[Release] OpenTherm Max Flow Temperature setting

On 28.10.2022 we have added the option to set the maximum flow temperature for OpenTherm configured tado thermostats / Extension Kits / Wireless Receivers without contacting our support department.

From this moment forward, your installer will have the possibility to set the maximum flow temperature on V3/V3+ homes (your internet bridge has a serial number starting with IB) by following these steps:

  1. Download the "tado for installers" app in the Play or App store.
  2. Open the app, and scan the tado internet bridge of the correct account.
  3. Start a "system check" from the app.
  4. At the end of the system check, and if the tado thermostat is set to OpenTherm, it will be possible to adapt the maximum flow temperature.
  5. For some boiler, it will require a boiler reset (unplug the boiler for 30 minutes) for the new maximum flow temperature to become active.

Why has this feature not been released in the main tado app? After user research, it became clear that the feature might not be understood by the majority of users. And if the flow temperature was set too low, it would lead to additional support requests when the home was not able to heat sufficiently during the coldest days of the year. Therefore the decision (for now) is to make this feature only available to professionals using the tado professional app.

Original post:


Each time I want to change the max water temperature settings of my heating system, I have to email tado. This takes time (usually a few days!), and also eats resources at tado's side.

I would like to have an advanced settings menu made available, where I can access these settings myself.

It will be benificial to both end users, and tado. Plus you could keep these settings hidden for less experienced/capable customers.

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  • Agree! Same problem here!
  • Hello, I am having the same issue, is it possible to ask Tado assistance to reduce remotely the MAX temp? My condensing heating system is overheating at 80C!!! Thanks
  • @Asbesto

    Changing the setting remotely is not the problem. Just e-mail/chat with them. This can take a few days because the first line support can’t do much.

    My request is to allow users to change the settings >themselves<.

    Same thing goes for the PID temperature control strategy by the way…..

    I have to email support, wait a few days for a short reply that doesn’t anwer all of my questions, mail again……

    Tado: Just make an advanced user menu! Allow people access to the full features of their expensive devices.
  • Totally agreed! They decreased remotely my temperature, however we want an advanced menu
  • Rbbhghs
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    I do this by configuring the max flow temp on the boiler itself to 60 deg in deep winter and 55 otherwise, but agree having this in the app would be awesome.
  • This would be a great feature and should be very simple to do (probably save more time on the help desks than the engineers would take to implement it!).

    Don't suppose anyone has had any updates on this feature?
  • Yes I couldn’t agree more. I keep wondering if I should install the Viessmann weather /temp compensator and let the boiler do the temp calculations and turn Tado into a less smart ‘switch’ to start and stop the boiler for each room depending on of it needs heating or not.
  • Thanks @lll for describing it so succinctly, I think your suggestion is the right definition of what smart heating system should be doing. I also questioned myself why when heating is requested it normally uses the max flow temperature in the beginning even if the temperature difference is small.

    I would definitely choose a 'prioritize heating efficency' at all times since my boiler is also a condensing one.

    Let's hope Tado make the smart system 'smarter'.

  • Pascalvp
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    It should be possible to change CV temperature between 30 and 85 deg C from tado app.

  • I don't understand what you mean
  • Hello!
    Any update on this topic ?
    It is scary to let the boiler heat the water to 80C… Anyone any experiences with Baxi boiler ?
    Is it better to connect the Tado thermostat in relay mode and then let the boiler decide about the modulation by using an external temperature sensor ?
  • @Rob @Jurian any comments?
  • I guess the winter season is starting again. TADO did not use the summer to bring this feature to their device range?

    Annoys me to death, that they advertise their products as environmentally & financially useful. Instead this high system temperature only reduces efficiency.

    I have ordered an opentherm gateway, to put in between the boiler and the wireless connection kit

    This way, I should be able to alter the requested temperature. Plan is to incorporate into home assistant, and let it be adaptive to the outside temperature. Like in the table of one of the previous posts.

    Will post an update when it’s working. Ridiculous though, to have users pay so much for the hardware, and then hack into the system to make it work properly
  • I think the OP means that he wants to control the max water temperature of the central heating unit.
  • Excuse my ignorance of this subject but would like a point cleared up:

    I have an Intergas 36/30 Combi boiler to which I added an external temperature sensor and run as open therm. I then got a Nest learning room stat and set this to open therm.

    I have read so much here about Tado wireless smart stats no longer being open therm, but the discussion above makes me think that I could use the Tado wireless smart stat to control my boiler on/off while the boiler would continue to perform in open therm. Can anyone confirm if this is correct as I have just fitted 7 Tado SRVs and was looking to replace the Nest stat with the tado to allow the SVRs to bring on the boiler.

