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Internet bridge offline every few days

My Tado internet bridge keeps losing router connection every few days. A reboot of the bridge brings it back on. Everything else wired to the same switch is working fine.

Is there any way I can see why it's disconnecting? I've not made any changes on my home network in a long while but this has been happening for just the last couple of weeks.


  • I have the same issue, is there any solution?

  • If you are using a USB port to power the bridge try switching to a separate power supply.

  • The Internet Bridge is powered from the USB power supply, not a USB port on a different device.

    I think in my case that the Internet Bridge does not recover well from interruption to or congestion on my internet service. I use 4G Broadband which has temporary outages for a few seconds from time to time, or reductions in bandwidth that may seem like an outage to the IB. When this happens, the IB loses connection to the Tado cloud requiring a power-cycle to reconnect.

    So not so much a problem with Tado cloud, but would be nice if the IB firmware did more to re-establish its connection when interrupted. None of my other smart home tech suffers the same issue.

  • I also find that the Tado bridge has to be power-cycled after almost any internet outage. It very rarely recovers by itself. This is particularly annoying given the lack of any off-line schedule within either the bridge or the individual thermostats/valves.

    The bridge really should be able to recover by itself without needing any manual intervention. Every other device that I have manages to achieve this...

  • I have a similar problem. Any observations from Tado?

  • I see the same issue with the internet bridge.
  • Same here. And my parents also have the same issue.
  • Has anyone resolved this problem as mine is doing the same right now
  • @katemag78 I have the same issue about once a week. I happen to have a Fingbox which alerts when a device disconnects from the router. It gets IFTTT to power cycle a smartplug that is connected to the Internet Bridge.
    Haven't had a problem since...
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