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Currently Tado seems to be limited to 1 wireless receiver or extension kit per home. Please could this be enhanced to allow multiple wireless receivers/kits, as this must surely be only a software restriction. I currently have an extension kit controlling my hot water, but this is a large house with multiple underfloor heating zones. I would like to add additional wireless thermostats + receivers to control underfloor heating actuators for rooms which don’t have independent wired thermostats, but currently share a thermostat with other rooms.
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  • This. It's clearly a software limitation rather than a hardware one, and because of it I've had to change over to the competition. I really couldn't believe it when I found out. Please do change it.

  • @Brunu What solution did you move to? I've had hours and hours of trying to balance all my TRV's and get everyone to stay online and it simply doesn't want to play nicely.

  • I just installed a second bridge which means that I have 9 devices connected to "Home" and four others connected to "Home2". It works, but I have to have separate accounts for the two "Homes". It's daft, because Tado could so easily change the software to allow more than one internet bridge in the same home. There surely can't be a real problem except that they would have to admit that one internet bridge will not be enough for people like me with a farmhouse 40 m in length, with 3 thick stone walls inside the house. It's no big deal that I can't pick up Wifi throughout without extenders, or ethernet connections, so why pretend that Tado's radio communications protocol is any different?

  • @Levelg Interesting. I'd be happy with two internet bridges, but not two separate accounts. I agree this can't be too difficult to implement (and maybe then merge the radiator / room views).

    I had some Blink security cameras previously and they allowed the use of multiple "bridges" under one account. It wasn't perfect, but it made the solution manageable.

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