    If open therm won't be possible then I won't buy the Tado stat.

  • The boiler doesn’t ‘perform in opentherm’ - it’s a language used to speak between controllers and boilers to control modulation and various other functions.

    Tado wireless temperature sensors have nothing to do with Opentherm - they have no physical connections. Tado wired thermostats (which can also operate wirelessly) do have digital connections, which includes opentherm.

    Tado uk wireless receivers do not have digital connections. Eu wireless receivers and the old extension kits do.

    In your case, you could keep your weather compensation kit (which would modulate the boiler output) and install the uk wireless receiver in relay so you’d get the best of both worlds. On some boilers there’s a clash if you use two digital connections anyway, though I think I remember reading that intergas boilers are the exception to this.
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    Very nice TADO, great to develop this method and giving us access. Compliments, and thanks for honoring the initial request I made.

    A little addition to your instructions ;-)

    After performing the system check, follow these steps:

    Now if I can have one more request: my underfloor heating has issues with over- and undershooting. This is because the thermostat keeps heating too long, and later starts heating too late:

    The thermostat is, unfortunately, not an automatically adjusting one. So I am experimenting with different Kp,Ki and Kd values. These are only accessible via TADO support. For this, I also have to e-mail and bother your support staff. Actually only the 2nd line support can do this. Valuable resources!

    So now that you've made this PRO app available, could you include a way for us to adjust these values? For instance by clicking on the thermostat involved, and adjusting the values. Great feature for installers and users alike!



  • @Jurian it would be helpful if Tado actually sold opentherm in the UK.
    Unfortunately I've reached the point that without Opentherm the system doesn't do what I want.
    No electric underfloor heating control.
    Expensive extra thermostats.
    No UK Opentherm.
    Expectations haven't met the claims.
    Buggy app.
  • Well done Tado! Why not make the installers app the pro version with all the customisation users of this forum request and keep the standard app as a simple version for people who don’t want to change the settings.

    @mojomoomoo tado sells the opentherm wireless receiver at its uk pro store. You can also use the the wired thermostat.
  • Glad this has finally been made available to us. For those who don't want to install yet another app, the relevant changes can also be accessed from: https://model-selector.tado.com/

  • Jurian
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    Thanks for that addition @TimNLD and @pcone !
  • pcone
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    @Jurian : I have changed the Max Flow temperature using this method, however I notice that the boiler is still using the previously set max flow temperature. When this has been changed for me by Tado support previously it has updated almost straight away.

  • Have you power cycled your boiler and tado extension kit?

  • Bunglehaze
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    Does Tado for installers not work with V2 of the kit? I cannot scan the QR on my v2 bridge, nor is the serial number accepted as it expects it to start IB not GW.

    In terms of not releasing this to the main app - why not? I do not subscribe to your logic that it might cause more support tickets when all you really need to do is code in some suitable warnings about flow ranges and a double opt it.

    I have no way to know if my Glowworm boiler is running right and efficiently, I bought my 'smart thermostat' kit to replace the Glow Worm ClimaPro in the hope that my house will heat at the right times and for the right amount of time - yet my boiler appears to run for hours longer than I would expect when heat isn't needed so much but not long enough when the temperature drops.

    Just being able to access the settings I had with the glow worm controls might save me from thinking that Tado isn't doing the job as expected.

  • Same issue as Bunglehaze - v2 hub won't scan, and serial prefix hardcoded to IB on the website. Can we get a fix on this please!
  • andyblac
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    @Bunglehaze @Stevo125 It does work with V2 Bridge, I have a V2 Bridge and the Installer App works fine. IB stand for Internet Bridge, are you scanning the little Bridge. NOT the Extension Kit. Maybe you have V1 Bridge ??


    pretty sure i have V2 bridge, but my serial does start with IB so maybe not???

  • Bunglehaze
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    @andyblac Yeah I am scanning the little bridge and it was all bought together with the bridge, thermostat, extension kit etc as a V2 kit. Unless something screwy has happened from where I bought it over a year ago now I am not entirely sure what else to do.

    @Stevo125 does yours start with GW also?

    Actually just searched the community and saw a post from Jurian that would suggest that my V2 bridge is correct with a GW prefix:

    We did not provide a firmware update for the V2 bridge (serial starting with GW), since the amount of affected devices is very low compared to the V3/V3+ bridge (serial starting with IB).

    This was on an EE internet thread, so not connected to this particular issue.