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  • Great idea to stop the trvs been removed intentionally or by accident.

  • Since the release of Shortcuts in iOS, the Xr, Xs, 11 and 11 pro have been able to set up automations within shortcuts to use NFC tags.

    If we could have tado implemented into the shortcuts application, we could introduce the use of NFC tags, for simple tasks like advancing the heating in a single room, or whole house by the simple tap of an NFC tag.

    It’s cold in the bedroom, tap the tag and the shortcut could run, if temperature is below “19” set temperature to “21” for “X” hours.

    There are so many things possible in shortcuts, NFC is just one of them that could open up a whole new ball game.
  • I like to have our system on Auto Assist....., which would work great if it was just my wife and I

    But most family's have children...…, they don't have smart phones so Auto Assist is of little use.

    The child minder that comes to mind my children...., I don't want to load (nor would she want me to) the Tado app on her phone.

    Simple solution...., that I can't believe Tado haven't introduced yet.

    PIR's to detect movement in the house and then turn on the manual heating settings, until movement is no longer detected, turning on Auto Assist again.

    PIRS could also be used to activate TRV's in rooms if motion is detected. Yes I may have bedroom rads set to only come on at a certain time of night...., but what if I decided to go for an unscheduled sleep during the day..., how wonderful would it be if Tado turned on the heating in the room to make it comfortable.

  • Same here, we're perfectly comfortable at 19C but the app is persistent that it's too cold.
    I'd really like to set the limits myself.
    Or just disable it all together.
  • I have this also as problem in my airbnb.

  • This feature is only available via the mobile app.

    It used to be available on the Windows phone app, but that app has been discontinued.

    For those of us that are windows users could this, very useful, function be made available.

    Either as part of My Tado (preferred) or make the Windows App available for Windows PC's.

  • Hi tado,
    standard cockpit of tado contains some bricks: termostat/s, Air quality, Geo fencing, Energy saving. In my case, I have two termostats, so I have in total 5 boxes. I very appreciate when I open the app, just to know what's going on I can see the current status with ongoing information (like temperatures, if it is heating up or not, and home vs. away) of several of them, but some others (Air quality, energy saving) is death. I propose to make them living with some useful information accordingly.

    E.g. Air quality could be color coding to let's say worst quality from used termostats, or whatever, or averaged... Even I do not have the information related to you last revealed feature like pollution etc. visible in Air quality.

    E.g. for Energy report it would be maybe last month % of saving or annualized one or whatever, but not empty, then it is just only a button nothing else, no value.

    Thanks I could share my thoughts to improve my favourite toolset = tado. ;-)
  • When heat hasn't been requested by the system yet, instead of "Heating to [temp]", put "Will soon be heating to [temp]" then change to "Heating to [temp]" once Tado has actually turned on the heating system.

  • When opening the app and I see a room is off, I have to click the tile to see whether the room is off because of the Smart Schedule or if someone has turned that room off via a Manual Control.

    Having an icon on the tile to show whether the current state of a room is via manual control or smart schedule. Maybe place that on the top left of each tile. Only saying top left as I recommended a Recently Heated Symbol for the Top Right 😅 Might look better the other way round? Don't mind 😂

    You already have the icons for Manual Control (Hand with finger pointing) & for Home (House) & Away (Person walking). For Home/Away icons, it depends as usual on the current household members locations. Basically whether the system is in Home or Away mode. Just think this is necessary to show whether someone has turned a room off manually or whether it’s off in the schedule. Also useful with other temperatures too, just our use case though 🙂

  • I looked at 09:48 to see that the line was fairly flat, temperature wasn't changing much. Then a little later on, I check the graph to find that same exact time is no an increase in temperature.

    "it would correct the measurement graph after several measures have been received in the servers."

    I guess don't show data for a timeslot on the graph until all data has been gathered and received on the servers. Just a little odd going back later on to see the room was suddenly a different temperature than you saw it before 😅

  • Problem:

    When all valves close and stop asking for heat, it can take up to a minute for the room thermostat to communicate with the boiler to turn it off. In my house, as all radiators have tado valves, this leads to a very noisy banging sound as the pump tries to push water around the circuit when every radiator is closed. In a manual system, plumbers leave at least one radiator in the circuit without a TRV to mitigate for this problem, but this seems silly and (should be) unnecessary for a smart solution.


    When the final radiator associated with a smart thermostat stops requesting heat, either:

    • communicate the stop request, but leave the valve open for at least 2 minutes to allow the boiler to stop; or
    • communicate the stop request and leave the valve open (also saving battery!). Close the value if necessary when the circuit is next activated and the boiler restarts.


