Improve Internet Bridge so it reconnects automatically

The Internet bridge often disconnects from the Internet leaving the Tado system unusable.

Please improve its firmware so it reconnects automatically as every other IoT I have does.

Currently, the only option is to power cycle which is unacceptable when it happens at 4am, and we wake up to a cold house....

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  • Chimmy
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    I've had Tado for about a year and this has happened on average once a month. I'm just installing a smart timer to turn the bridge off for a few minutes every hour or so. Not a great solution but it beats waking up to a cold house.

  • Ditsy
    Ditsy ✭✭✭

    Nobody with 'smart' heating should be experiencing unexpectedly cold homes. The system is currently failing a fundamental requirement to follow the set schedule. Something that dumb heating systems have no problem with. If the Tado system loses connection to the servers, be that through loss of Internet, or for other reasons, it is essential that it has a robust coping mechanism in place. Until this is resolved, this is not a 'smart' system, and worse than that, it seems to me that it's a highly undesirable system to install in homes where anyone is infirm or elderly. This issue needs to be urgently addressed.

  • Agreed - a truly smart system would recognise it has a problem and reboot itself. Crazy that it has to wait until I'm home to press it's button for it to bother.

  • Hi fellow Tado users,

    I'm sure that in a response to another post on this subject......I stated that "you will need to re-connect your bridge once your internet is operational again" ........and I was "shot down" by another user who stated that their "bridge always re-connected automatically" when their internet came back on line.

    So......does it or doesn't it......I've not had an issue with my internet/ I can't say for sure.

  • johnbur
    johnbur ✭✭✭
    @GrayDav4276 not related to loss of Internet for me. The bridge just randomly loses connection and can only be brought back to life by powering off/on.
    Conversely, it survives short Internet outages fine....
  • In 3 Jul 2017, 12:13 CEST I already reported tis issue 

    I discovered this issue with the Cisco Switches and Tado support reproduced this issue. after sending logs and screenshots.

    issue is related to the Lan Chip in the bridge which is actually worse than in the orginial Bridge.

    This chip is connection with Half Duplex-10 MBs/s while the old Bridge connecting as 100 MB/s - Full Duplex , however speed and duplex suppose not have any impact.

    The old bridge did not have any reconnection issue 

    I resolve this issue by hard setting lan port on the Cisco Switch, which will be impossible on the generic LAN ports such as routers and non-managed switches.

    Message send to tado:

    3 Jul 2017, 12:13 CEST 

    Hi Tado

    Can I Please raise an urgent issue regards to the new bridge

    Issue : when the switch or the router which the new bridge is connected to has been rebooted , the bridge is not refreshing settings and stop communicate with the clod services.

    the bridge must be restarted by unplug the USB cable !!

    hard reset the bridge did not resolve this issue

    To reboot the main device was not an issue with the old bridge which was working perfectly and refreshed all setting instantly.

  • I fully agree with you @johnbur 😀. Hopefully Tado is working on it and manage at high priority. This internet bridge is the bottleneck of the whole system can destroy all good reputation.

  • As a long standing customer with a whole house full of Tado devices (£££), and a toddler and 6 month old in the household depending on a reliable heating system, I will add that we have started to have this issue within the last couple of weeks.

    I am disappointed and quite disgusted that Tado support haven't responded to the numerous calls for action on this really important issue. Something must have been changed on Tado's side recently (firmware update)?
  • @Rishimehta - a response from Tado support team: “ A few weeks ago we released the 82.1 firmware update for our smart thermostats. We quickly found out that less than 1% of wired thermostats experienced problems immediately after updating. You'd see these thermostats losing their wireless connection almost constantly. So, we stopped the rollout of the update for the remaining devices.”
  • mean1979
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    I have this same issue. I have an original bridge from my first rad stat starter kit and it's running firmware 83.1. I'm having intermittent issues with the broadband at home that BT are looking into, but if the fibre goes down for an hour or two (say overnight) then it loses connection to all of my rad stats and the main thermostat. Like others the only way to fix this is to do a hard reset of the bridge. This make me really nervous about relying upon the tech while I'm away over the winter. I'm torn as to whether to invest in a new hub to help resolve this or whether there's any point if other's are having the same issue. Thanks

    Additionally the lights haven't worked on my bridge for a couple of years so i have no physical way of telling the status and really is trial and error if it stops working (unplug, replug and hope for the best! 🤞)

  • I have experienced improvement with the recent behaviour, since I have changed Internet provider and installed a new router. It means that in case outage of network for few minutes, I do not have to switch off, reboot the router and the Tado bridge anymore! I have Tado Bridge with Firmware version 83.1.

