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  • I’m sure lots of things on the agenda like integration with matter, updates and recent welcome work with ems digital control, but even so a feature request that would eek out a few more % of savings and one that’s very much ‘Tado’ , really should be either sorted or a good response from Tado and put to bed
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    I was sent here from the German forum thread about this issue. I upvoted here. Maybe you English peeps can also upvote the German thread?

    Let's hope Tado get this essential function developed asap! It's unbelievable that the issue was first raised in this forum 3 years ago and so far nothing has happened.

    BTW I live in a flat share with 2 other people. We have completely different schedules, one of us being a nurse, working shifts. So set schedules for each room don't work for us. We need geofencing for each room. So that if flat mate A is at home only flat mate A's room gets heated (and maybe communal rooms like kitchen and living room). As we have so different schedules most times someone is at home so the away mode (for the whole flat -as this is currently the only option) is not triggered very often.

  • Yes! I checked and have upvoted on German website already.

    Im in exactly the same position - 4 independent people, different jobs, sometimes away for a week here or there, and very different schedules.

    Many people live lives not quite as a traditional nuclear family!


  • C'mon Tado, bring this feature out.

    There's no need for my office to be heated if I'm out and there's no need for my wife's walk in wardrobe to be heated if she's at work.

  • Page 1. Upvote this request! 😬
  • My main issue still is in giving the app to others so that control per room per person could be possible there is no security still so everyone with the app has full control of the system. I would want the geofencing to work for the household but also then with permission controls for the user's also so they can't adjust schedules or temperatures.
  • I honestly don't expect tado° to do anything about this feature request until the release of the next generation of tado° long is a piece of string ?? 🤔
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    Page 1. Upvote this request!

    worth a try....

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    2nd christmas day: a Monday. Normally I work at home and my homeoffice get heated accordingly the schedule. Today however I'm at my girlfriends place. Just received message from my daughter, who was still home and in bed, with the question if I was at home because the heating is on at the homeoffice. I guess I must be glad it isn't a white Christmas with these soft temperatures otherwise I would have spent over 10 pounds for nothing...well maybe for Putin or some Sheikh from Quatar...

    Regretting my investment in Tado more and more...
  • do upvote!

    yes this needs to be sorted.


  • A reply from a recent email I sent via the beta app in Test Flight…

    “Thank you for contacting us.
    If you've already put this idea in the community section, you've done the correct thing.
    Our team always looks at all the feedback there.“

    So, no need to worry, they’re always looking here in the Community for ideas, possibly this suggestion isn’t considered beneficial and the devs know better than their customers who use their products daily.

    I think they spend far too much time working on Energy IQ, and they don’t have the resources to consider much else.
  • @gearhunter, they obviously don't give a *naughtyword* on your/mine/our/customer opinion! 🧐
    And about the development of the product: as far as anybody buys the stuff... NOTHING will happen! 🙄
    As quick as a third party offers the function, they will awake like Phoenix from the ashes! Bet... 🙈😂👍
  • It is odd not to develop this idea after so many years of requests

    You would think that with the development of so many other home automation apps and Matter, getting in there early - as tado has done so far- to provide a complete system would be the way to go.


    - individual geofencing grouping certain rooms to certain individuals

    -radiator thermostats that use simple external temp sensors. (At present, thermostat readings inaccurate due to placement of the temp sensors in the valve right next to the heat source!!)

    -simplify the control of other heating sources and bring into Tado fold - eg electric underfloor heating, (and so update room thermo to allow BOTH digital and relay )

    I guess the second two will happen with Matter and attachment of 3rd party controls.

    yes all much more important than energy IQ, which like smart meters, users soon tire of looking and playing with.

