[Released] Launch an external temperature sensor for the Smart Radiator Thermostats



  • All we need is to be able to use any external sensor through Smartthings for example.... I have 5 multipurpose sensors on windows, and a PIR sensor, all which have temperature sensors built in (btw I find those expensive at 25€ each, and that's still 70% cheaper than the ridiculous Tado sensor). So I have 6 temperature sensors around my house, plus 7 Tado TRVs, total 13 temperature sensors around my house, that cannot be used to control temperature because Tado decides they want to screw their current customers by not allowing 3rd party integration (Smartthings, hubitat, home assistant), and charge 80 euro for a stupid temperature sensor you already have around... They are using the same strategy as Apple. "It works, but just if you use our stuff, for 3x the price it should cost", except their "ecosystem" is not an ecosystem, is just a couple TRVs and an overpriced sensor, that can't be integrated with anything...
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    If you have vertical TRV's have a look at this thread for getting accurate TRV readings without buying the overpriced sensor.


    I have brought some and can confirm a vast improvement in temp accuracy.

  • I been snooping around, there is at least one other brand that delivers the same. That is Comap, base price is about the same. Danfoss indeed delivers and angled one, from M30 to Danfoss, that would require an adapter, but could be price efficient.

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    +1 Give us a simple and cheap temperature sensor. Not one with fancy temperature settings, just a simple one (one AAA or AA battery). I don't want my kids to fiddle with the temperature settings, which is inevitable on the current (and expensive!) temp sensor.
  • It say released at this topic. What is released? I can't find it!

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    @alterego The Tado “Wireless Temperature Sensor”: https://www.tado.com/gb-en/wireless-temperature-sensor-overview
  • Ok thanks. I was hoping for a < 50 euro solution. It's 70 now.

  • I was trying to upvote this proposal, but seems to be closed. Why I cannot upvote it?
  • @RamonCar Because Tado's solution has been to launch the Tado “Wireless Temperature Sensor”: https://www.tado.com/gb-en/wireless-temperature-sensor-overview

  • After the overwhelming call for a smaller, cheaper Wireless Temperature Sensor, I have opened a request here: https://tado.vanillacommunities.com/en-gb/discussion/8235/release-a-smaller-cheaper-wireless-temperature-sensor-for-the-smart-radiator-thermostats/

    If you'd like to see Tado do this, go ahead and vote!

  • Thanks, @jcwacky , done!
    If you agree I will share this link in the spanish tado forum for users to concentrate on one thread. I think we're not
    so takenn into account.
  • @RamonCar Of course! I wasn’t even aware there was a Spanish forum!
  • @jcwacky Thanks for opening a new topic on releasing a cheaper version of the temperature sensor. I am not making any promises other than this feedback is noted and passed on to our development team.

  • Hey

    Just came across this so thought I would post a comment to say I have been working on this too. Spammed in a few places, hoping it helps

    I use Home Assistant so have targeted that as a solution and did a PR to PyTado and to HA Tado integration. So now the offset can be updated via automations in Home Assistant and I wrote an automation for it as a kind of template for anyone using Home Assistant to copy and paste, which manages all devices in the house (including a battery saver option).

    My Home Assistant automation write up is here: https://github.com/north3221/home-assistant-config

    It was discussed on Home Assistant here: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/tado-integration-put-offset/175964

    and here: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/battery-level-and-temperature-offset-for-tado/81068

    If you are not using Home Assistant, you could still take advantage of the PyTado library: https://github.com/wmalgadey/PyTado

    I use the aqara temp sensors, which I got for about £8 each on Aliexpress, but you can get any temp sensor you want that works with HA

  • 100% in agreement that Tado° must release an INEXPENSIVE remote temperature sensor. The current €80 "solution" is a sick money grab :-(