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How do i get Tado radiator to work with Samsung Smartthings - I tried both smartthings app(classic) but no luck :(

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  • Hi @Peterfaester

    We don't have any plans at this stage to be compatible with Samsung Smartthings, but I've moved this to the Suggestions section so that this can get some feedback from the community to help us change our minds 😉

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  • jelockwood


    Hi, I literally just joined the community to come and post a request for Smartthings support and low and behold the very first post in the list was a request from @Peterfaester for the very same thing. :)

    I would therefore obviously echo Peter's request for this.

    For what it's worth a Smartthings user has written an independent 'smartapp' for Smartthings to give some capabilities. However this only works with the older 'classic' Smartthings app and not the newer app.

    See -

    and -

  • MarkCuk

    Am amazed and disappointed that's there's no Smartthings integration. I'd been using Stringify for my home automation (inc Tado) but that service ceases at the end of June so I went looking for new integration and control. Tado are making a big mistake here. If you can't integrate for commercial or other reasons then at least open the service up so that Smartthings Classic and community-written code is not the only way in.

  • +1 for a SmartThings integration.

    I would like to be able to turn off the hot water as part of the SmartThings Goodnight routine or when the mode changes to Night. And similarly activate the hot water preheat on my combi when I run the SmartThings Good Morning routine.

    Currently to do those things requires an ugly work around of using a virtual switch in SmartThings which triggers an IFTTT applet.

  • jelockwood

    Other than the third-party Smartthings app I mentioned above another potential approach is as follows.

    1. There are some 'apps' for HomeAssistant a free open source smart home package which allow HomeAssistant to talk to Tado products. In at least some of these cases these also have limitations but they might have fewer such issues than the Smartthings app I referred to. Once you have Tado working with HomeAssistant it is then possible to use MQTT on both HomeAssistant and Smartthings to allow Smartthings to use the HomeAssistant entries
    2. It is uniquely possible to add HomeKit devices to HomeAssistant. (Most other systems only do the opposite of converting non-HomeKit devices to be available to HomeKit.) You could therefore add Tado to HomeAssistant as a HomeKit device and again use MQTT between HomeAssistant and Smartthings. However currently HomeKit does not support some functions - especially for the Tado AC v3 and therefore you still might have limitations

    Even the official Tado IFTTT channel has limitations. :(

    Obviously the most desirable solution would be for Tado to improve their connectivity to various smart home platforms in general. I can accept they might not be able to do all of them or all at the same time but other than HomeKit and IFTTT arguable they have done none. (Technically Alexa and Google Assistant are not smart home platforms but rather they are smart assistants.)

    Since Tado are not it seems working on a big stream of new products this is perhaps an area where they could put more effort.

    PS. I am aware that in theory since Tado now have an API potentially customers could write such integration themselves. I am also aware 'early adopters' might be more likely to be people with the skills needed to do that but arguably the smart home market has evolved a bit beyond the early adoption stage and now the majority of customers may not be your typical hacker profile.

  • zohar
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    I'm about to get SmartThings and connect my home, and the first things I would like to get are smart radiator thermostats and this seems a good one. I don't wish to have lots of hubs in the house, but one, so the thermostats I go for would need to be one that is would support SmartThings and be smart enough. As this seems like a good choice, its a shame to drop it. So please consider the above.

  • jelockwood


    For what its worth the possible choices for smart radiator valves might be as follows.

    1. Tado
    2. Netatmo
    3. (various) Z-Wave
    4. others - generally proprietary e.g. Drayton Wiser, Honeywell, Bosch, etc.

    Of these Z-Wave would be the easiest to add to Smartthings currently although I would be of the view that such valves as part of a smart heating system would be significantly inferior to Tado. All the others would require a third-party app/device handler and likely all would be unofficial ones - if available at all.

  • Eddie

    Official SmartThings support would be a real bonus. I would like to use ST to set home/away modes & night temperatures without having to set fixed schedules, & also to set my kids' rooms depending on whether they're staying with me.

