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How do i get Tado radiator to work with Samsung Smartthings - I tried both smartthings app(classic) but no luck :(

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  • FrankFrank | Admin

    Hi @Peterfaester

    We don't have any plans at this stage to be compatible with Samsung Smartthings, but I've moved this to the Suggestions section so that this can get some feedback from the community to help us change our minds 😉

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  • @Frank

    Hi, I literally just joined the community to come and post a request for Smartthings support and low and behold the very first post in the list was a request from @Peterfaester for the very same thing. :)

    I would therefore obviously echo Peter's request for this.

    For what it's worth a Smartthings user has written an independent 'smartapp' for Smartthings to give some capabilities. However this only works with the older 'classic' Smartthings app and not the newer app.

    See -

    and -

  • Am amazed and disappointed that's there's no Smartthings integration. I'd been using Stringify for my home automation (inc Tado) but that service ceases at the end of June so I went looking for new integration and control. Tado are making a big mistake here. If you can't integrate for commercial or other reasons then at least open the service up so that Smartthings Classic and community-written code is not the only way in.

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