show humidity on room tile

Why do I have to go into a room to see the humidity? There’s enough space on each room tile to add the humidity figure.

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  • I second this. Would be a very convenient feature.
  • Also would like to see this

  • Me too... Would be very useful to have the humidity displayed. Each time should summarise it’s key information so you don’t always have to click on it.
  • Yep. Definitely need this, please.

  • I had the same idea and posted it in the German board. Already 25 upvotes there:

  • I'd very much like to add my vote to this suggestion. Also, when I ask Alexa what the humidity is, she says, "That's not supported yet".

  • Total agree, having the humidity value on each tile of room would be more efficient.
  • Could someone please explain exactly what you are going to do with this information......
  • GrayDav4276: Choice darling. Choice.

  • Oh well @Nutter.....better to have the choice than not have the choice, I suppose.........strangely enough tho' I still can't work out exactly what "I" would do with this particular 'choice' 🤔 I guess I would just ignore it......because I still can't see any use for this specific piece of information.......but, maybe that's just me.
  • Well we live in an old stone house and it is pretty moist in here. We have a Positive Air Input fan and run dehumidifiers in the winter. Spent 27 years trying to stop it but it is just damp. Knowing the humidity is almost vital for us.

  • Aha.....I see your point and it's a valid one tbh
    I live in a 70's build and I don't 'feel' that my humidity is bad.......although the Tado devices tell me that some of my rooms are humid.....and the Comfort tab in the App shows that most of my rooms are cold & or humid no matter what the outdoor conditions are......therefore, if I'm honest I don't really think that the humidity readings provided by the Tado devices are actually 'accurate' or dependable.
    Also I cannot see any 'real' indication that the Tado system utilises the humidity readings to 'control' my house. I personally feel it is more of a sales gimmick to gather more customers, but, as I say, this is purely my own personal opinion.
    I can definitely see that it could have 'real' benefits in your home 🏡
    Good luck 🤞 with eliciting a Tado response.
  • We have as well issues with high humidity in some of the rooms. I would like to see the levels directly on the tiles, so I don’t have to do extra clicks. Of course, the humidity values can be added as an feature toggle people can add on request on their room tiles.
  • I’ll send my vote for this as well as I use the humidity as an indicator for opening windows - especially a winter time - and my old very not-smart system shows both temperature and humidity together in the display - Tado needs to up the smartness to show the same as an old analog display!
  • It’s not what you’re asking for, but just in case you are not aware the air comfort button lists all rooms humidity in one place.