OpenTherm Max Flow Temperature setting


Each time I want to change the max water temperature settings of my heating system, I have to email tado. This takes time (usually a few days!), and also eats resources at tado's side.

I would like to have an advanced settings menu made available, where I can access these settings myself.

It will be benificial to both end users, and tado. Plus you could keep these settings hidden for less experienced/capable customers.

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  • This is for me is a non negotiable change that absolutely has to happen, I'm a heating engineer of 25 years and even the cheapest open therm devices on the market such as EPH combi pack 4 has a function to set and limit the maximum heating flow temperature.
    Running a condensing boiler at 80 degrees is madness.

    ALL new boilers have been condensing type for the last 15 years and it's part of their fundamental design to run on a slightly lower flow temperature.

    It's absolute no brainer and without this function it's a deal breaker for us to be able to specify this our customers and we install over 200 hundred boilers a year.
  • Agree! Same problem here!
  • Hello, I am having the same issue, is it possible to ask Tado assistance to reduce remotely the MAX temp? My condensing heating system is overheating at 80C!!! Thanks
  • @Asbesto

    Changing the setting remotely is not the problem. Just e-mail/chat with them. This can take a few days because the first line support can’t do much.

    My request is to allow users to change the settings >themselves<.

    Same thing goes for the PID temperature control strategy by the way…..

    I have to email support, wait a few days for a short reply that doesn’t anwer all of my questions, mail again……

    Tado: Just make an advanced user menu! Allow people access to the full features of their expensive devices.
  • Totally agreed! They decreased remotely my temperature, however we want an advanced menu
  • I do this by configuring the max flow temp on the boiler itself to 60 deg in deep winter and 55 otherwise, but agree having this in the app would be awesome.
  • This would be a great feature and should be very simple to do (probably save more time on the help desks than the engineers would take to implement it!).

    Don't suppose anyone has had any updates on this feature?