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  • +1

    An option to use 1 schedule, to copy 1 schedule, or have a 'default' schedule is a must surely.

  • I would like to see a Named Schedule System.

    Each Named Schedule should have the following attributes:

    • Schedule Name
    • Frequency
      • Daily
      • Weekly
      • Week Day, Weekend (these days should be user definable as different countries have different working weeks). Probably the default.
    • Time Blocks
      • As per the current schedules - add/delete etc.
    • Rooms - rooms to apply the schedule to.

    It should be possible to cut and paste between Named Schedule and Time Blocks (even across Named Schedules).

    Using this method we could, for example, have Winter and Summer Schedules that we could activate on a room by room basis. For example:

    • Winter_Default - defaults for winter.
    • Summer_Default - default for summer.
    • Kitchen_Winter_Early_Start - special schedule for kitchen when you have an early start.
    • Living_Room_Dinner_Party - adjusted temperature when hosting a party.
  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭
    I've just spotted that you can now copy and paste schedules in the app. When did that get introduced?
  • It's been in the Android Beta app for a few weeks at least

  • I can not find it within iOS app beta.
  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭
    @00001010 weirdly it's in the standard released version of the android app which is where I first spotted it. I don't use the beta. Seems odd to me that they haven't advertised it in the release notes given that it was a sought after feature according to these forum pages.

    On Android, above each day in the schedule, there are 3 dots. Clicking those reveals a copy/ paste menu.
  • l bought into the tado° system assuming that multiple schedules would be a given in any smart heating control system. It's frustrating, to put it mildly, to discover that the software comes nowhere close to providing this basic functionality! I see that copy/paste schedule building has just been written into the Android app, which is another feature that I would have expected to find in the initial build.

    The tado° hardware is so capable and pleasingly designed it slightly beggars belief that the software is so rudimentary in that respect. We can only hope that tado° make up for missing these opportunities that a smart system provides, by putting resources into developing this asap. Please!

  • Massive +1 from me. I have an upstairs and downstairs zone and TRVs on all my radiators.

    The ability to copy schedules from one room to another or one day to another would be a big time saver.

    Next, setting schedules for zones or groups of rooms seems like a basic feature that’s missing. This would make the app so much more useful and practical.

    We came over from hive primarily for HomeKit compatibility. While I find the hardware and integration with HomeKit still big plus sides, the smart schedule is lagging behind.
  • Rob
    Rob | Admin

    I've edited the opening post. The newest update that is being rolled out today (6.24.0 for Android, similar for iOS) will enable this feature for half our customers. The other half will get it soon.

  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2021

    Hi @Rob (Tado admin)

    While I'm happy to read your latest edit and new info regarding the "copy & paste" schedules.....I must point out something that currently doesn't add up with what you have indicated.

    I received the Android App update ( 6.24.0 ) on Oct 25th ......App appears the same as before.......so I waited for the change to be implemented (as you suggested). However a further Android App update ( 6.25.0 ) was then applied to my phone.

    Still not seeing the new "copy & paste" scheduling version.........but with the 6.25.0 update all my rooms "lost" the previous change which allowed me to "copy & paste" via a previous upgrade.......so my phone now has NO " copy & paste" functionality feature.....just as it was before Tado started to supply this "much requested" feature. So @Rob what was meant to occur with 6.25.0 ??🤔

    @Rob .....just to mention that I also have the Android App on a Tablet on 6.24.0........still no upgrade to the latest " copy & paste" schedule change feature (not going to update the Tablet Android App till you have "sorted" this).

    Many thanks in advance 🙏

  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @GrayDav4276 Hi - I have 6.25.0 with a c&p but have no idea whether or not it is different to an earlier c&p cos I never used it! Soz!

  • @samd
    Yet another 6.25.0 update tonight....and still no "Copy & Paste"......
  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭
    edited October 2021

    @GrayDav4276 Since last post I have lost mine!

  • What are Tado playing at.......useless !!
  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭
    @GrayDav4276 @samd not that it helps you guys but my android app updated to 6.24.0 and I have both features. The original copy and paste function (3 dot sub-menu on each day) and the new feature tado have just released.

    Curiously if I go onto the Google Play Store it shows that the latest version available for me is 6.24.0. There is no 6.25.0 update showing.

    Note that tado said that the feature will be available for half their customers initially and then roll out to all customers shortly. My guess therefore is it's a server side switch, so the app update has the feature but the server needs to allow you to access it. Appreciate that doesn't help or explain the app version difference though!
  • @cbd20
    I'm absolutely sure that it'll get sorted once Tado get round to "updating" all our App's.......eventually 🙏
    The problem is that I "thought" that the 6.25.0 App update was to cover the "other 1/2" of us who didn't receive the new C&P functionality on the 6.24.0 update.
    So unfortunately (for me) when I accepted the 6.25.0 update, I lost the previous C&P function.
    It's more of an annoyance than an issue.....if you know what I mean.
  • Rob
    Rob | Admin
    edited October 2021

    It is as @cbd20 said:

    Note that tado said that the feature will be available for half their customers initially and then roll out to all customers shortly. My guess therefore is it's a server side switch, so the app update has the feature but the server needs to allow you to access it. 

