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  • Would be good to have a stand where the tado thermostat could be placed upon.

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  • I have all of my radiator thermostats setup by room but would also like to be able to Activate them by floor or area. I know a global switch is planned but Being able to group rooms, eg, ground floor would be cool whilst still maintaining individual control.

  • What happen to your tado thermostate, if it is broken or does not work proberly?

    Stow it in the cellar? Throw it in the bin, just producing more garbage?

    What if tado offers a service providing an inspection of your not working thermostate or other article?

    Imagine you take the inspection and you´ll get your thermostate back, which is hundred percent repaired and ready for reinstallation?

    The price for all of this must be, for sure, cleary underneath the price of buying a new one. But would have helped the globe being a little less dirty and saved money as well.

    Please tell me your opinion.

    The_Tuzzi 🙂

    Our head is round, so that thinking can change the direction

    Francis Picabia

  • mw9342
    mw9342 ✭✭✭

    It would be much better to view schedules per day; so rather than selecting a room and then the schedule for the week, select a day (or group of days) and then see schedule for all rooms. This will give you a much better overview across the different rooms/zones and allow you to align the schedules to optimise efficiency.

  • mw9342
    mw9342 ✭✭✭

    The manual control of the temperature needs improvement in the v3+ app.

    • the temperature slider is quite fiddly when you adjust the temperature for a room/zone controlled by the Smart Thermostat as it allows adjustments in tenths of ºC
    • the options of applying the manual change until ended by user or until the next automatic change are missing: this used to be possible in the pre-v3+ app - please bring them back
    • under the device settings, you can still choose the 3 options for manual control but this setting is simply ignored - please fix this
    • once you set a manual change, you cannot tell from the room tile that manual control is active; in the pre-v3+ app the stripe turned grey - please bring this back

  • mw9342
    mw9342 ✭✭✭

    It's not very helpful in its current incarnation as it doesn’t conform to tado’s own guidelines.

    If I look at my Energy Saving Report of JAN 2018 it has some guidelines about humidity with a link for more info; if you go there it tells you, for example, that a bedroom should have 40%-60% humidity and a temperature of 15ºC-18ºC.

    I have created a separate zone for my bedroom and when I check it in the Air Comfort it tells me that at 16º it’s "too cold".

  • To improve the 'Green' credentials you can modify the app software to display the actual battery voltage.

    This will enable use of rechargeable batteries (usually with a fully charged voltage of about 1.2V-1.3V, which work fine anyway.

    Ideally you would ask what kind of batteries the customer was using so you could modify the 'battery low' message appropriately. However the battery voltage would be useable.

  • mw9342
    mw9342 ✭✭✭

    I'd like be reminded when a manual temperature setting expires; that way, you can keep track better of your manual settings and have a better opportunity to extend the manual control

  • I'm not upgrading to V3+ until the "Until ended by user" and "Until next automatic change" options are added back.

    The "tile" colour not showing a zone has a manual override active is also a significat oversight that I hope gets resolved quickly.

  • mw9342
    mw9342 ✭✭✭

    @jcwacky - when v3+ came out I thought I could test drive by upgrading the app on my iPhone but leaving the old app on my iPad; but once I "upgraded" - or downgraded from a functional point of view - on the iPhone, the iPad app also switched to the v3+ UI and behaviour; looks like the v3+ functionality is switched on the backend and once you initiated it, it becomes active on all clients.

  • mw9342
    mw9342 ✭✭✭

    I've already requested the same under show battery charge level as a percentage.

    @Isembard - please add your support to my request and vote for it.

  • We have a hot water cylinder with a typical stat linked to a relay with a dial to set the maximum temperature.

    Without OpenTherm we have to use the on/off hot water setting.

    It would be a lot better to be able to replace this dumb unit with a tado unit (run from mains power as there is mains power at that unit) that acted with the app to turn the boiler on only when water dropped below a set temperature.

    This would also allow us to reduce the temperature of the hot water to maybe 50C-55C for most of the week and do a sanitation 60C heat once per week.

    It would also help with understandinghot water usage in the house (teenagers)..

  • I would like to suggest an addition to the Geofencing settings. Currently Home Wi-Fi Detection makes this assumption:

    "When your device connects to one of your Home Wi-Fi networks, it is considered to be at home"

    I would like Home Wi-Fi Detection to make a second assumption:

    "When your device is not connected to any of your Home Wi-Fi networks, it is considered to be away"

    I can think of no circumstance in the majority of homes when this is not true! People are attached to their phones, and their phones automatically connect to, and disconnect from, their home networks. This second assumption would eliminate the dependence on Location Services to establish when somebody is away.


  • Nice idea. Not sure if this would really work in practice though. With Tado's smart schedule, one of it's main features is "Preheat before arrival", and for this to work Tado needs to know how far from home you are, not just if you are home or away, so it would still need to use Location Services to obtain the distance from home. Unless you disable the "Preheat before arrival" setting.

    Plus many homes have Wi-Fi blackspots, no Wi-Fi in the garden etc, and some people prefer to use 4G on their phones even at home, as it is often faster than their broadband/fibre.

    Not really sure what downside there is to Tado using Location Services? The battery life used by Tado is negligible on my iPhone X.

  • Preheat Before Arrival is a separate matter. I am merely trying to have Tado reliably determine when people are Away (including people who prefer not to enable Location Services, and there are many reasons for that which have nought to do with battery life). If users deny themselves access to Preheat Before Arrival then that's fine. What I want to know is when they are away so that the heating can be turned off.

