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When looking at the user configuration it would be good to see that not all users have full control over the whole system.

I am thinking about (for example) 2 roles: An Administrator role and a user role.

Obviously, the Administrator can do everything.

The user role can be connected to specific rooms and control that room. But not other rooms in the building. To be defined by the Administrator.

For example user 1 can control Room A, User 2 can control room B and C, etc...

Curious to see what you think about this!

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  • AlwinV

    I see that there are already a number of threads on this topic. It was suggested to me by TADO support to open a thread in the suggestions...

  • RobbertDG

    Role based access control was one of the first features I was looking for. I want to make a difference between me as an admin and my teenager as a general user. She would only need geofencing and 1 room control.
  • PhilCB4

    I agree this would be a great feature and one I too need. I have a large house where I have friends relatives and sometimes just friends of friends staying.

    It would be great to give them access to the control of a room (or two) or hot water whilst here but no access into the administration side of the account, I would hate to feel someone could lock me out of my own heating system when annoyed, after all even friends and relatives can fall out.

  • jamese8

    sorta of part of this thread

    see Individual Geofence Option

  • rafm5
    rafm5 ✭✭✭

    Best to give your support and up vote the existing request for this feature:

  • cscar

    Just start with a lower level User who cannot manage other Users (i.e. cannot Revoke Access, Remove Device) and who cannot Delete Home. Individual Smart Radiator Thermostat management would be next.