  • Dmitry_V

    Hi, @Frank

    "We don't have any plans at this stage to be compatible with Samsung Smartthings"

    Oh, this is a real shame. As Tado is possibly the best smart heating system and SmartThings is the best home automation system. It's a huge shame that there is no proper official integration between the systems (like with Philips Hue or Ring). As people could really benefit from this and get much better overall experience. E.g. adding support of dual-fuel towel rails (don't think you are going to support them any time soon), better override rules (instead of going to individual settings of each room/zone) etc. For example, currently to change heating setting when guests are staying is a bit of a quest. (I have a Tado TRV on each radiator in the house)

    From my point of view, it is not a question of replicating Tado app inside of SmartThings, but being able to use temperature/humidity from Tado thermostats/TRV's, presence, heating/hot water state.

  • Vertigo
    Vertigo ✭✭✭
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    > better override rules (instead of going to individual settings of each room/zone) etc. For example, currently to change heating setting when guests are staying is a bit of a quest.

    I fear this is a deliberate choice. By not providing an API so we could really control the system from another home automation platform, and not even providing a manual home/away toggle, the only somewhat convenient way is paying for the auto assist. Of course, that doesnt even help for guests and many other situations where auto assist simply isnt an option ( working the entire day in my shed or in my garden, even when dining at neighbors I cant set the bloody thing to away, so much for saving money!).

    Tado want to go the ring route, forcing everything to go through their cloud (and then being able to charge whatever they want for whatever they want). I really dont like that model for a doorbell, I certainly dont like it for heating my house.

  • Throw my hat in for a +1... Can do the basics with amazon... But should really be able to work directly with smart things
  • KeithW

    +1 from me too, I was searching how to integrate Tado into Smartthings and came across this threat. I am currently researching my best option for a Smart Thermostat and TRV's and other than no Smartthings integration Tado seems the ideal choice but lack of Smartthings integration is probably a deal breaker for me. Hopefully Tado will re-consider.

  • jtnn60

    I was on the point of buying a Tado multi-room system, but the lack of Samsung SmartThings hub integration just put me off! Shame really as it looks like a good solution.

  • Verdi
    Also a +1 for smartthings integration plz!

    It wasn't a dealbreaker as I've already bought it but as a former stringify user (stringify quit) id like some more automation possibilities through smartthings

    Thx alot

  • Smp4400
    +1 for smartthings integration
  • benpb1

    It seems REALLY difficult to find an integration platform that works with everything or items that work with one platform as having multiple hubs and apps kind of avoids the point of having a centralised integration.

    I opted for SmartThings as it offers integration for the systems that I already had (Hue & Sonos). The SmartThings sensors fitted my requirements and it seems to be one of the better options.

    I cannot find any smart heating solutions that work with SmartThings and have taken the plunge with Tado as it, on paper, meets my requirements. So far, really happy with the system but integration to SmartThings would be the dream. One app that offers control of all smart home systems.
  • From within the SmartThings Groovy IDE (mine is:, you can create a New Tado Heating Zone device from My Devices, eg:

    +Add New Device

    Name: Tado Thermostat

    Device Network Id: Tado Thermostat

    Type: Tado Heating Zone

    Version: Published

    Location: Home

    Hub: Home Hub


    I'm just testing this now, not convinced the network ID is right, but that's what I've seen on another forum.Will let you know.

  • Bob144

    +1 from me too.

    I've been a long time user of tado and just refurbed a house including smart radiator valves on every radiator and three smart room stats controlling zones of underfloor heating. I also went for SmartThings as the controller of choice without doing sufficient research - I just assumed that tado would automatically integrate with the major controller players.

    Come on tado, get this done, make a lot of current users happy and encourage those looking for smart heating or a/c systems to come your way.

  • NFlem
    The current heating systems for Smartthings are either ugly, restrictive or not available in the UK.

    I think Tado are missing a trick without being compatible with Smartthings. There are thousands of users waiting for a decent system to integrate with Smartthings, you only have to browse their forums to see that. The Tado system is great but IFTTT is to restrictive and Google and Alexa are no where near as good as SmartThings for a central brain of the house.

