Launch a range extender or upgrade to mesh network



  • Ketotek the build quality is not so good but they make up for that by actually working
  • These have worked great for me:
  • Looks very similar.

    My system is setup now, 1 app, 1 login for 8 radiator valves (3 hubs), still have 8 radiator valves that are not connected but they are always the same temp (hallways etc.) so no need. Didn't have an issue yet so I'm happy.

    The tado are being picked up this week, I probably set the price to low but I wanted to get rid of them quickly, hide my shame 🤪

  • Ketotek, build quality is a bit lower than tado but they work

  • I sent mine back in January and replaced them with the Salus Quantum 600 series - been working a treat and continue to work and follow the program even when the internet goes down. Far less expensive than Tado. Quality is good too.