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Samsung Smartthings



  • SmartThings integration is becoming essential for me or I will probably need to change to another heating control.
  • +1 smart things please
  • +1 for Smartthings integration with Tado. Really wanting this to happen to link in with door, motion and presence sensors connected to my ST Hub.

  • oklaba

    I have request if is possible add tado in Samsung smarthings

    I hope soon or later they do the upgrading....

  • I think Tado really underestimates samsung here. The last few years everything they bring out is better and cheaper than the competition. I have multiple people in my direct contacts who went over to samsung and use their system.

    Really cannot understand how you are the best option for smart heating, but dont have support for smartthings

  • Created a community account just to +1 this!
  • Same as above,

    Created a community account just to +1 this!

  • Doing a house renovation and already use Smartthings and Home Assistant for automation and looking for something compatible with both. Shame this isn't working with ST.

    This company seems to be letting easy money slip away. Time for me to keep looking!

  • migray
    +1 for smart things integration
  • seraj
    edited April 2022

    I can see people are asking for SmartThings integration for 2 years, any news about it ?

    Does it been added yet? or are there any plans for adding it soon?

    I want to buy Tado but still wondering if it got SmartThings support or not.

  • +1 for the smart things integration. Just seems a logical move.
  • +1 for SmatThings integration from me as well. Seems stupid not to have it already.

  • :'( three years on and still no integration. Such a shame, come on Tado this is a must have connection.
  • + 1 for Smartthings integration.

    All of my house integrates with Smartthings- apart from Tado! Come on this is the final piece of the puzzle to cement this as the best smart thermostat on the market!

    (And extending the range of the wifi bridge.)
  • :) :# really need to get this on ST. +1 here
  • +1 for the SmartThings integration! Love tado and love ST so let’s make this marriage happen, people!
  • Another +1 for official Samsung Smartthings integration.

    Spoke to Tado customer support about this issue and they said they base their roadmap on community demand and just told me to upvote this thread. So here I am.

    For what it's worth @Tado - just allowing for integration doesn't mean customers stop paying you the subscription for Tado. Smartthings compliments and enhances rather than replaces. I know this as there's good integration between Smartthings and my Arlo security camera.

    The integration allows me to do otherwise impossible / very difficult / expensive operations such as turning on various lights should the camera detect a person lurking outside my property at night. Another example is that I use cheap Smartthings sensors (all-in-one's that do motion, UV, temperature, humidity etc) in multiple rooms. When there's nobody at home these are used along with the Arlo camera as part of a comprehensive security package. I have all of this, but I still pay monthly for my Arlo subscription for 30-day cloud storage, AI powered detection (people, packages, animals, vehicles), custom activity zones etc).

    As a result of the integration between Arlo and Smartthings I'm happy to continue to invest in the Arlo ecosystem and have just placed an order for another camera (lower-spec'd one for the rear of the property) which will require a bump in my monthly subscription fees.

    If Arlo was a closed ecosystem, I wouldn't have done this. When I move in the future (I rent), unless there's a change to Tado's position on Smartthings integration I'll be changing to a different smart heating solution I'm afraid.

    Have been a Tado user since 2015. :(

  • jelockwood

    For what it's worth, as I have I belive mentioned in this thread before and to Tado, if they add Matter support then connectivity to/from other systems would be less of a burden to Tado and more of a defacto result.

    Samsung Smartthings have stated they are adding Matter support although disappointingly they apparently only intend to add the ability to add Matter devices to Smartthings and not to allow Smartthings devices to be visible in turn to other Matter controllers.

    In order for Tado to be useable via Matter for Smartthings - and other Matter compatible systems Tado would need to make it visible to a Matter controller. Since Tado is not itself a smart hub this would in any case be more logical anyway.

    Note to Tado - The Philips Hue hub does expose existing Hue bulbs etc. to other Matter controllers. So if the Tado bridge is updated to also allow this then it would accomplish what is required. Whilst a simple software upgrade would be the most desirable approach I feel that replacing just the Tado bridge with a newer more powerful model would be a solution many Tado customers would accept. Replacing ALL Tado Thermostats clearly would not.

    PS. We would also like the Smart AC upgrading to support Matter.

    PPS. As the existing bridge and existing Smart AC already support HomeKit arguably they already meet many of the requirements for Matter support e.g. IPv6.

  • Another +1 for Samsung Smartthings integration.

    If they remain separate, then I'd rather remove Tado and go with something that already has official Edge drivers.

  • JakeDr
    edited December 2022

    One more +1 here for an official Samsung SmartThings integration with Tado

  • feg
    +1 for Smartthings support for the TRVs. I am looking to buy 6-12 of them but will keep searching for Smartthings compatible ones.
  • +1 just bought tado system and disappointed I can’t integrate it with smartthings officially. Will have to look at unofficial apps.
  • I'm a long term smartthings user who's just moved house and decided to go with tado rather than nest which i had at my previous address. Disappointed that there isn't direct ST support with tado as i found it very useful with my nest set up. Hoping another voice shouting for ST support might help. Or at the very least make them consider matter support.
  • Kevin_D
    edited January 2023
    Just bought tado thermostats and really disappointed it doesn’t link with smartthings.

    May end up selling them off second hand and moving to nest.

    +1 for smartthings
  • +1 for smartthings

    Have A/C controls already and was going to invest in heating/thermostat controls...

  • +1 for smartthings. Doing tado a disservice without it.

  • I am very disappointed with this decision. we try to be in a greener world and think about improving the climate.

    I do that, among other things. By having one and only one system for home control - samsung smartthings. In your app and sales material, you tell me nicely that I can save money on heating etc. so let me integrate with other home systems, so I can save even more and help the environment.

  • +1 for SmartThings integration from my side! PLEEEEASE!

  • It seems pointless asking Tado. Tell SmartThings they need to integrate.