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  • It has been a while since this request was made and I would like to join in to support this. Even though Tado might be following standards, some people just like it a bit colder than others (or like to wear sweaters).

    It would be great if we could adjust the comfortable temperature to what we ourselves find comfortable.

    Thanks in advance and take care.

  • With tado I can change the temperature of my hot water (between 40 en 65 degrees celsius) but I cannot change the hot water to ecomode or off, which should be possible with the opentherm communication of this heater. Therefore, I would like these functions to be added to the Tado possibilities.

  • Schippie
    edited January 2021

    Just as an update: I have disabled early start for the smaller rooms I am using the smart radiators in. The algorithm starts way too early to be effective in these situations. It will push for almost full power & then heat the rooms in 15 minutes. And then you wait 3 hours for when you actually need the heat. And the system doesn't really seem to be learning at all here.

    So a suggestion like I put forward above is really necessary in order to make early start usable there.

  • Wat is een PID regeling dan?

  • Hi,
    I totally agree!
    That would be a nice addition to the ifttt functionalities.
  • I recently removed a Smart Radiator Thermostat from my home and removed it from the Tado app, however it is still showing in HomeKit.

    Having spoken to support the only way to fix this is to remove the Internet gateway from HomeKit, do a factory reset on it, and re-add it to HomeKit. This will however have the side effect of removing all my Tado devices from the HomeKit scenes and shortcuts I have referenced them in.

    My suggested improvement is to have the Tado app remove a device from HomeKit at the same time it is removed from the Tado app, or have an option to 'resync' the Tado devices with HomeKit.

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  • I’ve got an AC unit that supports Off + 4 fan speed settings, however the Tado app only gives me an option up to 3 fan speed settings. I’m hoping that this could be implemented within the app at some stage?
  • Sound proofing. Less vibration to radiator. Quieter motor. Slower change of valve to reduce sound emitted. Connection damper.

    Anything to make them a little quieter!
  • Scenario:

    With working from home being more common I need heating focused heating in the office and no other rooms whilr it is just me in the house.

    The other accounts I.E. The kids/wife need heat to the other rooms when they get home and in the evening (out of work hours)

    Solution idea:

    - allow setting a 'home-working skill' in which you specify the 'office' and the people who work there and which hours to use it before returning to full house 'home' mode for evening etc.

    - For each geofencing account have a checklist of rooms in which heating is turned on for that user when home. I.e. Only those devices are set to home mode.

  • Ski

    A smart energy saving system that isn't smart or energy saving? Really? Come on; surely you can do better than this! This is basic functionality surely?

  • yul

    It would be great if the iOS app implement

    "Actionable notification" (

    This way, when ever there is a notification (eg: turn on/off away mode, window open detected). I can immediately take action WITHOUT opening the tado app. This is also very nice for people with Apple WATCH. They can take action even without opening their phone

  • Sometimes I use the tado app to heat my home office because I intent to use it later in the day.

    I would appreciate a push notification on my phone to tell me that that my home office is successfully heated and ready for use.

  • CrogUk
    edited January 2021

    @GrayDav4276 you mean Auto, Home, Away? If so then no as that applies to the whole house for all occupants.

    This is a per-user + per-room feature/skill ;)

    In an ideal world the radiators would know your proximity to them and then on accordingly... However that would not be possible yet. Instead being able to have the office heated when I am present in the house between 9-5 is not possible without tweaking manually each time as other occupants can easily be present so needs some per-user geofencing options or specific skill.

  • @GrayDav4276 i have owned the tado system for years and they have already implemented a few suggestions. As a software developer I have full understanding of this additional feature, its actually a minor refractor in the application software to extend to separate device account settings. Essentially, you should discuss the feature and not the technical aspects in any forum as it is for the tado development team to guage the work involved. Cheers.

  • @GrayDav4276 The current Geofencing function that Tado provides works exactly the way I expect it to.

  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @GrayDav4276 Well I for one would not wish you to curtail in any way your truly excellent contribution here. We all were allocated toes in order for someone to step on them!!

  • GLR
    edited January 2021
    It would be really nice if Tado could design a valve that would allow a mains powered (not battery) wet plinth heater to be turned on or off... ideally by opening/closing the hot water flow, but if not just stopping/starting the power supply to the fan.

    The current problem I have with having Tado TRVs all over the house is that when any radiator starts up the heating the plinth heater comes on in my kitchen even though the kitchen is already over the desired temperature.

    Most modern houses in the UK with medium to large kitchens have wet plinth heaters.
  • just have smart SRVs in all rooms ( which you will need anyway ) then you can just heat the "office" without heating the rest of the house by setting to away then just set the office temp to what you want. Or just create a routine that does that "Alexa just me working"

  • Would it be possible to add a field to the 'Rooms and Devices' tab where users can store a history of each TRV - when batteries were last changes / when the TRV was reseated / when issues occurred.

    I am having to keep a separate log of all of these types of interactions and it would be more convenient to store it on the system,

    I might also be useful for a TADO customer rep. to view if a user has issues.



  • I know there have been a lot of discussion and requests to Tado to make it possible that there could be more than one internet bridge connected to one system / account. The first requests date from 2018.

    I see also that a lot of customers are angry / disappointed towards Tado because little is done with regard to this request. And nobody (even an Tado support guy I'm in contact with) knows what the current situation is (he advised me to send my request to this forum). There are even customers who are (especially regarding the lack of communication from Tado about this topic) willing to stop using the Tado system and install a system of one of the competitors.

    Could one of the Tado employee please be so kind to give me (us) an update regarding this request? Is there all ready a release planned to add this functionality tot the system and what is the expected date that the functionality will become available?

    For me personally, I really need this functionality to cover all the rooms in our house (just as many other customers and yes, I have already done all the steps to connect all the heaters with just one internet bridge). 

    I hope to hear from so one of Tado employees soon (hopefully with good news that the functionality will be available in January or February 2021).

    Best regards,


    Ps. I know that there are already a lot of threads regarding this topic. And I choose to start a new one, to hopefully get the right attention regarding this topic.

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