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  • I have the same issue for my furthest valve. I want a better solution than moving the bridge closer with an extension cable
  • ummario
    edited June 16

    It is frustrating how Tado just ignores their costumers with one of the most requested features.

    I live in a big house (4 storey), I can only use the tado in the 2 bellow floors, and even like that most of the times internet bridge can't communicate with all the smart radiator thermostats. On the Tado app sometimes apparently everything is fine (but sometimes is also not ok) but on Apple Homekit home App there's always one or two smart radiator thermostats that appears as unavailable.

    This is frustrating, because if we want to create automations including the thermostats we just can't do it!

    I tried to place internet bridge on all the possible places at my home, switching usb cables, power adapater, upside down, lied down, the only thing I have not tried was Vodoo, but I'm considering to do it!

    Modern houses have Wifi everywhere! Now there's also Thread Technology. Why Tado does not upgrade their system? Why is not possible to have more then one internet bridge? Why not a range extender? So many people complaining here, exactly with same problems!

    Admin removal of last sentence.

  • Jurian
    Jurian | Admin

    @ummario tado does not ignore all the feedback. However, we have a policy of only announcing new features/fixes once they are actually rolled out to the field.

    The problem with HomeKit is unrelated to the RF communication, and has a different root cause. For example, HomeKit currently does not support more than 25 total devices, even though the tado app does support it (unofficially).

    It is not possible to use WiFi in our products, since WiFi uses way too much power for any battery operated device.

    Adding support for multiple bridges is not trivial for our current architecture of local communication between devices. Please keep in mind that the tado heating products are more sophisticated than most other IoT devices because there is a hierarchy between the devices (heat source controllers and heat requests from other tado devices). This inter-product communication goes trough a single tado bridge at this time. Adding more bridges would add a lot of additional complexity. (on top of working with very underpowered hardware due to power limits due to battery operation)

    (almost) nothing is impossible, but everything is a question of priority and costs compared to other potential improvements.

    Having said all this, please note that we are working in the background on understanding the exact issue, and bringing a fix to our customers. I can't give you any further details until it will be rolled out.

  • Dear @Jurian

    I appreciate your honest answer and detailed comments. I know it might not be easy to solve and I understand that is a technical challenge for your engineers team. But I believe Tado can do it (or at least I hope)

    Tado developed such a nice product, I've been using it for so many years (already in my previous house with just one thermostat) and I'm always telling my friend how nice Tado is. But it's not complete yet. That's why I insist, and that's why you see here so many people with the same problem.

    At least I understand now that Tado is looking into it and that we can have some hope to have our problem solved in the future. I really hope you can do it!

    Just have one more question to you that is related to what you said about homekit only supporting 25 devices. You mean Tado devices or other homekit devices? I ask this becasue I actually have much more then 25 HomeKit devices working without any problem. Also you said that your app does not have any limit, but the article you shared says it has a limit of 25 devices. So I was a little confused to be honest

    Best regards,


  • Pete
    Pete ✭✭
    edited June 20
    Hi all,
    I have been playing with tado for a long time to resolve connectivity issues.
    I think/hope I now have a solution.
    I have assembled a passive repeater.

    The passive repeater is simply two antennas connected together by a wire, one positioned next to the bridge, the other in the far end of the house.
    I have my bridge in the loft so running the cable is easy.
    I bought 2 of these for £3 each off Amazon.
    - Fransande Dual Band 868MHZ 7DBi RP-SMA High Gain WiFi Antenna
    This cable for £9 again off Amazon.
    - Gazechimp 20M RP SMA Male To Female Nut Bulkhead Crimp RG174 Coax Cable Jumper Pigtail
    One of these too for £2 off eBay.
    -RP SMA Female to RP SMA Female Straight RF Coaxial Adapter connector

    The antennas simple screw into the cable ends so it's really easy (use the adapter for one end of the cable), all for a total of £17.
    Long standing connection issues seem to be fixed.
    For completeness, I also have a large foil board fitted above the bridge in the loft as this helps reflect all signals down into the house.
    Let me know if anyone tries it and if it helps.
  • I followed up again with support a few weeks ago after having more devices continue to randomly go offline and stay offline for extended periods (sometimes days).

    This may not apply to everyone, and my issues are by no means fixed, but are definitely improved:

    The tado support person was struggling to get my extension kit reconnected, which was weird, as whilst on different floors the extension kit is less than 15ft away from the internet bridge.

    Anyway, he wanted to change the channel on the internet bridge as he suspected there may be some interference (I have smart switches and some other IOT wireless devices at home also). Since this has been changed, I've noticed a big improvement in my TRV connectivity - it is by no means perfect, but it's a huge improvement compared to the issues I had previously. Devices continue to drop off intermittently, but it's for much less time and I can often now see all devices responding at the same time in the tado app which was very rare before.

    One TRV in the Kitchen continues to be the main culprit but it is now connected more often that not, previously it was the other way around.

    As I mentioned, the adjustments that tado made may not be for everyone, but if you have other wireless smart devices at home it may be worth having the internet bridge channel adjusted to see if things improve.

  • Jurian
    Jurian | Admin

    Hi all,

    Firmware 87.1 has been released to all Internet Bridges (V3 and V3+)

    This firmware should (significantly) increase the stability of the radio connection to the other tado devices. If one tado device still has trouble connecting, please keep moving/changing the orientation of the tado Internet Bridge.

    Please note: This firmware has not done anything for the stability of the connection to the tado cloud (the LAN connection).

  • Pete
    Pete ✭✭
    That's great news.
    Just checked my bridge and it's running 87.1.
    I'd be interested to know when exactly this update began rolling out and how it manages to improve reception via firmware.
    Personally, one part of my house reception got worse from around 6th July. No better today.
    Hope things haven't accidentally got worse?!
  • My bridge is also running 87.1 but it hasn’t fixed the reliability of one of my trvs. It still has intermittent connectivity.
  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭
    Hi @jurian how sure are we this improvement doesn't have a negative effect on things?

    I've just had my extension kit LED showing the "Interrupted On" status, so it at some point lost connection today. This is the first time this has happened since I bought the product over 3 years ago, and none of my devices have moved location.

    Could be a coincidence of course, but seems strange it happened after an update that supposedly improved connectivity.
  • I have a Mesh network, and my Tado works great with it, as do all my other internet devices.

    Yes to Mesh!

  • Thanks for that news Jurian, will keep an eye on my devices over the coming weeks . . .

  • Pete
    Pete ✭✭
    Sorry @Dr_Ian but mesh WiFi has nothing to do with tado.
    I've got mesh WiFi too but tado operates at a different frequency (868mhz).
  • Jurian
    Jurian | Admin

    @Pete the rollout began on the 8th of July 2021. Most devices would have updated on the same day.

    The firmware should have an overall improvement to the RF stability, however this will be monitored by checking all connected devices in the next weeks.

    If you experience a deterioration, and moving the tado bridge does not solve it, please feel free to contact us via the chat on

  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭
    edited July 21
    Hmmm... So in the last 2 days, I've had two different radiator thermostats disconnect. This is the first time in over 9 months of using them. Just lucky the heating is currently off so I don't need them.

    This coupled with my extension kit disconnecting the other day, makes me think that perhaps this update isn't working, and has maybe made things worse in some cases.
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