Develop a "basic backup schedule" mode for when Tado outage or loss of internet



  • what was annoying for us was the internet outage meaning that the boiler reverted to its old state whilst we were away on holiday which was heating on demand for rads with non trvs-the result? 24/7 for ten days of the flat being 22 degrees whilst
    we were away even thought it had been set to frost protection
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    I also abandoned Hive and it’s very random operation for Tado, which overall is much better. I don’t have the Internet challenges some report here (although I have a complex network and a very sprawling house).

    @MPJ and @Flow have you considered a smart plug connected to the Tado Internet bridge PSU with either a daily reboot in the small hours, or something smarter like a RasPi with an API call to operate the plug if it detects an Internet outage, once a stable Internet feed is restored ?

    If you have issues with outages generally, take a look at the Mobile broadband providers (EE, 3 etc) it’s cheap enough if you have good enough coverage of 4G signal. Also, have you reviewed whether the problem is really Virgin, or simply the number of internal devices connecting via WiFi. My home network is complex because it’s really enterprise rather than home in it’s design and implementation, because I have over 200 client devices (smart stuff, TV devices, mobile phones, laptops and tablets) and a typical home broadband router cannot cope with that kind of device count (I don’t mean the overall bandwidth demands). My broadband router does one single thing, it routes. DNS, DHCP and WiFi is all handled by other devices (RasPi for DNS/DHCP, TP-Link Omada switches and access points for networking layer), in order to ensure a stable Internet connection.


  • I realise this is only tangentially connected to the OPs questions but...

    As a new user my set up includes having my Tado internet bridge plugged by ethernet into a TP-Link RE220 wifi extender upstairs.

    So my question the event of internet outage could I connect the RE220 wifi extender to a wifi hotspot on my iphone using mobile data to keep control of the Tado devices?

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    @Peter_James If it is possible for your wifi extender to extend the hotspot from your iPhone, then yes, this would allow Tado to work. I'm not sure how easy/reliable that would be in practice though.