Thermostat seems dead after battery change


After changing the batteries in my thermostat - it seems to be dead.. pressing the button for 3 seconds does nothing, holding for 10 seconds, still nothing...

I’m using brand new AAA Duracell batteries.

I’ve also try to remove the stat from my Tado account and reinstall - but now the bridge doesn’t seem to be able to pair

Any thoughts?



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  • Sysweb
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    FYI - its the battery compartment area - i have had to "adapt" the contacts - so they make a better connection to the batteries - all is now well with the world - from a tado and my heating anyway


  • samd
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    @Sysweb I assume you have tried the obvious e.g. testing another set, checking correct polarity etc so if you look at link below, tado specifically state alkaline and although I doubt it would matter, have you used alkaline or lithium?

  • Yes tried 6 different batteries from a brand new packet, the Duracell batteries are Alakaline 1.5v LR03 - 03/2029.

    And yes I‘ve double check they are in the correct way around (they match the picture) .

    More thought?

  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Sysweb Try re-pairing the bridge followed by reset on the room stat.

  • Hi as stated

    I’ve also try to remove the stat from my Tado account and reinstall - but now the bridge doesn’t seem to be able to pair

    I removed all the devices, and set up from scratch - the stat is just dead...

    I've opened a ticket with Tado support - as I think I've done all that can be done...



  • I have the same problem i think ! My batteries needed changing .I changed them not it wont connect or pair?


  • We are having exactly the same problem. Replaced the batteries in the smart thermostat but still nothing. Checked the battery connections and they are all fine.

  • This has occurred with me too, can Tado advise as it seems to be a problem

  • Same here, anyone? Help?
  • For me it's definitely NOT the contacts in the battery compartment: I've actually measured the voltage on the 'end' terminals inside the compartment, and it's a good 4.7 Volts. So the batteries ARE making good contact.

  • I’m having this problem too. Very temperamental. Working atm but has been going dead on occasion. Any more thoughts?
  • I’ve had the same problem. And I’ve solved it.

    I’ve tried with different brands of batteries... I’ve pressed in multiple ways the button. Nothing worked so far. Until...

    Until... I’ve checked again the drawing of the batteries indicating the right position. Yes, I was placing the batteries in the wrong direction!! That’s because in all other devices that I’ve used in my life, the - sign of the battery must contact the spring, and the + sign of the battery must contact the opposite side. But, and that’s a huge design mistake in my opinion, in tadoº thermostat you must place the batteries in the reverse direction.

    After I’ve done that.. it worked instantly.

    I hope that this stupid detail can help some of you...
  • Hi all,

    I'm having the same issue as above.

    Low battery indicated my my wall mounted smart thermostat. Swapped the batteries out for brand new batteries, fitted in the correct orientation, twice, and the device isn't powering on, or resetting when i hold down the button for 10 seconds.

    What can be wrong here? There doesn't seem to be any issues with the connectors.

    Any clues as to what I'm doing wrong?

  • What a ludicrous design flaw!

    Thanks josedelasheras for sharing that. I've tried all the aaa batteries I could find at the bottom of our clutter drawer, been out to shop to buy a new set, and only after coming on here to check for issues discover the idiotic inversion of the standard positive and negative contact orientation!

    Hope they fix that in future hardware updates for the companies sake. 😣

  • Having exact same issues, up until I changed my batteries, today, my tado thermostat was working perfectly well. I contact support just a short while ago, they requested I send photos of the batteries in the thermostat, then batteries out of the thermostat, photos of the batteries on their own, and then asked if I had tried using a different set of batteries??? seriously, they had no clue and have now forwarded my case on to a technical team and I will eventually hopefully get a reply via email with a resolution. Im not holding my breath. Having read how so many of us are the same issues, it is obvious this is a Tado fault and they should be trying to solve the issue.