Add the heating level indicator 1,2,3 bars to the Home Screen in each room

For a quick overview of which rooms are currently heating it would be useful to see the three bars indicator for each room on the Home Screen.
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  • @Nomad77

    I understand what you are asking for........but in the home page if a Tado Room is currently heating.......the Room Tile displays the words.....

    "Heating To".......isn't that doing the job you are asking for ??🤔

  • gearhunter
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    I guess “Heating to“ isn’t, hence the question.

    I’d also appreciate the functionality suggested.

    Why do we need two indicators that a room/thermostat is “off” - the greyed out tile and a power symbol?

    If we can have this kind of feedback for an “off” condition, then a more immediate feedback of a room/thermostats “on” state is far more helpful.
  • I agree plus these tiles do not scale correctly on the smaller screens found on ‘phones resulting in truncation of the “Set to….and Heating to….” message.

    This can easily be solved with the use of the heating icons as suggested and showing the set temperature in, for example, parentheses. 20 (21) similarly you can show if the smart schedule is active or if manual override is active, open window, humidity etc etc. you don’t need words to communicate these data.

  • rafm5
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  • Something like this…

  • GrayDav4276
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    That looks excellent 👍
  • AdamS89
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    I love the idea of waves shown on tiles !
    Ideally it would be also boost icon next to it for each room separate!
  • Would like to see this too

  • Just got TADO and whilst you can read which rooms are heating, it’s not easy to quickly tell. An icon in the top corner of a room tile would be so much better, as pictured in a post above. Really simple, but really intuitive. Thanks.