Manual Open window detection button

Hi, I really do miss a button to cut off the heat when I open windows. It doesn’t always detect it, and it can be useful in these spring days just to open the windows. If it detects the open window, heat will start automatically after the set time, but that could be useful not to do. Too much work to take each thermostat to shut down

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  • mine doesn't detect open windows either, i use the manual 'away' setting to turn the heating off

    seems like the device needs to notice changes in humidity as well as temperature.

  • Mine doesn't register open windows as well and it's the only reason for buying it.
    Very disappointing 👎👎👎
  • Same here. I have patio doors wide open in the same room as the thermostat, and the graph shows a marked temperature reduction, but according to support the reduction is not rapid enough to trigger the open window algorithm. Consequently, the boiler is triggered and I end up heating my garden. Very poor IMHO.

  • Incidentally, I made a suggestion for improving open window detection where the system should notice that heating is active but the increase in room temperature is less than would be expected with the heating blasting away. When the heating is going but the room is not getting warmer, the system should guess that the window is open! See

  • It would be useful to have a general "temporary off" mode. I have window contact sensors and could make an automation by using HomeKit.

    My current solution is to recognize and save wheather heating is currently on or off to make sure tado is switching back correctly when windows will be closed. If tado provide a "temporary off" mode I could use this and make sure tado is switching back to auto mode (auto mode is not available on HomeKit).

  • Agree with much of the above. I get around this with ifttt and setting up an all off button on my home screen of my phone. You can also turn off/on heating for fixed periods of time. Great when you want to warm the kitchen to prep lunch or the living room if it's chilly outside. Might be a useful option in the interim while this is considered for the roadmap...
  • I agree, I read through the guide about correct positioning for the thermostat and there way nowhere suitable in my living room to place it either away from a window, radiator or door so I placed it in the hallway but today windows in many areas of my home have been open including a french door but my heating kept coming on, eventually I dropped the temperature right down to counteract it.