Samsung Smartthings



  • SmartThings integration is becoming essential for me or I will probably need to change to another heating control.
  • +1 smart things please
  • +1 for Smartthings integration with Tado. Really wanting this to happen to link in with door, motion and presence sensors connected to my ST Hub.

  • I have request if is possible add tado in Samsung smarthings

    I hope soon or later they do the upgrading....

  • I think Tado really underestimates samsung here. The last few years everything they bring out is better and cheaper than the competition. I have multiple people in my direct contacts who went over to samsung and use their system.

    Really cannot understand how you are the best option for smart heating, but dont have support for smartthings

  • Created a community account just to +1 this!
  • Same as above,

    Created a community account just to +1 this!

  • Doing a house renovation and already use Smartthings and Home Assistant for automation and looking for something compatible with both. Shame this isn't working with ST.

    This company seems to be letting easy money slip away. Time for me to keep looking!

  • +1 for smart things integration
  • seraj
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    I can see people are asking for SmartThings integration for 2 years, any news about it ?

    Does it been added yet? or are there any plans for adding it soon?

    I want to buy Tado but still wondering if it got SmartThings support or not.

  • +1 for the smart things integration. Just seems a logical move.
  • +1 for SmatThings integration from me as well. Seems stupid not to have it already.

  • :'( three years on and still no integration. Such a shame, come on Tado this is a must have connection.
  • + 1 for Smartthings integration.

    All of my house integrates with Smartthings- apart from Tado! Come on this is the final piece of the puzzle to cement this as the best smart thermostat on the market!

    (And extending the range of the wifi bridge.)