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  • Jurian

    No upvotes. Closed for now.

  • Feudo1925

    Salve Account , ho notato che avete aggiunto nella pagina web il tasto "Turn OFF all rooms" il tasto è molto utile per spegnere in modo centralizzato il riscaldamento o riaccenderlo , peccato che nel mio caso ho sia riscaldamento che condizionamanento , sarebbe piu utile avere 2 tasti 1 "Turn OFF Riscaldamento" e il 2 " Turn OFF Condizionamento" in questo modo il sistema sarebbe sicuramente piu fruibile . Grazie

  • Jurian


    This feature is already released on

    It will come to the apps soon!

  • AdamUK
    Just wanted to say WOW! It took “only” a year or so to introduce child lock feature. Really impressed! Honestly system works very well but your reaction time for modifications and flexibility leave much to be desired...
  • SVL

    It was already announced in 2017 (or earlier).

  • Berrysg
    I recently logged in to my and was surprised to notice the Web page has the featurea, turn off all heading, resume schedule and boost heating option.

    Where as this is not avaliable on app so I've been having to manual turn all off for over a year and manual boost and resume.

    It would make sense to have this on app as well other wise I'm going to start needing to use Web page as that is better suited than app even though it's more time consuming
  • GrilledCheese2

    Look at the 4th item listed under suggestions and ideas. The app functionally is currently under beta test.

  • Jurian

    I am closing this, because we heave near feature parity between the app and the web app. We are using as a test ground for new features because you do not run into delays from the Google/Apple app stores.

  • JoostSandra
    Doordat we na Kerst gourmet luchten in huis hadden hebben we de roosters boven de ramen opengezet.
    De tado thermostaat reageerde daarop door te blijven verwarmen en het werd zelfs 26 graden, terwijl de instelling 21 graden was.
    We hebben geen aparte thermostaat radiator knoppen in de woonkamer.
    Na een vraag hierover gesteld te hebben blijkt dat er een PID regeling wordt toegepast die ervoor zorgt dat de ketel niet constant aan en uit slaat.
    Het verbeter voorstel is om de PID regeling wat minder overshoot te laten geven en anders, op basis van deze overshoot, een melding te geven van bijvoorbeeld een open raam, want ik verwacht dat dit door de koude val komt.
  • Struan_1

    Hi Tado.

    I wish to propose my idea for hot water cylinder tank smart thermostat temperature reading and also control of boiler for heating Hot water cylinder tank, through the Tado app and controllers.

    Currently for Non smart boilers you have the ability via the app or via the wired wall smart thermostat to set schedules and manually turn on/off the boiler to heat hot water. This in turn switches on the electrical controlled zone valve, activating the boiler. However this feature does not allow for actual water temperature information or to heat the water to a selected temperature and so it is a guess as to how hot the water is heated to or if hot enough for a bath or shower.

    Many large hot water cylinders such as Joule for example come with an aquastat pocket, that allows a temperature sensor probe to be inserted allowing for temperature readings and control.

    With the introduction of the new WiFi enabled wall thermostat surely it is now possible to modify this unit with the addition of a temperature sensor probe that can be inserted into the probe location point available on many hot water cylinders. This probe would be connected to the Tado WiFi thermostat unit allowing it to give an exact temperature reading to the Tado APP and also allowing the user to set a desired target temperature that is customisable in the APP just like the heating controls. This would be such an amazing addition to Tado and it’s a simple idea that could be produced using existing hardware, and a software / app update.

    I really like my Tado smart system but this VITAL feature is missing and is available from other smart heating suppliers now, so I feel Tado needs to catch up here or face people changing their systems. There are still millions of people who do not have so called smart boilers, just standard boilers.

    Will you please review my idea and see my attached diagram showing my proposal.

    I would love some comments and feedback from management and the community and I think it’s something that should be added to the system.

  • Sean_Tado_Beta_User

    I have been using Tado Smart Thermostat’s now for many years, in the past just on water based radiator central heating.

    About 18 months ago, I moved to a property with multiple underfloor heating zones and replaced the John Guest Thermostat’s with Tado Smart Thermostat’s.

    I have noticed that the Tado Thermostat’s do not cater for the residual heat in an underfloor heating system due to the heat retained in the Floor. This causes the heat to continue to build and overheat the room.

    This is compounded by the fact that the heat is sill demanded after the room has reached the desired temperature, assuming it is running a less efficient radiator system maybe?

    I would like to see development in the algorithums to better cater for and compensate for underfloor heating to enable better prediction/learning of heating durations required to reach the desired temperature without overheating the room.

    I am happy to beta test during the next heating season.

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