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  • Andremain

    +5000 for the Smartthings request. What are you guys waiting for. There are hundreds of customers waiting for Tado to Smartthings integration in order to purchase it. I know i am. If i got an official Smartthings integration, i would buy it instantly. I think this product is way more modern, faster and user friendly that Evohome ever was. I have been stuck with evohome for now as i am waiting for the first decent thermostat integration with smartthings.

  • mestrec

    Same here.. would love to see them integrating to SmartThings..

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  • jelockwood

    Tado might expect or want people to use IFTTT instead. However not only is this approach always going to be far more limited IFTTT have recently changed their offering so that either you are limited to just three free connections or you have to pay for a subscription.

    This could be argued as therefore making it more important to have proper genuine integrations to smart platforms like Smartthings. (Home Assistant and Homey support would also be worthwhile.)

  • JDB
    I’ve been using Tado for over a year and it’s great, but NEEDS SmartThings Integration IMO.
    I use SmartThings extensively and it beats all the other home automation options.
    It would be great if Tado could officially support it.
    Most of the work is done, they could just base it on the existing unofficial abandoned project. The developer a few months ago was asking for someone to take it on as he no long as the ability to do so.
  • Krayol

    Really frustrating. Everything else goes through smartthings and uses a ActionTiles to display on a panel. This prevents me integrating the system that I just bought.

    Serves me right for not checking, but these days I assume that it would work some how. Will certainly prevent me getting more Tado kit until a workaround found.

  • jelockwood

    A complex and likely only partially effective approach might be to try the following.

    1. Setup Home Assistant
    2. Add Tado to Home Assistant, there would seem to be two possible approaches, either the (again unofficial) Tado integration to Home Assistant or to use the unique ability of Home Assistant to support adding HomeKit devices to it
    3. Then use MQTT to link Smartthings and Home Assistant so that the Tado devices can be shared to Smartthings




  • Ey how long will take to an official integration with Smarthings?

    I'm starting to think that was a bad choice for me. I control everything with smarthings and now I'm stuck because I've preferred Tado :(

    Thank you

  • Miel

    +1 For the Smart Things integration

  • Will

    @jelockwood If Tado expect people to rely on IFTTT instead of platforms like SmartThings then it's quite short-sighted, not least because IFTTT requires an internet connection, and SmartThings has some pretty decent support for offline rules. A lot of people use it for that reason for home security etc. Although, this would not be surprising, considering that one of the main issues with Tado is its limited functionality when an internet connection is not available.

    The frustrating part is the lack of communication. If they just came out and said "offline connectivity isn't a priority for us, neither is SmartThings or other platforms, so we assume customers will use services like IFTTT, instead we're going to focus on improving AI and self-learning capabilities" then that's fine, and people can plan around that. Instead we get radio silence.

    They used to have a roadmap, which they dropped, which is totally understandable. But we don't need a detailed roadmap or even timelines at all. Just a rough idea of where Tado is heading and what they want to improve.

  • jelockwood


    I totally agree about IFTTT. The situation is even worse. When Tado originally 'officially' supported IFTTT, IFTTT was effectively free. It is now limited to only three integrations free of charge now with more being a monthly subscription. Therefore for many people IFTTT would be even less desirable.

  • cocopony
    edited December 2020
    Just made an account here to ask for smartthings integration. Like many people here I assumed such a big name in the smart heating products industry (if that is even a word) like Tado would surely have integration for samsung smartthings.

    I can't believe this not to be a priority or even a to do point for the company's future course. I am seriously considering returning all my tado products if there is no smartthings integration in the next few months.
  • +1 For the SmartThings integration!
  • jelockwood

    For what it's worth.

    Google had discontinued its works with Nest API which had killed the ability to link Nest Thermostats to Smartthings amongst others and caused a lot of negative feedback and likely loss of sales.

    Google did recognise this although it took them a long time to respond positively, however very recently this has resulted in an official Smartthings integration. Unfortunately it does not yet include support for the Nest Protect.

    However Tado should take this in to consideration as this means the Nest Thermostat is officially supported in Smartthings whereas of course Tado is not. (Nest Thermostat is available in a European compatible version as well.)

  • Relsenaar
    +1 for me to finally invest in an Samsung Smartthings integration.
  • Afonso
    +1 for a meanfull solution.

    ridiculous that Tado has no integration to Smarthings.

    the user dont what to have a staying alone solution, the user want a full solition, and it is not Tado app. Smartthings can be it!

    at time I'm disapintetd to be a customer of Tado
  • VictorC

    +1 for integration with Smartthings!

