[Released] How to turn off my boiler with thermostat and valves? (Global On/Off)



  • Here is my use case for this request:

    I would like to have a 'summer mode' which I had on my Bulex MiGo app.

    This keeps the hot water on, but turns heating comepletely off.

    As I now use the Tado Smart Radiator Thermostats on all my radiators an additional feature would be to open them all fully when entering this mode. This is to prevent them from being stuck when I turn them back on in the winter.

    So to summarise:

    An on/off (summer winter mode) which turns the heating off completely AND opens up all the thermostat valves for safety when being used for a long time.

  • Toasty

    Another use case.

    On occasion, the software might fail for whatever reason and you might wish to exercise manual control over your heating to stop the app interfering. It would be good to do that and be able to switch your heating/water on/off from the wireless receiver.

  • I have away mode set to turn them all to frost protection (off).

    I also have a HomeKit "scene" set up for turning the them all off too. And also global temperatures i.e all radiators 21 degrees etc. That would be ideal in the tado app.

    I just wish tado exposed home/away to HomeKit so it wouldn't have to switch them all manually. I guess if they did that it would nullify their subscription haha.

  • Jurian

    Hello everyone, thank you for posting your ideas and feedback. Very helpful so far!

    We ran into the following issue during our discussion today:

    Should, the global OFF feature also affect the hot water zone?

    I therefore created the following poll:

    Please vote there, and also leave your comments.

  • Ditsy
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    Geofencing isn't 100% accurate, and is generally not well understood by less techy and/or older generations. So my 82 year old father doesn't remember from one time to the next why he left the house and the heating didn't turn off (he didn't go far enough). So now he understandably doesn't want to use geofencing as it adds confusion to what should be a simple matter of turning his heating off. He doesn't consistently remember that there is now an "Away" button in the geofencing section, and I don't blame him. It's not intuitively positioned or labelled for someone born way before this technology ever existed. He's also probably going to be unsure whether it will do what he wants when he is in fact NOT away, but merely wants to turn the heating off.

    I've had to resort to setting up a Google Assistant routine to "turn all heating off" and then using Google's Action Buttons app to create a nice large labelled button on his smartphone so he can accomplish this without concern.

    I can't understand why this has taken so long, we're only asking for you to create straight forward controls that actually do what they say. A global Away should set the away schedule for all thermostats, a global OFF should switch all the heating off, and global ON should return all heating devices to schedule.

    If you need a use case for a global On option, try watching and timing an 82 year old using the app to adjust every single room to be back on. Then explain why you can't just supply a global on/off button!

  • Hue app would be a model. In this app it's possible to organise devices by room and zones. Rooms are the first layer of the organisation. Zones are the second layer how can containes multiple devices from differente rooms or/and multiple rooms. So with this system, it's very easy and fast to modify the programmation of a part of the entire devices.

  • What is actually needed is support for multiple scenarios. Global off is just one scenario.

  • dufji

    Not sure if it was already mentioned. But this is also useful for running everything at max/open for 5-10 minutes to easily remove the air from the radiators.

  • When opening all windows to air the house for like an hour. It would be nice to have a button to turn off all the valves in the house at once. Now I either have to turn them off manually or wait for the 'open window detected'.
  • jfb

    or instead of a global ON, and "advance all rooms to next Schedule step". I would find this useful when returning home early, and it's a pain having to click on each room.

  • o00batman00o
    Yes 3 scenari would be nice. One with plannings of working days. One with plannings for Holiday. And one with all Heather off.
    For the moment I have to force each valve manually when I have a day off home office or when someone else stay at home during week days
  • I don't understand why this is not part of the app yet, it has been requested (here in the forum when it really doesn't count... it is more to say that they listen...), it makes sense... it seems easy unless they have over complicated the bits in the backend.... why it is not yet implemented?

    I'm doing some renovation works and I had to go to the boiler and turn everything off.... it makes no sense...

    I could have lowered the away temperature but that is "per room" so time wasted to change all of them and then set it back....

    Please implement a global setting.


    I have a setup wiht 12 rooms, which is often empty when I travel.

    I like the idea of a "simple mode" vs an " advanced mode".

    It would be good to have a simple screen that sets the temp across all rooms, master on/off, master home/away.

    You can then select the "advanced mode/layout" to get the room by room version.

    Home/away isn't always what I need - sometimes, I want to set a generic on/off and to set a standard temp across all rooms in the house during winter & it would be great to be able to do this in the "simple mode".

  • PavelK
    Global on/off would be helpful if one of the zone controllers gets stuck calling for heat while all radiators are closed - this happens quite often with the system
  • Use case for me is when I just simply want to turn everything off at once.

    Maybe I’m doing lots of things in the house, running inside and out, airing the house out.

    I know you can use home/away but I’ve got other processes set up to run when marked as away - so it triggers them when not needed.

    Just a simple global off/on switch would be great.
  • Jurian

    Hi all,

    We just launched the first iteration of the feature via my.tado.com (web app)

    The release of the mobile app (iOS/Android) is planned for the next weeks.

    Please take the time to answer this poll here:


  • Hello, just came here to confirm this....

    Using the web interface a couple of new features are now available.... hopefully soon they will be available in the app.

  • fed

    hi all,

    we are going forward working on this feature and we'd like to get some more feedback from you.

    this time is mainly about "Boost Heating" action and its customisation.

    Please take part to this poll and share your comments about it:


  • I think this and the boost features are definitely useful additions to the system, but only if they work. I've had a couple of instances recently where I've used the global off function but it hasn't cancelled the call for heat. Like last night it was 25 deg upstairs because I had used boost and then the global off, but the global off didn't stop the call for heat and the boiler remained on for a couple of hours. To switch it off I had to go into each room and turn the heat down manually in the app at which point the call for heat immediately stopped.

    So yes, some great new features coming in, but they need to work 100% of the time!

  • I haven't used the global off again but I did have another issue this morning when the upstairs zone heated up considerably despite their being no call for heat, so there might be wider issues at play. I'm going to check my zone valves today to make sure there isn't an issue, but even then there shouldn't have been any call for heat during the weekend when the upstairs when to 27 deg!

    Jurian from tado has been in touch to investigate, so kudos to them for proactively investigating.

  • Thanks for your thoughts. The "zone" in this case is a hard wired smart thermostat. I've done some more investigating and determined that for some reason when the zone for the underfloor heating in the kitchen comes on, the motorised valve for the upstairs zone also opens and supplies it with heat. I now need to get to the bottom of why that is!

  • That still shouldn't have impacted the issue above though, as all zones were selected off globally at the time.

  • Did this ever get implemented? I’m looking at my iOS and web page for Tado but I can’t see a global “all off” button? It’s kind of stopping me buying more smart TRV’s as I can’t be bothered changing them all manually!
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