  • I experience a Tado disconnect from the internet maybe twice a month. I'm on Virgin broadband (UK) and use Google Wifi. I've had to resort to setting up a couple of IFTTT programmes that notify me whenever Google Wifi detects Tado disconnecting or reconnecting to the network. If I see it hasn't reconnected itself (which is rare!), then I have a Kasa remote socket set up so that I can power cycle the Tado bridge remotely! No other hardware on my network shows such instability - including laptops, mobiles, many smart speakers, security cameras, smart alarm, TVs or Philips Hue. Certainly disappointing that Tado suffers like this.

  • Have Tado made any comment about fixing this?
    We are heading towards winter and I dont want to face the same cold starts in the mornings that I did last year.
    A heating system shouldnt rely on internet connections which may or may not be reliable.
    If it happens again this winter, I will be switching to another control system that is not internet based.
    Tado have had more than enough time to fix this and I hope they do soon.
  • Jurian
    Jurian | Admin
    edited August 2021

    Hi all,

    Please read my related comment here:

    I don't have a big update on this topic (Internet bridge to cloud connection issues) yet unfortunately, however I can share the following with all of you:

    • For most reported cases we have collected data about the make and model of the router and/or modem that the tado bridge is connected to. From this data we have concluded that the disconnection issues to the cloud do not seem to be correlated to specific router models. (Some customers have issues on a router model that we know a lot of customers also have without any issues at all).

    This also means that reproducing the issue in our own lab is more difficult. Reproduction of the issue is always the first step towards finding a solution.

    That being said, we do want to try and see if there could be a temporary improvement to the automatic reboot logic. My hope/prediction is that this smaller improvement will still be released in 2021.

    My own personal hunch is that some routers have some issue with the fact that the tado bridge only supports a 10Mbit/s LAN connection (more than enough for the communication to the tado devices). However, please note that this is not based on any numbers.

    What you could try:

    • If you have some old 100mbit/s internet switch, you could try to put the tado bridge behind this internet switch.
    • If you have an old router, you can plug the WAN port of that old router into a LAN port of your main modem/router, then connect tado to a LAN Port of the secondary router.
    • Tweak settings in your router (especially the auto speed detection of the LAN connection, just manually force the connection to 100mbit/s or 10mbit/s)
    • (Drastic approach) Change internet provider to get a different router/modem.

    Please share your findings, to help other customers and also to help point us into the right direction to find the root cause of the issue.

  • johnbur
    johnbur ✭✭✭

    @Jurian putting the bridge on a Unifi switch that allows me to force a 10mbit/s port connection has certainly seemed to worked for me. I used to get 2 or 3 disconnects per week, and now have not had one on the last 4 weeks. Fingers crossed....

  • Just adding my 2p/2¢ to this. It is completely unacceptable for an IOT device to not deal with connection resets. I am fortunate to run a network where I can set the port speed to force the 10M/HDX connection but this device is designed for an environment where it is stuck in a home on a crappy ADSL router that's 5 years old, it should and has to handle reconnects.

    I am really not sure what part of the company decided that it was a good idea to make it a consumers issue to reboot the device after a reconnect. You know what, even as a super lazy developer (which I often am) I would have just had a watchdog process notice there is no connection to the cloud for X number of seconds and trigger a reboot. I really don't get how this isn't a thing.

    Part of me is curious to man in the middle the connection to see what protocols it's using. I would guess standard HTTP/WS as with other devices like Hue.

    What really frustrates me is the complete lack of appreciation for this issue. If I were to go on holiday and the Internet Bridge get stuck offline it could potentially mean my heating is stuck on for 2 weeks. That is a significant cost of energy for something that shouldn't be a problem.

    Lastly I don't get why the device has such a crap ethernet controller in it. From what I can see the device is a simple Zigbee to Internet hub. The Hue hub has a decent ethernet controller as do other providers, I mean I could literally but a Zigbee radio, Arduino and ethernet shield and have a better device than this. There's not even a simple status page that I could monitor to check it is OK and if not reboot it as well as the fact that it takes up to 500ms to respond to a ping over ethernet and regularly just fails to respond!

  • Hi @Jurian

    I am having these bridge connectivity issues and am not very tech savvy with all your suggestions below...

    What you could try:

    • If you have some old 100mbit/s internet switch, you could try to put the tado bridge behind this internet switch.
    • If you have an old router, you can plug the WAN port of that old router into a LAN port of your main modem/router, then connect tado to a LAN Port of the secondary router.
    • Tweak settings in your router (especially the auto speed detection of the LAN connection, just manually force the connection to 100mbit/s or 10mbit/s)
    • (Drastic approach) Change internet provider to get a different router/modem.

    Could someone explain them to me in more basic form so I can try and troubleshoot.

    I am in the UK and provider is Virgin Media and have their standard Tivo box and router.

    I have to be honest and say the service and support from Tado is shocking and am seriously at the end of my patience with the whole system.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Well guys, made it a whole 8 hours before it died. I might make a bit that just tweets this to Tado as when it does die it stops replying to pings (unlike when it’s “working” and it replies to most pings).
  • johncoles
    edited October 2021

    Morning all.