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    So fed up with the lack of response and answers from Tado that I just send a comment to the CPO of Tado Christian Deilmann. He posted something on Linkedin about how Tado fits in the European Green Deal and the UK’s Climate Plan. Sometimes you have to shake the tree :)

  • yup. shame tado moving away from proper automation. For me I have to manually control rooms when user away defeats the whole premise of automation, smart controls and saving energy - ie it is set up then happens in the background.

    perhaps they can see the writing on the wall with Matter where users ditch the poorly designed rad thermostat for 3rd party and get geofencing that way (if I understand correctly..)🧐

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    Just in case you’re reading the later posts and not aware of matter (I wasn’t), this verge post fills in some of the info:

    Have Tado committed to the protocol?

    There’s some discussion on tado matter support here:

    (I posted here as I too have long since hoped for individual room control and read all the posts. I have upvoted on page 1 of this thread and the German thread posted above too — for what it’s worth)
  • I like this idea for several reasons. In our case, we rent out what used to be my Mother's Annex attached to our house. The recent crisis has seen all our utility bills going up. If we had individual Geofencing then we could ensure our lodger's spaces were only heated when he was in, likewise being retired we're away quite often and it would be a great help to us if our spaces weren't heated when we were away.

    I saw a comment whilst reading these comments that suggested this was under advisement some two years ago. Perhaps Tado could share their development priorities list so we could see the progress of each develpment?

  • Please can we just get this? In these work from home, hybrid office times it makes sense to have.
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    Makes sense for most people..

    I guess give it an upvote, but thinking unlikely now..

  • I think there are lots of things that could be done with the Tado system. I like it, but I suspect that it's a difficult space and as it's multinational there are a lot of country specifics that can make development tricky. For cost reasons, I would suspect that country specif development would be difficult to manage and expensive.

    Nonetheless, if they want to own a space, then they have to be specialists in their field.

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    Certainly privacy laws might be a factor, though in EU that might not be so country specific. However I do note that other smart thermostats do offer individual geofencing I believe, so perhaps not so difficult.

    I wonder if there is a bigger update in the wings?

  • With Tado being so big on energy saving you'd think this would be a priority feature. Think of the additional savings that could be made by automatically keeping certain areas in away mode depending on who is in the property. This would be a big deal for larger homes and families.
  • same problem here. 10 office rooms, 10 employees and would be great to heat each room individually only when needed, and based on geofencing 😉

  • +1 for this feature please, when linking a phone for geofencing the option for it to effect the overall home/away state and or specific rooms would be awesome!
  • Come on Tado! This IS a basic addition. Doesn’t require a lot of code changes
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    With so many requests for this over the years, would be good to have a response explaining why seems not possible.

    Feels like Tado sets up this community more as a marketing and image tool rather than something they are actually involved in. So space useful between users, but as Tado absent, quite quickly hits a brick wall.
  • @jamese8 you get exactly the same feeling of sentiment, that they’re just not interested, when offering direct feedback about the usability of the app.

    I’ve given up providing direct “beta” feedback because the only response I get is to be repeatedly directed to make comment in the community forums - which they seemingly/evidently ignore.

    What’s the point, why waste my/our time 🤷🏼‍♂️
  • I guess if they're having trouble getting this sorted they could make their source code public and they'll be plenty of techies out there that could help.

    I think this is about profit and nothing less. What businesses need to realise these days is most customers are on their side, They want their suppliers to be successful and most of all to listen to them. We all like to be heard.

    Making public their development plans and ticking them off as these are achieved improves buy-in, it doesn't detract from it.

    I look forward to actually getting some feed back from them. either that or perhaps someone needs to buy the company.

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    I do know that they are reluctant to publicise plans as dont what people upset when plans doer make it to production. So managing expectations always difficult.

    There is also a lot on here, so filtering out the noise may be tricky.

    But some features have so many comments and requests, that they stand out from the crowd and require a response.

    It's a business, and however fluffy it may want to appear, under the surface it's about profit. But loyalty is also a profit motive, which they seem to be struggling with...

    No doubt some difficulties coming up with Matter, the potential for some products to be redundant, and now lots of competition. But thats what happens in a tech industry.

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    I doubt they are spending any time reading on here. They are focussed on increasing their sales volumes and hoping they can find the right conditions to sell the company, having recently backed out of that plan (again).