    Whether you have the function or not does not only depend on if you have the 6.23.0 (iOS), 6.24.0 (Android) or newer version of the app. It also depends on if you're in the random 50% subset that was picked by our developers. I believe they do this to test the difference in how people use the schedule.

    FYI: my private tado° account also doesn't have the feature, yet... :(

    Anyway, as far as I know it will be enabled for everyone 'soon'. I suspect in a week or so, but don't quote me on this.

  • @Rob2
    I understand about the 50% delivery policy 👍
    But I have now received 6.25.0 for Android....and can't detect any changes to my App.....can you explain ?? 🤔
  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭
    @Rob so my phone just this afternoon updated to android 12 (which in my personal opinion is hideous!). But a side effect of this is that the 3 dot sub-menu to copy paste each day has now vanished! I assume this is a side effect of Androids new look and feel...
  • Rob
    Rob | Admin
    edited October 2021

    I see there is some confusion.


    There were 2 copy functions:

    1. Copy one day to the next, within one room. The 3 dots + menu you mentioned.
    2. Copy the whole weekly schedule from 1 room to another room. See the edited opening post of this thread.

    Number 2. is currently implemented for 50% of users.

    Number 1. was implemented to 50% of users a week before. However, hardly anybody used it, so it was removed to keep the app 'clean'. Not sure where I wrote this before on the forum (maybe in another language?), but we have both advanced users (basically you guys) and people who are easily overwhelmed. Loading the app with hardly used features will annoy the novices, stripping the app of everything but the bare essential will annoy you. We strive to find a compromise that works for the biggest amount of customers. So, non-essential features that are not used much are replaced by more commonly used ones.

    Assuming number 2 is actually used by customers, it will stay and will become available to all. I honestly don't expect it to disappear.

  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2021
    I have to say that I find your explanation of the reason for Tado removing a function that you had (apparently) supplied to 50% of Tado users as incomprehensible.......what are we to expect now !!
    Please feel free to provide some sort of indication of Tado's expected implementation of the Copy & Paste function.......'cos I'm totally confused as to what to expect..... 😔😕😴🤮

    @Rob I would just like to say that on my Android Tablet (6.24.0) I still have a version of Copy & Paste.......and it's 1 or 2 as indicated in your response above......
  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2021
    @rob & @cbd20

    Apologies for a "typo" error in my last post.
    It should read "it is NOT 1 or 2 as indicated in your (@rob) response above....." 😎

    " LATEST UPDATE at 13:10 " ......Having just opened the App (6.24.0) on my tablet.......I now find that my "Copy & Paste" function has "disappeared" ........so now I have no "Copy & Paste" function on either of my Android devices.
    So i have now allowed my tablet to update to 6.25.0

    I await Tado's final/next "Copy & Paste" attempt/change/fiasco.......☹️.......unless, of course, Tado decides that I would not actually use it......
  • Hi everybody,

    I've had some contact from Tado and I am happy to wait for my chance to be in the next update for the C & P schedule feature.👍

  • @Rob How about having an option in the app to switch to advanced mode? Lots of apps do.
    Default to the simple mode for those that want the cleaner, easier app but give us the option to use further features. It would give you an idea too if some of them are popular enough to be used in the simple mode.

    re. Copy & Paste, when updating to 6.25 in the Play Store it states; last updated 22nd Oct, You can now copy your smart schedule settings from one room to another.
    It doesn't add if you're one of the lucky 50% ! You can assume correctly from my post that I am not, and therefore I am still unable to copy / paste.
    If and when it does happen, will I be able to copy days within a rooms setting, or just copy a rooms setting to another room?

    I'm in strong agreement with others too regarding the option to have different settings stored. Every holiday (and working in education I have a few!) I have to change the schedules for all our rooms to suit, then once back to work I need to change them back again. It really is quite time consuming.
  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Ben_UK If they could allow the creation of 'non-room Rooms' you could create them to your requirements and then just copy their schedules to real rooms as a temporary measure to fit your requirements?

  • mpartington
    edited November 2021
    Madness, why would you do that after just 1 week? Went to use it and had disappeared. It's a necessary core function, not 'advanced'. How does 3 dots clutter an app?

    "Number 1. was implemented to 50% of users a week before. However, hardly anybody used it, so it was removed to keep the app 'clean'"
  • @Rob please restore the "3 dots + menu" Copy&Paste feature. That's a killer feature and I guess this is the real implementatio users need.

    Not all your customers have multiple rooms in the app, because a lot of users have the Smart thermostater only.

    So the Copy&Paste beetween rooms make poor sense.

  • Bump. And I agree that there should be switch between easy (default) settings and advanced settings which will give more much needed functionalities eg. copying schedules, multiple profiles to not need to edit schedules everytime we have guests, doing home office etc. and many more useful more powerful settings.

  • I could copy and paste schedules last week, but now it's gone. This should be a core feature, nothing to do with advanced settings, just a standard function. Is Tado still in the 20th century?

  • @Tibor070 there was this note from one of the Tado admins. It might explain your disappearing copy/paste functionality.

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