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    I think that you have hit the nail on the head......tado° seems to be a dead project for it's founders.

  • I suspect that one of the big ones would like to integrate it properly with their tools. Amazon, Google, Apple or most likely Microsoft as they don't really have a foothold in home automation and this is a good start.

    It needs to be someone with deep pockets and with development resources.
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    One of the big outfits would have bought it already if they wanted to. The key strength technology would be integration with so many types of digital boiler protocol.

    Tado’s plan was to float on the stock market.

    They are over 10 years in.

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    'Also, in May, tado raised $46 million. At the time, the company said this would be its last round before a listing, and that’s what is playing out now. Altogether the company had raised just shy of $159 million, with an impressive list of investors, including Amazon, Siemens and Telefonica. Its valuation in those private rounds was considerably lower than the €450 million it expects to achieve with its market cap at listing: it was around $255 million according to PitchBook data.'

  • Okay so that's interesting, thank you. So we are not seeing investment as they where more concerned with value. Perhaps now they've got a bit more money under their belts we'll see some movement
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    I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

  • Then perhaps we need to take our conversation onto Social Media rather than this closeted hidden environment. There's nothing like shining a public light on the difficulties being experienced.

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    @RichardMGreen175 or in other words "*naughtyword* posting" 🤣, I really don't think that will have the effect your seeking, I have already jumped ship to Drayton, their OpenTherm protocol support is no where near as good as tado˚, but everything else is, you have a really powerful local api in their hub, and if you use Home Assistant you can do all sort with Geofencing, like alter temps, enable "passive mode" (only call for heat if another room is), etc, etc.

    And you can get loverly history graphs etc.

  • Is there an update around this? Found the same question in dutch as well. Many people apparently want this. 🧐

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    I have been using IFTTT to automatically turn off my office radiator when I leave the house. It works well but each user will need it set-up on their own account on their phone.

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    Fed up with waiting for Tado, I have switched to a Homey Bridge which uses the Tado API and looks very promising in this regard. The Homey Pro subscription costs the same as the Tado Assist but offers also other smart home functionality. Coming autumn and winter the heating in my workingroom will stay off when I'm not at home and my other family members are :)

  • Would be a great feature to have built into the app

    But if anyone wishes to do this...

    Download IFTTT onto each phone and link it to your Tado Account then you can have individual geofencing for each thermostat :)

    Create a location trigger to turn tado on (automation or set a temperature)

    Create another trigger to turn the heating off once you leave the zone