    It strikes me as odd that Tado makes one of the available assumptions regarding home networks but not the other!

    As with anything, if it doesn't suit you, disable it.

  • At present the frost protection temperature is set at 5 degrees.

    It would be useful if this temperature could be adjusted by the user.

    I am asking specifically because my building and contents insurance has just come up for renewal. The insurers now require a minimum temperature of 10 degrees.

    There are ways round this, like making sure that the thermostat is set to Away, but they aren't as convenient as being able to turn the thermostat off and still rely on the frost protection.

  • jcwacky
    jcwacky ✭✭✭
    I have my “Away” temp set to a minimum of 10°C, and the minimum temps in my schedule are 15°C. This way the temp will never drop below 10°C. I hope that helps.
  • jcwacky
    jcwacky ✭✭✭
    Answer ✓
    This has already been asked here:

    It’s currently the most popular feature request so hopefully Tado will look to add this soon.
  • Sooner the better it seems such a basic requirement.
  • I agree, the more people that support this idea, the sooner Tado will do something, hopefully without trying to charge extra for a new software version or have a subscription!!

  • jcwacky
    jcwacky ✭✭✭
    edited March 2019

    @sollyman "New: Global On/Off Switch Skill, only £4.99 per month!" - Lol!

  • As jcwacky already mentioned, this is a duplicate, so I will close it.

  • Julia
    Julia ✭✭

    Hi @charlie35slr

    Thank you for your input.

    However, @jcwacky is right - this would impair the Preheat Before Arrival function, which is something that especially those users who use Geofencing actually rely on a lot.

    Those users who do not wish to share their location data or are at least very cautious about these matters usually decide to disable Geofencing altogether, hence we will most likely not make that change / amendment you suggested.

    If you want to find out more on how Geofencing works and why we recommend the phone settings that we do, check out these articles from our Help Center:

    What are the smartphone settings for optimal geofencing?

    Why is it so important to keep the smartphone WI-FI activated even when I am away from home?



  • charlie35slr
    charlie35slr ✭✭
    edited March 2019 Answer ✓

    Julia: "However, @jcwacky is right - this would impair the Preheat Before Arrival function, which is something that especially those users who use Geofencing actually rely on a lot."

    Not if they live close to their place of work. You explained to me (here: Preheat Before Arrival and working close to home) that Preheat would never stop heating my home because I work 15km away (that's a way on the other side of London, but too close for Tado). You said:

    Julia: "If you work only 15 km from home ... it will not allow the temperature to drop below 0.75°C under the target temperature of your Home schedule""

    @jcwacky three members of my London house also work in London (greatest distance, 15km). Preheat assumes that we are on our way home when we are sitting all day in our various workplaces, so Tado will never stop heating the house in preparation for our imagined arrival! Solution, disable Preheat.

    Can we stop talking about Preheat in this thread please? This suggestion is not about Preheat.

    Julia: "Those users who do not wish to share their location data or are at least very cautious about these matters usually decide to disable Geofencing altogether"


    Charlie: "Those who do not wish to share their location data CANNOT use Tado geofencing ".

    In summary: I cannot make use of Preheat for the reason you provided.

    I like that Tado can disable my heating when everybody is Away, and I would like not to have to enable Location Services to do so. My suggestion would be a simple and obvious way to do this.

    As it is, Home WiFi Detection is only 50% useful.

    Perhaps a better solution, if you are going to insist that we enable Location Services, would be for Tado to go ahead and make FULL use of Location Services. This might help city-dwellers to extract more value from the paid-for app! E.g. recognise when we are at work (let us set a radius per user) and behave accordingly (stop behaving as if we are on the way home when we are going to be at work for hours), etc.

  • Yes. I was aware of that option, but still feel it would be better to be able to adjust thetemperature provided by Frost Protection in the Off setting, rather than in Away.

  • Julia
    Julia ✭✭
    edited March 2019

    Hi @charlie35slr

    It's true that the options we provide will not be suitable for everybody, there are some people for whom it will definitely not make sense to use Geofencing at all or who will benefit less from it than others.

    Our location-based service does not necessarily rely on your GPS, that is why we also recommend that you keep WIFI active on your mobile devices. This article explains why:

    Why is it so important to keep the smartphone Wi-Fi activated even when I am away from home?

    Any suggestions on how to improve our services are always welcome - you can submit a Feature Request through our contact form, and our developers will go through those suggestions regularly to check if there is something that we should make part of our development plans.

    I hope this helped to clarify should there have been any misunderstandings.

    Best wishes,


  • Been a Tado customer now for many years with smart thermostat and 16 SRVs.

    Some suggestions that would really improve the experience of using the system - all in connection with alerts/notifications via the app:

    1. Alert if a device goes offline or becomes disconnected (e.g. a radiator valve becomes unmounted)
    2. Alert if connectivity is lost
    3. Alert for other circumstances which could be an error - e.g. a few times an SRV has stopped working for some reason whilst in the open position, which I have only become aware of after realising the room was very hot (not helpful if happens during night!)! Surely sone simple logic could be programmed to assess room temperature vs set temperature and validate against other rooms/outside temp. Any outliers could then be reported to the users to check/reset/remount etc (usually these issues are sorted by simply remounting the device.
    4. Low battery - I know this now shows in the app - but why not have a notification rather than having to rely on seeing the email or the red dot!?
    5. Alert of any major outages/server issues

    More than happy to discuss the above with development team or others as relevant.

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