    I understand Tado doesn't want their system to work with Smartthings, so they can sell their 80 euro overpriced temperature sensor, instead of allowing a Smartthings temp sensor to be integrated.

    Their strategy is to have an Apple like closed system, so they have 100% control of what we can do with Tado in home automation: meaning we have to swallow the 80 euro sensor, or have innacurate temp control.

    At least there is some integration done by a developer, which allows me to turn off the thermostats when the windows are open, but it basically uses the Tado cloud to send an OFF command or "endManual" command. Temperature input is not possible.

  • Smartthings integration will boost your sales Tado - wake up
    I thought I might be able to integrate my automatic Velux windows with my full Tado system. That would be possible using Smartthings.
    We need real world solutions please.
  • Tado was the first proper smart device I purchased. I now have a number of devices and have been looking at centralised coordinated control. It's completely baffling that tado doesn't integrate with Smartthings etc.

    Come on tado! You have a really clean, sophisticated, functional product. Why wouldn't you want your customers to be able to integrate that into a wider whole home setup?

    And on that train of thought, it would make sense to me for tado to expand its range of environmental controls towards window actuators, blinds, and true weather compensation with an external stat (or an integrated home weather station?!)...
  • Jurian

    Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for opening this topic.

    At this time, tado is one of very few Smart Thermostats that supports the three biggest "smart home platforms": Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit.

    Furthermore, tado supports IFTTT and numerous other smaller smart home platforms have built their own tado integration.

    Supporting a platform officially is quite an investment, not only upfront but also the ongoing support costs when new features are released to the API.

    At this time, the SmartThings platform does not have enough traction in Europe to justify those costs. This is not a final statement, if enough of our users request this feature it will be considered for the future.

  • jelockwood


    I would agree that it is an effort to support additional platforms, however I would dispute whether Smartthings does not have enough traction. I believe it to be one of the leading platforms in Europe if one does not count the three Smart Assistants. I would certainly rate it above IFTTT which since it became a paid for service is now much less popular.

    Anyway, things have moved on. I would now myself be encouraging Tado not to specifically support Smartthings but instead to be beginning work towards supporting 'Matter' which hopefully will be officially released next year.

    Not only will this be supported by all three of the Smart Assistants Tado already supports but it is highly likely to be supported by many other smart home platforms including hopefully Smartthings. This approach would mean Tado only have to support a single platform - Matter which other platforms will then support. As a result the efforts required by Tado will actually be reduced and not increased. This will then allow Tado to fix the many long outstanding issues they have failed so far to resolve such as the long promised support for multiple homes. I would also like to see support for more than 10 devices/rooms as this limit can be hit even with a modest sized house.

  • Jurian

    @jelockwood Thanks for that very insightful reply!

    I think your reply helps illustrate the fact that the world of smarthome platforms is still very fluid. There have been so many great new ones released that have also silently died afterwards that we have to be very careful in which platforms we invest in.

    We added IFTTT support long before it became a paid service, we are now stuck in a difficult place because the support is a significant cost and is mainly used by legacy users. But taking the support away will lead to a significant customer dissatisfaction. That is one more reason why we have to be very picky as to which platforms we support.

    If Matter manages to succeed and gain significant traction, you can be sure that tado would be interested.

    P.S. For the 10 connected rooms limit there should be a different feature request open somewhere. You can have 25 rooms, just a maximum of 10 of those will be able to send a heat request. All further rooms will be in "slave mode" and will heat up as soon as one of the 10 connected rooms fires up the boiler.

  • GeorgeLy
    +1 for SmartThings support please!
  • +1 for smartthings integration
  • Lucid_Stu

    Another +1 for SmartThings integration.

    And @Jurian - just an observation, you have quite a few people who have already asked for this integration - and I suspect they represent, mostly, people who have already invested in your product. You're missing the many SmartThings users (especially in Europe) who are looking for integrated heating control and are not Tado customers already - only a small proportion of whom would take the time to register for your site just to ask for this integration!

  • hectorri

    +1 for SmartThings integration.

  • Hendo
    Another +1 for Smartthings.
    This really should be a must.
  • McFarTech

    +1 for SmartThings. It drives me nuts that the only system outside of SmartThings i have is Tado.

    Its got to the point where i am giving thought to ripping out all of my Tado system and moving to something that can work with ST. I dont really want to do it as i like Tado but its getting to the point where the pull is to much. I have left other platforms that dont support ST

    Someone created a ST app for Tado ( no longer supported) so for god sake Tado there is something out there you could use import in your own way.

  • Dezz

    +1 for Smartthings please. I just purchased their hub to replace Domoticz and it would be great to have it all in one place.


  • ErMejoo

    +1 for supporting, in any way, a SmartThings integration!