to manually turn off zones when hot days were forecast.

  • A global ON/Off should be a priority. In fact I was very surprised that this wasn't an original feature of the app. It seems counterintuitive to have to use the 'time' funtion to turn off mu heating for the entire summer.

  • SuttyHoo
    Please move addition of global switch to a high priority. I imagine that this would be easy as it is just a manual implementation of the Away functionality (with options already available in schedule override - 'until user cancels'; until.next schedule chsnge' etc)

    We have a room controller and 5 radiator controllers. In between seasons when it is a nice day might wish to open windows and turn off Tado heating globally. I guess one could argue that 'Open window' feature would cover this scenario., However, depending on home layout (number of floors; sunny versus shaded aspect), a cold zone (where no open window can ve detected), might continue to call for heat. This is the situation for us.

  • libove

    This global on/off sounds a lot like manual Home/Away mode, which is indeed very much needed.

    I do agree that the manual selection should be "Home", "Away", and "Off".

  • Whilst it is not that difficult to raise the slider above the measured temperature in order to get the heating on, it would be more convenient to have an "on" button to automatically raise the set point 1 or 2 deg above the measured temp to temporarily switch on the boiler. The existing cancel button is probably ok for "off".

    my wife in particular misses the facility in our old mechanical stat to just switch to 'on' if she felt the need.

  • Ditsy
    Ditsy ✭✭✭

    We're not purchasing the Auto-Assist, because we don't have fantastic mobile reception where we live and I want to gauge how well tado is able to work given that constraint. It's very frustrating to be a passenger in a car that has returned to the Home zone, and you can see that the system is still in Away mode. The GeoLocation feature only seems to send a prompt to one of our phones to alter the heating back to Home. So far that has always been to the drivers phone, so we've returned home to a cold house. If I could manually switch the system to Home we wouldn't have this problem!

  • rgh

    Yes. Global switches for heating off/ on and hot water off/on needed .

  • hasand

    I would really appreciate having a global off in the timings. It would ge a valuable resource. Its absence is the one and primary reason I am not recommending Tado to anyone

  • Stan

    Having a global off switch would be great as currently I have to manually switch off every valve in the house whenever I open windows (open window detection doesn't work very well I'm afraid).

  • rgh

    Need this facility to make it easy for those non computer literate to switch easily.

  • MarkC
    @Tado, this thread goes all the way back to mid February now, do you have any update?
  • johnbur
    johnbur ✭✭✭

    +1 for this - very painful going through 10 zones at the moment...

  • libove

    Although it wouldn't be strictly "global off", this could almost be implemented by way of allowing multiple all-zones schedules.

    That is, with a schedule that we would not coincidentally call "Away" all zones would be set to minimum temperature 24 hours/day. To switch to this "Away" "mode" we should be able to go to the website or app, click on a Schedules option, and click the "Away" schedule.

    As of now, it seems that only one schedule is available (or, two - home/away, which is of course the whole point of another thread strongly criticizing Tado° for ignoring the manual Home/Away demand from many users - the current options are not good enough).

  • I agree that this would be really useful. I sometimes find that I'm "At home" but I'm working in the garage or garden all day so don't really need the heating on and would like to be able to turn it off. At least before subscribing I could manuallu turn it to away.

  • chiltoni
    Just an easy all on/off switch would be great.
  • Mirez
    @Tado as a question, how fast are you driving along your roadmap? It seems all your 'upcoming' or 'being worked on" features aren't being delivered but other, far less useful, stuff is. You might want to invest in a SatNav if your devs cant stick to the route!

    This was a promised 'being worked on' feature when I first emailed you in 2016,

    Hows the battery life improvement for the rad stats that was also promised in 2015 coming?

    Get it together.
  • renaud

    I would be surprised if Tado answers. This thread has been open for ever.

    Amazon is one of the shareholders of Tado and I just left a customer review on Amazon hoping that they will do something.

    I suggest every one does the same.

  • Rankin99
    I recently bought Tado and agree with most of the requests on this forum. A lot of requests seem pretty simply it is surpassing they do not get on with it.

    How often do Tado update the app anyway?
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