    I use Google, IFTTT and Smartthings and would love to see Tado making their products officially Smartthings compliant, I'd definitely purchase the system for my upstairs radiators if they did.
  • Bob144
    +1 for that.
    I’m a long term user of tado and recently heavily invested in a complete house tado system (3 stats for underfloor zones, smart rad stats on all upstairs rads). I would LOVE to have tado integrate with SmartThings.
    Come on tado. Read these comments and keep tado ahead of the game.
  • tadoptw

    Agree it would be nice to have 1 hub for all devices, as google Home is a terrible design.

  • Ditsy
    Ditsy ✭✭✭

    This week I asked Tado support whether they'll be adding door/window sensors to the product line, this is the response I received.

    "tado° company is focused on heating and air conditioning. We will not be releasing any window/door sensors, or plugs. The interaction you want can be achieved by connecting tado°, and another product, over a Smart Home system. Smart Home systems like Amazon Echo Alexa, or Apple Homekit, can be set to, for example:

    When a sensor is triggered, then heating set to OFF."

    It seems crazy that they're not considering adding sensors. I really expected that they'd understand that customers are looking for door/window sensors to work with their heating. The existing Tado thermostat driven attempt to deal with open windows has too many false positives for us to even consider the subscription option, plus it would be too out of our control. It would be FAR more useful if we could use windows and doors to trigger actions that make sense to us.

    I don't use Alexa (which is not a Smart Home system, but a Smart Assistant), and I've been moving away from Apple, so Homekit is not an option I'm interested in.

    Does anyone know of any other options that actually work with Tado?

  • jelockwood


    Whilst I would not object if Tado did come out with such a product I would far prefer they solved the many outstanding requests that directly relate to their heating products. Foremost amongst these is the need for a simple cheap temperature sensor to help improve the control of their smart TRVs.

    In answer to your question about what smart home systems work with Tado.

    Tado has also sadly been backwards about providing official support for smart home platforms other than HomeKit. (I agree Alexa is a smart assistant not a smart home platform.) Tado do provide official support for IFTTT.

    However unofficially Samsung Smartthings, Athom Homey and Home Assistant all can be used with Tado. It is likely some others also have unofficial support.

  • Ditsy
    Ditsy ✭✭✭


    Thanks for your reply. We don't have any particular problematic radiator positioning so we found the TRVs worked really well throughout the Winter. The worst positioned radiator is luckily in a room that has two radiators, so we just use the other one as the sensor. So our biggest gotcha, and the main reason I won't recommend the system to anyone else is waking up to no heating because the system doesn't have any backup plan when it loses internet connectivity.

    I was really hoping to use a well known brand such as Smart Things to add sensors but the lack of any official integrations is very unhelpful. I'm not keen to use unofficial integrations where you suddenly find that the user maintaining the integration no longer has enough free time, moved on to a different product etc. and you're left looking for a new solution again. There are also the security issues that might exist.

    Home Assistant feels rather over the top for some sensors being used as action triggers, but I do appreciate I asked for suggestions. In 2020 I'd really hoped there was something out there I'd overlooked with a 5 minute install. I've never taken a good look at Homey, thanks for reminding me about it.

  • SkiRider

    Just +1 on the need for official Smartthings integration. is no longer supported and has security issues as it displays your Tado passwords din the clear in Smartthings tracing logs.

    C'mon Tado! Listen to your community!

  • truespirit

    Integration with SmartThings would be useful.

  • JoeDredd


    Considering Tado has no intention of expanding outside of the heating/thermostat arena it makes sense to ensure it's part of other ecosystems to encourage adoption by users of those.

  • Arrem
    What is the reason that prevents TADO from wanting to connect via Samsung SmartThings? :/
  • mpikounis

    +1 for Smartthings integration. The DTH/Smartapp available at Smartthings community does work (without support) but an official integration would be very much appreciated.

  • Twardio
    Yep another +1 smart things request - ability to control lighting etc in a uniformed manner along with blinds etc would be a bonus. E.g if a room is overheating from direct sun it might be good to link to automated blinds motor to change the heat coming in from window etc.

    I’m not sure if developing it is the problem or if commercial barrier to it (do Samsung charge for it?) but it does feel like the type of integration that should be possible. I’d even tolerate it being part of subscription model. It wouldn’t be ideal but would be better than nothing.