    I have had to remove a tado thermostat from one of my radiators and effectively have no control in that room. due to this issue. I have two separate pumping circuits in my house; so that's a loss of two device sales I would otherwise have purchased.

  • ventilation speeds for fan mode for AC V3+
    We should be able to change speed remotely.
  • Fully agree, the system needs to be able to work as a stand alone system for people who don't use phones but want the benefit of a smart system. Nest manages it. Same a lot of us have children and have to leave them with friends who come or child minders. Really needs this to happen. Plus maybe we don't want the system to know where we are and we want to rely on the system to be smart without requiring us to have a phone and letting the system know where we are.

  • If you have floor heating in each room, it is not cost efficient to be paying over £50 to have that room smart.

    You should have wired thermostats that can tell a rooms temperature and humidity and works with the wiring sensor. Then you can have one smart main thermostat which they link to. Otherwise your not getting the cost savings and its not affordable. You have the radiator controls which work like that so why not have a wall control that can be wired to the actuators and speak with the main tado smart thermostat?

  • You have wireless for easy install, but why not be able to connect them directly with a wired option too? stops wirless issues, no need to worry about changing batteries. Greener as no waste batteries. Units could either do both or as you dont need the batteries inside it would give you options to make it smaller

  • If you have a smart heating system why would you not want to know how safe your home is? Fire alarm and staus as well as burgular alarm status?

    Overall the main thing is if your house is on fire you would like to know!!!! These things save lives

  • Oh that's interesting GrilledCheese. I am in the UK and there clearly isn't one. I guess I'll need to get that sorted.

  • I currently have 3 valves in my house with a relay thermostat in the living room connected to the boiler wired.

    I have the 3 valves in my living room and the 2 bedrooms to keep an accurate temperature where we are normally.

    The idea I have is would it be possible to have the ability to say have the heating on in the rest of the house with the valves closed in these rooms on a separate app screen on a conventional timer? I know I could buy more valves but I dont feel that this would be necessary and it would be very costly.
  • I find setting the manual temperature control on the new software update for Tado heating control difficult.

    Setting the slider is imprecise for me IMHO keying in temperature setting would be more precise.

  • PIR's might cause a few issues for anyone that have pets in the house.....they wander about and trigger the motion detectors and the heating comes on.......this is not what I would want.

    Also, we walk in and out of our bedrooms throughout the day for any number of again, I don't want the heating being triggered whenever someone walks into a room.

    I personally only want the heating to be triggered when the temp drops below whatever you've set the stats too.

  • Hello,

    When we receive a home/away notification, we have to open the app and click home/away icon.

    It'd be nice to approve the change via notifications on iOS.

    I hope you will evaluate it.

    Best Regards

  • Yes please! Also, I'd like to be able to overlay graphs too, to visually compare different rooms.

  • This is a great suggestion! I was about to make it as well so I definitely support! +1
  • This Would be awesome!!!

  • I struggle to understand what made Tado implement schedules the way they did. By day and with the ability to see all the devices is definitely the way to go.

  • Now that more homes are being installed with UFH it would be excellent if you could develop a smart UFH valve actuator which could pair with the Smart Room Thermostat wirelessly.

    The Smart UFH Actuators would only require a local connection to the electric supply to drive open/closed.

    This would remove the need for a wired connection between the smart thermostat and the various valves as currently required.

    Depending on development these Smart UFH actuators could incorporate the valve mechanism and provide temps and flow rates.

    Just an idea. :-)

  • Hi Michael,

    should I ask to the support center to setup the setpoint I want for the domestic hot water?

  • I have a house where heat retention isn't great and I would like the ability to set a temperature range so the TRV isn't constantly coming on and off. We have a room where we have an oversized radiator as it's a cold room (2 north facing external walls) and as the TRV is attached to the rad, it fluctuates quickly. Could we have potentially have the ability to heat the room to 21 and then not kick back in again until it drops to say 18 degrees. That way the noisy TRV isn't kicking in every 20-40 mins.

  • CsGeza
    edited November 2019
    I’m new with tado, but till now i’m really disappointed.
    I’m using floor heating and with tado have more then 1C heating range. Set temp 22C, switches on ~21.4C switches off ~22.7C. It is huge by floor heating! It heats for hours.
    It would be better if this range would be much smaller and could choose heating mode from a list.
  • I have, and successfully, used that button. Click on the temp icon, then again on the temp (upper section) and there's the speed icon. Currently only 3 modes to choose from. May be in your case that your remote needs to be registered with their backend database in order to have it show up on your screen?
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