Internet bridge offline every few days

My Tado internet bridge keeps losing router connection every few days. A reboot of the bridge brings it back on. Everything else wired to the same switch is working fine.

Is there any way I can see why it's disconnecting? I've not made any changes on my home network in a long while but this has been happening for just the last couple of weeks.



  • I have the same issue, is there any solution?

  • If you are using a USB port to power the bridge try switching to a separate power supply.

  • The Internet Bridge is powered from the USB power supply, not a USB port on a different device.

    I think in my case that the Internet Bridge does not recover well from interruption to or congestion on my internet service. I use 4G Broadband which has temporary outages for a few seconds from time to time, or reductions in bandwidth that may seem like an outage to the IB. When this happens, the IB loses connection to the Tado cloud requiring a power-cycle to reconnect.

    So not so much a problem with Tado cloud, but would be nice if the IB firmware did more to re-establish its connection when interrupted. None of my other smart home tech suffers the same issue.

  • I also find that the Tado bridge has to be power-cycled after almost any internet outage. It very rarely recovers by itself. This is particularly annoying given the lack of any off-line schedule within either the bridge or the individual thermostats/valves.

    The bridge really should be able to recover by itself without needing any manual intervention. Every other device that I have manages to achieve this...

  • I have a similar problem. Any observations from Tado?

  • I see the same issue with the internet bridge.
  • Same here. And my parents also have the same issue.
  • Has anyone resolved this problem as mine is doing the same right now
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    @katemag78 I have the same issue about once a week. I happen to have a Fingbox which alerts when a device disconnects from the router. It gets IFTTT to power cycle a smartplug that is connected to the Internet Bridge.
    Haven't had a problem since...
  • Got the same issue. I hope there will be a solution with this with the firmware upgrade

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    When I first got Tado around 3 years ago I had the same problem - every 2 weeks the Tado bridge would go offline and not come back without a reboot.

    I had a BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6 I believe), and every 2 weeks this was re-establishing a connection in the middle of the night, and seemed to be something I couldn't stop. When it did this the Tado bridge would not reconnect. At the time I was advised by Tado support to do the following:

    1. Make sure the Tado bridge is getting power from a wall socket - not using the USB port on the router itself.

    2. Give the bridge a fixed IP address.

    3. In the case of the BT Smart Hub - disable the Smart Setup tool, as it was believed this was interfering in some way - essentially I think the Tado bridge was being directed to a BT setup/ info page every time it reconnected.

    Doing all of the above appeared to solve my issue - and I've not had to reboot my bridge since then.

    For point 3 above, there may be similar setup wizards enabled on other routers, so it could be worth delving into your router settings and seeing if there is such a thing and switching it off.

    Can't guarantee this'll fix your issues, but it did work for me a few years back.
  • I have the same issue and have been trying to get support for it for two weeks now.

    The connection to the IB from my 5 radiator valves is very unreliable, more often down that working.

    I have had the system for over 2 years with no problems at all.

    There have been no changes to my network, yet two weeks ago it became unreliable.

    I have tried fixing the IP address of the Internet Bridge and doing all the things suggested on the support pages (DNS from Google, and making sure there's no parental blocks etc).

    I have had very very very slow and poor support from Tado.

    Anyone any ideas how to escalate or what to do?


  • I have had the same problem since install 2 months ago. I had the bridge replaced but still losing connection randomly and reboot required. Total pain in the *naughtyword*.
  • Yes, we can't be the only ones. My problem persists. Support eventually told me I needed a new bridge, so I have done that but it has made no difference. I have also tried replacing my router with a completely different make of router (one I had from a couple of years ago). I have adjusted DNS and fixed IP as per recommendation on support site. None of this has made any difference - the problems started in mid Jan and have persisted ever since. The connection to the radiator valves drops out at random times for no apparent reason, rendering them uncontrollable. The bridge is brand new (turns out to be a waste of money as old one was the same).

    See pic for a sample day.

  • Unfortunately the same problem here since January. No reconnection after an internet shutdown. This is frustrating when you're not at home to manually reset the bridge, the thermostat is warming my house even when I'm away.
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    This is a common problem, and is not usually due to loss of internet - the bridge just tends to randomly disconnect from the network and not reconnect without being power cycled. I have already raised it as an improvement here:

  • This has been a real problem for me too. It seems to have started (for me) after a firmware upgrade. I'm currently needing to do a hard restart of the bridge 4 times a week on average.

    My two really issues with this are the I really need the system to be fit and forget for the rest of the family - they are simply not tach savvy enough to diagnose why the heating has not come on if I'm away.

    Secondly and I've not tested this yet - with the bridge down will a trv successfully call for heat if it was in frost protection when the bridge went down? If not and we are away when it goes down and it's cold am I liable to end up with burst pipes? Not cool.

