allow switching between different sets of schedules

You should be able to save multiple sets of schedules and then switch between them easily; for example, you could have one schedule when you and your partner are both at work, then one if you're at home (day off, sick, ...), another when your partner is at home, and another if both are at home; even better would be if you could link each set to the presence of you or your partner in order to switch between the sets automatically; however, one should still be able to switch manually.

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    Hi mw9342,

    This is already possible, at least sort of - you can set three different schedules per room and toggle back and forth as necessary. I am referring to the Mo-Su schedule, the Mo-Fr Sa Su and the Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su schedules in your Smart Schedule on your app.

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  • mw9342mw9342 ✭✭✭
    Hi Frank - how do you do that? When I look at my settings I can’t see anywhere where I could create additional schedules nevermind switch between them.
  • I believe they are saying the "Schedule Days" option works as three different schedules, so you could theortically switch between different ones that way. But you would be restricted to the preset groupings, so you couldn't have the same grouping of days for each schedule.

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    Ah I see - not really what I was asking for; the MON-SUN group is not suitable for me, and neither is the MON-FRI,SAT,SUN grouping (see also make it easier to setup more relevant schedules for different days) so I only have one grouping available to me and therefore switching is not possible.

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