Launch an external temperature sensor for the Smart Radiator Thermostats



  • Yes, it's a totally ineffective to put your temperature sensor on the heating device itself. My radiator is super-hot but I'm freezing seating a few meters further down the room. So, a remote temperature sensor is a MUST. Certainly not one that costs over 100 Euros! That's insane.

    Alternatively, Tado can allow the system to read room temperature from external third-party sensors. For example, I have an Osram motion sensor, and a Netatmo weather station module in each room, and they both have temperature sensors in them that Tado could use to measure the actual ROOM TEMPERATURE (as opposed to my radiator's temperature they are currently using...). It's totally stupid to have perfectly good temperature data available and not using them.

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    @Mjjjo i understood it that you set up the thermostat first and then the SRTs should see there is a stat when you set them up and use it to call for heat. However I am not 100% sure in that.

    What I’d do know is that SRTs can be linked to set off a specific smart thermostat. So if like me you have two Valve controlled zones controlled by two smart thermostats the SRTs will use the relevant smart thermostat to open the relevant valve supplying that SRT and call for heat.

    You can not do this yourself however you have to get support to do it for you.

    In essence from what I understand the SRTs, smart thermostats and extension kits connect to the bridge. They back end systems decide what’s happening and then act accordingly. If you don’t have a smart thermostat or extension kit all they can do is operate the valve. If you do they can signal the smart thermostat or extension kit to call for heat but they obviously have to know it’s there for that and which one to use. Additionally the smart thermostats can call for heat manually with no connection because they are in essence just like any other thermostat and can be made to call for heat directly from its own controls.

    Hope that helps
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    This is a great suggestion and would be a huge benefit.

    I have 15 Tado devices in my home and have a bunch of suggestions for improvement - many of which are reasonably simple technical code changes which would make a big difference to me. I'm nervous about spending a lot of energy explaining them in this forum though as I note this thread is the most popular suggestion by far, yet has received no correspondence from anyone at Tado themselves.

    There's kinda no point asking for suggestions and using hundreds of hours of valuable customer time if you're not going to do anything with the information.

    Are we all wasting our time talking to ourselves here, or is anybody listening?

  • >Are we all wasting our time talking to ourselves here, or is anybody listening?

    Good question. Glancing over the other threads in this section, and the fact best I can tell, absolutely none of the ideas have been implemented, this appears to be a place where good ideas come to die.

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    BTW, I may have a complicated and clumsy work around. Using openhab. Im just starting to get in to it, and its not for everyone, but it can connect to most things, so just about any smart sensor should work, and also to Tado.

    For tado it can read most things including current temp (hey, who knew, the SRTs do give a read out with 1 decimal place!) and target temp for each device. It cant set everything, so no away/home override :( but it can set temperatures, so it should be possible to script something that takes the room temperature sensor, compares it to the tado sensor, and if the tado sensor reads a lot higher, and the room sensor is below the target temperature of Tado, then increase the target temperature by a few degrees until the room sensor measures you achieved your goal.

    You may be able to do the same with IFTTT.

    Edit: the script would have to remember the original target temperature and set it back after it accomplished its goal, and this may cause problems when the Tado scheduler changes (you can not read the schedule afaik) so ideally you would account for that too. Or just do or duplicate the scheduling for that room in openhab/IFTTT. Not ideal, but perhaps better than freezing.

  • I fear they are going to take all the good ideas and release them in a new V4 update and charge for the privilege! They haven't changed one thing in over a year. Surely they wouldn't make that mistake again? Would they?

  • What about wireless tags and IFTTT?
  • Signed up just to comment here. +1 tado! Especially when you are unlucky and have a radiator place up at the ceiling. I need an external thermostat to place lower in the room!
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    It's needed! Happy to see it is one of the most requested ideas.

    As I know putting a Smart Thermostat wirelessly to each room is not possible because extension kit only allows one device to connect wirelessly. And it is more than €100 because you have to buy also extension kit. This is what I am told via a support chat conversation. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • +1 It would be a great addition to an already impressive system.

    Can we at least know if you have something of the sort on the road map?

  • where is TADO on this? do they ever read or reply in this Forum?

  • We 100% need this! Hoping for a response soon Tado, but not getting my hopes up.

  • Hi all,

    I wanted to run an idea with you.

    Do you think would work to leave the NOT smart valve to the radiator and the SMART on the night table.

    and switch ion and off the radiator via the smart thermostat in the living room when the SMART valve in the bedroom reach the desired temperature.



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    @Mrpinty You'd have to set the bedroom's SRV as being in the "living room" zone as you can only set one "temperature measurement device" per zone. Then this would mean that the living room wouldn't heat up if the bedroom was already at temperature.

    You can, however, buy a 2nd SRT for the bedroom and place it on your night table and set it as the bedroom zone's measurement device. This solves the issue for less money than buying a full extra thermostat.

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    Hi Luca,

    You would probably get into a situation where the smart TRV (used as a thermostat) will request heat causing the boiler to fire and the NON smart TRV will decide it is warm enough and switch off the radiator.

    As @jcwacky already said it can be done with two smart TRVs because they synchronize.

    Or we can keep pushing for an external temperature sensor to avoid using TRVs as paperweights 😄



  • Another idea, suggestion Tado are still ignoring.

    Anybody else feel like the bought the wrong product
  • Anybody else feel like the bought the wrong product

    Yeah, me. Contemplating switching to popp/lc13 z-wave TRVs on home assistant. But clearly thats not a solution for everyone.

  • +1

    Overall I'm impressed with Tado, it's significantly better than having a non-smart system. But the "temperature offset" feature is far too simplistic to deal with the problem of measuring temperature right next to the heat source. It works well in some of my rooms, but in others the true temperature offset varies by up to 6 degrees throughout the day.

    The cheapest solution is to buy an extra TRV, tape it to your wall and use it as the heat source. Obviously this is a complete waste as the main function of the TRV is being wasted. Tado's suggestion solution is even more wasteful however, requiring a device that costs £40 extra to do the same job.

    Tado - Please create a simple thermostat by taking the valve components out of your TRV. It should cost less than the TRV and still have plenty of margin left for you.

  • DemDem
    However we all know tado will never do it. A simple software futures takes YEARS if at all to be produced what for a hardware device.
    Second why would they bother producing a cheaper sensor when people are buying their overpriced STRVs or even worst the Smart Thermostats? It's clear to most of us, but not Tado.
    To another post that was asking where is Tado on this topic? - The ONE part time employee involved with reading or eventually replaying to post on the WHOLE community portal is off sick.. Yeah it is one person logging in with different names!
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