Users with different roles

When looking at the user configuration it would be good to see that not all users have full control over the whole system.

I am thinking about (for example) 2 roles: An Administrator role and a user role.

Obviously, the Administrator can do everything.

The user role can be connected to specific rooms and control that room. But not other rooms in the building. To be defined by the Administrator.

For example user 1 can control Room A, User 2 can control room B and C, etc...

Curious to see what you think about this!

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  • I see that there are already a number of threads on this topic. It was suggested to me by TADO support to open a thread in the suggestions...

  • @AlwinV
    Your point is indeed very valid......however if Tado Support have suggested that you "open a new thread" in the Suggestions section.....then this diverts the consensus of opinion and therefore weakens the "true" Community Forum feelings about this feature.