    What is slightly frustrating is that from a twitter response I saw support can remotely reboot the bridge but as a customer you can't. This would be significantly less frustrating and less worrying if I was able to reboot from the app if away from home when it happens.

  • These are all great points and I continue to have to a unplug/replug three or four times a week. It's so frustrating that it isn't recognised as an issue by Tado support. I ended up buying a second bridge and it is no different, no improvement. For me this all started in mid Jan, just after a firmware upgrade. I've even tried a different router but it's no better.

  • @Ben_Highlands Not a fix but a work around... do you have a remotely accessible smart plug you could use for the Tado bridge so you can power cycle it when needed?

    My Tado bridge has been rock solid for the past couple of months, so I'm not sure if it's better firmware (I didn't take note of version when I started this thread) or better internet connection or what...

  • Thanks, good idea. I'll give that a try. I might even be able to go a step further and get one controllable through IFTTT and rig it up in some way that it triggers the smart plug when the temperature falls below a threshold. Not sure if that works with rad thermostats - I'll give it a try.

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    That is what I do. Some routers (TP Link, Google WiFi) can alert to ifttt when a device goes offline - use ifttt to power cycle a smartplug that the Tado Bridge is attached to
  • johnbur
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    That is what I do. Some routers (TP Link, Google WiFi) can alert to ifttt when a device goes offline - use ifttt to power cycle a smartplug that the Tado Bridge is attached to
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    That's a good idea Eddie - and yes there might be a ifttt routine possible in my setup to turn on and off the smart plug if the temperature drops. Not sure I'll manage an offline detention (using a tenda mesh) but will give it a go too. I guess even a 'dumb' routine that turned the smart plug on and off once a day or 12 hours when you are away might work too.

    And I'm on 60.8 too for the bridge.

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    I used to have a issue with the bridge losing internet connection. The problem was the powerline homeplugs I was using.

    I ended up running a network cable to the best bridge position and now it’s bullet proof.

  • I have the same problem and TADO do not care! Joey from support said its a problem with Virgin Media ISP. I have tried all the suggestions but they do not care about fixing this.

    I'll be pursuing this legally to get a refund on my entire tado kit and go back to a honeywell hardwired system

  • I was having similar issues when my bridge was plugged directly into the router. I've got a Tenda Nova mesh system so I moved the bridge and plugged it into the Ethernet port on one of the Tenda extenders in the kitchen and haven't had a single disconnection since. The USB plug connection to my bridge also seems quite loose so if the bridge wasn't upright the cable would sometimes come loose and disconnect. Bridge is now wedged upright between the Tenda and another plug so it won't move and that also seems to have helped. Maybe a bit specific to my setup but posting in case it helps anyone else out!

  • I bought my set of Tado system (1 smart wired Thermostat, 3 TRVs and 2 AC Control) January this year, and yes, I confirm the bottleneck of my system is definetely the internet bridge: It can disconnect from Tado Cloud randomly, and I cannot find pattern what should be done to fix it.

    I have received my 2nd Tado bridge, it was working for few days without issue, then failed for 1-2 days. It is really weird because I can reconnect it successfully, however it is loosing the cloud connection after few mins or within one hour. I made three attempts last yesterday, and the last one seems ok, after 12 hours it still on.

    I do not think anybody should check and inspect the local network and router: THIS ISSUE MUST BE AT TADO SERVERS SIDE !!!! I think the whole issue is linked the server availability vs. temporary overloading.

    The really bad consequence in case cloud connection lost, the smart schedule will be lost as well. So, I have to check the thermostat and adjust temperature manually until the cloud connect restored.

    I hope Tado is aware of this annoying bug and update the internet bridge on priority, at least make it less sensitive on network drop.

  • As a long standing customer with a whole house full of Tado devices (£££), and a toddler and 6 month old in the household depending on a reliable heating system, I will add that we have started to have this issue within the last couple of weeks.

    I am disappointed and quite disgusted that Tado support haven't responded to the numerous calls for action on this really important issue. Something must have been changed on Tado's side recently (firmware update)?
  • I'm having same issues. Rebooting the router sometimes but not always works. But it starts with Tado bridge losing cloud connection, then the router connection. Surely it's caused by a change at Tado because it worked fine for years.

  • I first noticed the exact same problem with my Tado internet bridge back in 2018. I've raised various support cases with no real help. It's usually suggested the fault is with my router or ISP but the Tado internet bridge is the only device that ever experiences problems. Back in 2019 someone from Tado support suggested that a firmware fix would resolve the issue but it never has.

    My solution is similar to others and a bit crude:

    I have a TP-LInk Kasa plug which I am able to log on to directly with its internal IP. Every 2 hours I power down the internet bridge, wait 1 second then power it back on. All of the Tado devices remain connected and I never get any problems with disconnections.

    Occasionally I feel brave and turn the power cycle off incase Tado has fixed the problem but they haven't :-(

    Please fix or release a new bridge that works!