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tado° edit 2:

With the new app release of today (oct 25th) roughly half of our customers will start seeing this feature in the app. This update was based on suggestions of the community (you), interviews our development team have conducted and the feedback from you might have noticed when exiting the Smart Schedule. 

The update to the Smart Schedule allows you to copy the Smart Schedule settings from one room to the next. Your tado° app will need to be updated to the newest version and you will need to have more than 1 room in your tado° app. Once you open the Smart Schedule of a specific room, you will see a schedule icon with a right pointing arrow. This allows you to copy the schedule of the room you opened to a different room.

As we want to continue improving the tado° experience, we continue to ask our users for feedback. Feedback about this new update and feedback about things you’d like to see happening in the future.

Please let us know if this new feature in the schedule performs as it should. If you encounter anything that you struggle with, please let us know.

As I mentioned it is being released to roughly half of our customers right now, and only in the newest app version. The other half will get it soon.

tado edit (old):

We are starting to look into improvements to the Smart Schedule. Please post any relevant requets/feedback in this topic so it can be considered during the concept phase.

Original post:

Having a copy and paste option to set the same heating schedules for different zones would be really useful.

When you have multiple zones and wish to set up identical schedules across zones and days of the week it can be very time consuming and laborious when setting up.

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  • NickP101
    I'll second this idea. I have Tado TRV's on all my radiators and also find this a tedious process. The same applies at the times I like to switch temperatures down or up (Spring/Autumn). Doing so on a one my one basis is time consuming.

    The ability to save a template(s) would be good or an alternative. These could then be applied to different TRV's. And would allow for the possibility of different templates for different seasons.
  • jpgburgess
    edited October 2019
    +1 from me. We only have 2 zones and I found it tedious enough setting up mon-fri then separately Saturday and Sunday.

    Having bought another tado for the underfloor heating zone I am wondering why there's not just a schedule group that I can add it to.
  • pbanks
    +1 from me too. Having to set separate schedules for each room is a pain. Need to be able to select rooms for a group schedule.
  • Jmk
    I want to be able to set all days the same apart from Wednesday. This takes ages at the moment as I have to enter each day manually. Please make simple change to app so I can copy schedule from one day to another. Even old wall thermostats do this!!
  • Jmk
    I want to be able to set all days the same apart from Wednesday. This takes ages at the moment as I have to enter each day manually. Please make simple change to app so I can copy schedule from one day to another. Even old wall thermostats do this!!
  • mfcc
    It would be indeed very useful! +1
  • kitus

    I find it hard to understand why this is not even part of the stock app. Should not even need to be voted...

  • CJS578

    Such an obvious and basic element of functionality that should exist

  • Riversway
    Totally agree... come on Tado can this be done? A bit of development feed back from development would be good
  • Tado please provide template feature create template once and use the same where ever we want , don’t make your customer do donkey work when we want to change the schedule. This will also smake it easy for setting the schedule for winter and rest of year schedule.
  • This feature would be very useful when first setting up a multi-room Tado system, or making bulk changes to an existing schedule.

  • Jachool

    Agree fully to the idea of a "template" or "profile" setting to manage the smart schedule for groups of Tado controllers:

    • Same setting of smart schedule in similar zones - e.g. bath rooms, sleeping rooms, living & eating rooms, etc. - Setting each one up on it's own is a very tedious process and not at all user friendly.
    • Same is true, if you want to make a change, which applies to multiple rooms - e.g. increase morning temperature by 1 degree C.
    • Others might want to change the schedule frequently - e.g. if they have different work weeks. Here again you could save 1 Profile for week 1 and another Profile for week 2 and swap them much more easily.
  • koymoy

    Just installed 8 of the smart radiator thermostats - coming from living connect (the really old ones) i'm utterly baffled to find out that it isn't possible to copy schedule settings from one room to another? Also - why cant I choose 0,5 c increments, but only 1,0 c?

  • Tangoev

    Same here a long process to create new room settings from scratch. Have 4 new rooms. A copy and paste would be nice.

  • davieb1969
    This would be awesome
  • koldsø

    Ditto - plz make this happen

  • Chapstar37
    Suggested similar.
    I would rather synchronise my rooms with central heating or hot water schedules to minimise the number of separate occasions the boiler is lit. This is by far more efficient than individual rooms calling for heat.

    Having all heating on one programme page or being able to copy a radiator or thermostat profile to other devices would simplify things.

    Then being able to store seasonal programs.
    Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn and switch between them manually or automatically would be useful. Taking into account sunset and sunrise and local temperatures.
  • ldoodle

    +1. I'd call this 'Schedule Inheritance'...

    ...instead of having individual schedules you have a master schedule that all zones by default follow. Then you can turn off 'inheritance' for the zones you want to do that.

  • I’ve suggested copy and past many times over the years. Such a simple feature missing. Also a custom schedule. I work an 8 day week not a 7 day and it drives me crazy.
  • Also to create zones that can be scheduled that can consist of groups of rooms. Like upstairs and downstairs.
  • Armand

    Indeed quite a cumbersome process. I would also like to link for example trv schedules to some kind of a master schedule or template schedule so as when the one template changes all related days change in the trv's

  • photek

    I'd just like to echo the comments everyone else has already made above - the hardware is great, the initial setup is awesome....then the scheduling is just cumbersome and so unfriendly...feels like something that was tacked on the last minute.

    It would be an easy fix, and make a HUGE difference.

  • Tangoev

    As above. A simple copy or use as master would be good.

    the use of zones would also be nice so that zones could be grouped together for example upstairs or downstairs. Or bedrooms in a single group.

    Would make editing and micro management much easier.

  • davidlyall
    Seconded. The Tado app is good but I'd a few of the suggestions on here were implemented, it would be fantastic
  • Matty_T
    How this isn't a feature already I have no idea! Nest does it quite successfully!

    It's a massive pain to go through every day, adding blocks, then setting time and temp for each one, and repeat for every day!
  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Matty_T Is there a particular reason why you need to change your schedule daily please?

  • RedDavs
    Agree with the template idea e.g. Bedroom Schedule. You can then create as many or as few templates as needed and associate a template with each thermostat/TRV.
    If a changiis then made to a template, it is automatically applied to all thermostats associated with the template.
  • totally agree,

    I have 8 thermostats in different rooms of which I want to have 6 different schedules with small adjustments.

    btw why is there no comment from the dev-ops on this thread. Has anybody contacted tado yet?

  • asheldrake
    edited September 2020

    It's insane that this isn't a feature already. For a product that was so ahead of it's time in terms of simplicity, the process of making schedules is really cumbersome.

    I'd even hoped that the website would at least offer a little more functionality to assist with this from a computer instead of the app - but nope, completely the same!

    Considering alot of people pay good money for their software subscription, it's baffling that they don't have the time and money to develop such a simple feature that everyone wants!

    @Tado @Germán - at the very least, you should be able to let people change the default master template that is applied every time you add a new device, surely that's some very simple code?

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