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  • This feature could not be to complicate to setup, users should be added to every room used by them - that's it
  • You need to raise this with support. Had mine fixed remotely a couple of weeks ago for another issue with my MHI.
  • That's not the SACC making the beep but your MHI unit. The SACC is quiet when sending commands.
  • I have to work early tomorrow. How about a one off schedule to put the heating on early just for tomorrow?
  • The option is there, but it does not support tado's "Early Start" feature.

  • Agreed! AC features and alerts are pointless in most domestic UK installations, so there should be a way to disable that side of Tado.

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    Air comfort skill (if this is what you are referring to) has nothing to do with AC. It is just a feature that uses information on the internal humidity levels vs external air quality (obtained from somewhere? 😃) in order to assist you with improving the air quality in your home.

    It basically is an indicator on when you should ventilate your home (aka the air is too humid and there are not so many pollutants outside).

  • Tado, temperature is set with a slider in the new app.

    Most of the time it's "difficult" to exactly set the temperature.

    Please make an option too that when the temperature is clicked on, it can be set with a keyboard function.

    Greetings Richard

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    Thermostatic mode is good as it reacts to outside temperatures, which is important especially for Nordic countries. But not-thermostatic mode is often nicer as it keeps the AC running continuously (no beeps and temp changes) and might be more energy efficient with inverter models (someone told me).

    What would be needed is a combination, hybrid (thermostatic) mode. AC would be set to wanted target temperature but Tado would adjust it to warmer or cooler based on the outside temperature and also the distance between Tado and AC. Best of both worlds and based on some quite simple algorithm it should be able to handle both bigger and smaller adjustments.

    When doing this it might sense to consider to be able to set Tado to do only cooling or heating to avoid unnecessary cooling for example when using fireplace or other sources of heating (or cooling).

    I think same idea has already been presented but thought to clarify it a bit.

  • Is there any plans on the road map to introduce an advance to next time zone button to advance the heat to on/off without manually having to set temps etc.
  • Thanks for this suggestion - I didn't know this was possible - any feedback @Tado ? Is this documented anywhere?

    Do the extra rooms show in the app when set up like this?

  • If I understand it correctly, WiFi can be used to improve Home/Away location accuracy. Why not have three Home/Away options: (a) GPS, (b) GPS+WiFi or (c) WiFi. Option (c) might not have the same Away distances but would be preferible for someone who wants to conserve phone battery. I agree with a suggestion I saw elsewhere about being able to declare Away manually too!!
  • I would recommend mentioning the fact that there is a limit of 25 smart radiator thermostats in a public space. I spent over 2000€ on Tado specifically because of the limits which were mentioned here:

    Quite disappointed to learn of that now and more disappointed to learn it won’t be changed considering I still have more rooms to fit with smart radiator valves. The only reason I chose tado is because it didn’t have the restrictions on number of devices as severe as Netatmo. 

    Now the only solution is to sell three tados and get netatmo for the remainder of the house. 

  • Hi,

    My router (and boiler) are both in the loft. Because of this there is no neat way of storing the internet bridge - me especially as it all rough sawn timber which a double-stick tape wouldn't last on.

    Has anyone got any other ideas? I was thinking something like what are used for window blinds - spring-type clip screwed into the surface, the internet bridge clips in.


  • Have a option to select one of the required settings after setting the temperature with the slider in manual control.

    Its just crazy you don't have this feature, nobody want s the same setting every time!

  • It would be really nice to be able to set permission levels for users. Admin ie can do anything, for Dad (me!). Full control but without install and settings for the wife, and limited control for children ie temperature / time / room limits, and similar for an iPad that can be used by guests. Such granularity would be excellent and I’m very surprised it is not in the app already.
  • It would be really nice to be able to set permission levels for users. Admin ie can do anything, for Dad (me!). Full control but without install and settings for the wife, and limited control for children ie temperature / time / room limits, and similar for an iPad that can be used by guests. Such granularity would be excellent and I’m very surprised it is not in the app already.
  • I would like to see on my home screen if a room/zone is manually set or set by the smart timer without having to go into that room please. I have 12 zones in my house so at a glance this would be useful to know how each zone has been set.

  • A simple icon showing how each room temp has been set would do the trick in each room/zone pod.

  • Hi, would it be possible to add the “On” feature for the valve to keep it completely open regardless of the room temperature?

    My use case is the bathroom radiator, where I want to schedule it to be heating to the max so the towels get dry and not to stop heating because the room temperature reaches 25 degrees ceiling.

    Valve can be set to Off, so why not allow On as well? So far I use the workaround with setting temperature offset for this particular valve, but doing this then shows false data on the dashboard, etc.

    Please, consider adding this feature 🙏🏻
  • Completely agree, I would like to use Just wifi to trigger whether anyone is home or not, without actually having to use the phone location as well.
  • The only way to close the room temperature screen is using the X in the upper left corner. Especially on a large screen (iPhone) this is cumbersome and requires an extra step to get back to the main screen.

    Allow us to close the room temperature screen with a gesture like swiping down to get back to the main screen. Would save a lot of time.
  • Get some of these:

    Use a few tacks to fix one side to the timber and stick the other side to the rear of the Tado Bridge. Velcro together. I use these things for all sorts of things and they're excellent. The come in different sizes and the Bridge would easily be held in place by the small size.

  • In the climate comfort tab in Tado you are giving your users feedback on which humidity and temperature provides the most comfortable feeling.
    The suggestions aren't accurate for bedrooms though. I shouldn't think to sleep in a 21C bedroom 😉. Optimal temperature for bedrooms is around 18C.
    I think this could be solved by providing an option to set the use of a room and adjusting advice based on that. Thanks.
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    Why the temperature jumps from 17 to 22 degrees and not 17, 18, 19 and so on?
  • I can see if you go into air comfort it tells you if the humidity is to high and sometimes at risk of mould growing. For a young family with a humidity problem this is so useful but alerts so we can open a window or turn up the heating would be amazing
  • What about producing chrome Radiator valves for bathrooms?

  • Same here, useless when the Smart Radiator Thermostat is waking up the kid at 4.30 in the morning..

  • Set your TRV temp offset to - 5 degrees and adjust the temperature accordingly in the schedule.
  • Use ifttt, there's a widget for exactly thay
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