    Here's an interesting one, today the Internet Bridge has all three lights on but is actually not connected. Great!

    I have setup a monitor for it in my network monitoring system and it seems to stay online longer which is interesting. Before I was needing to reboot multiple times a day but this has lasted 3 days. The ping is just a simple TCP ping to port 80.

    Guess I'll have to reboot it, but now I know that the monitor works I may just set the smart plug I have on it to reboot if pings fail for a certain amount of time.

  • Rob
    Rob | Admin
    edited October 2021

    Today the rollout of new firmware for the Internetbridge (V3 and V3+) has started. These are all devices with a serial number starting with IB.

    This new firmware version should increase stability in the connection between the device and the cloud. Its ability to reconnect automatically quickly should improve. The new firmware version is 92.1. It will take a few days to roll this out to all devices, so don't be surprised if your device has not yet updated at the time I am writing this. All devices will be updated automatically.

  • christianj
    edited October 2021

    @johncoles this is a strange one which I experienced this morning at sharp 11:00 as well. Own the brigde since one week and it already disconnected 5 times... First 4 times it was with flashing cloud LED, today it died with 3 LEDs on and could not be pinged. Lost connection to Homekit and 10 minutes later it was offline in the Tado app.

    Have a UniFi system with the ability to force the switch port to 10Mb/s HDX which I did, but still having these issues. Already created a separate Tado VLAN on my router with google as DNS and no other devices in it, only the tado bridge. Failed as well.

    Hoping for the latest firmware to solve this issue.

  • Ditsy
    Ditsy ✭✭✭
    edited October 2021

    @Rob: after such long silences it's great to know that Tado has attempted to address the issue. We have 92.1 on bridges in two separate households, so we'll see how it goes!

  • @christianj Interesting. Looking at the graphs it seems that ours died just before 08:00.

    @Rob Looking forward to seeing it this helps elevate the issues. Would be nice if one day the device could show a status page so we can at least see it's trying to reconnect ;)

  • Ditsy
    Ditsy ✭✭✭

    I've seen one room offline in my father's house after 92.1 was applied to his bridge. Since I don't live near him I used a Wi-Fi plug to restart the bridge and it was really noticeable how much quicker the rooms reconnected. Since we don't get any push messages that a room or rooms are offline, I'm contemplating doing as someone else suggested on the forum and scheduling frequent bridge restarts.

  • Ditsy
    Ditsy ✭✭✭

    Observations from two separate households:

    • reconnection is definitely much quicker when I power the Internet bridge off and back on than it used to be
    • household A sometimes experienced all rooms going offline, and hasn't seen that again since. However this household never had individual rooms go offline for no obvious reason, and I've now seen this happen a couple of times. Nothing has changed regarding the positioning of the bridge, there are no new electronic devices, etc. so my gut feeling is this is introduced by Tado. I'm also seeing rooms being shown as offline in the web interface that when checked in the app are not offline. Has a bug been introduced into the web access?
    • household B was consistently seeing a specific room go offline for no obvious reason. This installation is now seeing a seemingly random room go offline every so often. To be clear, the room that goes offline alters from time to time. I've also seen a room appear to go offline for two days, remotely powering the bridge off and on again didn't seem to fix it, and the home was empty at the time so I couldn't get anyone to check it. On visiting to try and resolve the problem before my elderly father returned home to continue recovering from a major operation the room seemed to be working normally. This was all very stressful, as I couldn't stay with him indefinitely and was constantly concerned that his heating would randomly stop working as it often does.

    So, from my perspective this is not resolved.

  • @Ditsy I think 92.1 is only supposed to improve connection between the bridge and the cloud, not rooms to bridge - that issue is whole other thread!
  • Ditsy
    Ditsy ✭✭✭

    @johnbur sadly both systems I observe are now worse than they were before in terms of reliably heating the homes. I didn't have a rooms to bridge issue in household A prior to 92.1 and now it seems I do!

  • In the last week, I have once again woken TWICE to a disabled Tado. This has not been the case for many months, but the outages appear to have resumed. All three indicator lights were ON and stable on the bridge, but the wireless receiver was flashing (two LEDs, IIRC). No remote access on the app. A disconnect and reconnect of power from the bridge fixed it. It's my assumption (right or wrong) that the bridge firmware (92.1) has updated recently and this version is less stable than its predecessor.

    FWIW, my router is programmed to briefly interrupt the internet connection at around 3am daily. My guess is that my Tado bridge is failing to reconnect randomly after this (but doesn't know it - given its status lights show all to be well).

    I'm considering putting a timer on the bridge power plug to restart it daily - after the router has done its thing.

  • @RetsimLegin Please dig into it a bit more, Maybe disable the nightly reboot of your router for a while.

    But also try to find out if it is an Internet Bridge to cloud issue, or an issue between the internet bridge and the individual devices.