[Released] Copy and Paste schedules



  • @Driz

    Your link doesn't work
  • Just now updated to v6.27 (Android) and still zero copy / paste function !!
  • Same here.....no C&P at all.
  • shenny
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    Just updated tonight to 6.26 iOS and still no "Copy & Paste"
  • Imagine if you push out 3 suggestions a year and 1 of them is adding waves to tiles and another one is a copy and paste schedule. 😂 Yes child lock is implemented, almost 4 years late!

  • Even if this copy feature would clutter the app (which I find hard to believe) can you AT LEAST release it on the website such that we can use it?

    Tado feels very un-smart wrt smart schedules right now.

  • Hey All,

    I have just completed the latest Android App update.......which is for the "Copy & Paste" feature.

    Unfortunately all I have now is a frozen yellow/orange screen showing the Tado logo.......Luckily I also have the Android App on my Tablet......thank god I didn't just automatically update my Tablet as well, otherwise I'd basically be locked out of my App.

    I can't believe this.......anyone else, or is it just my phone update that's not working......🙃😣🤢😤

  • I have the same frozen orange app. (Android 9)

    I don't have a tablet so I use the webapp: https://app.tado.com
  • Got it on my tablet here to.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

  • @Arvid & @ThatGuy

    I experienced a problem with Tado App Updates before, so I took off my " Auto Update" feature in my phone and tablet....so glad I did. I wonder how long it'll take Tado to sort this out........

  • @GrayDav4276 auto update is off on my phone and I still got Home Assistant that works fine so got it covered.

    For all removing cache and data did not solve the issue.
  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭
    @GrayDav4276 what was the update version number?
  • The update that fails now is 6.29.0

  • @cbd20

    My previous version was 6.28.1.......not sure if this was 6.28.2 or a new update of 6.29 and I can't check it as the App is "FROZEN"

    I will check my Tablet version (not yet downloaded/updated) to see if I can find out what the update version number is.

    I've sent a DM to @Jurian about this because i had asked @Jurian to provide an update on exactly what Tado was doing with this feature.

  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭
    Thanks @Arvid and @GrayDav4276 interestingly my Google play store only shows 6.28.0 as the latest, so I wonder if they've pulled the update?
  • I'm on the beta test program, maybe that's why I could install it.

  • I have the same issue. Updated to v6.29.0 on Android and the app now freezes on the front yellow screen. I'm sure Tado will be on to it tomorrow and issue a quick fix!

  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
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    Just deleted and reinstalled the App (6.29.0 version) and the screen is still "FROZEN"
    TADO need to provide a new update..... Preferably one that works !!!
  • Problem now fixed. App is working normally with copy & paste function. V6.29.0 (this may be a beta version).
  • ThatGuy
    edited November 2021
    Not fixed for me.
    If I clean the data's and cache, I can restart the app but it freezes at some point after the login screen.
    Then it freezes again at the orange logo.

    Edit: got an update right now and it works again.
  • @ThatGuy

    What is the update version that you now have ??🤔

  • Mine is now working following another download......so it looks like Tado sorted it out 🙏✔️👍👌
  • It still says 6.29.0
  • I've recently joined Tado, and was looking for a way to do much of the above. Seems a reasonable idea to make the scheduling actually smart. Disappointing to see its been sat here for a while. Any sign of scheduling being improved?

  • Rob
    Rob | Admin
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    The other 50% of people should also have the function now. My private tado° account was among the 50% of people who did not have the feature. I updated to the newest Android version (6.29.0) just now, and I was welcomed with this screen.

    Please excuse the Dutch language, this is a screenshot I made on my own phone. It is a 'new in the app' screen, which is displayed once. It introduces this feature.

    iOS version numbers differ slightly.

    Are the freezing issues still there with the newest app version? If so, please send my a private message with some information about how I can find your tado° account and some details about the phone (make and model).

  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
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    As I stated in my earlier post.......my App is now functioning in both my Android devices (phone & tablet)......plus the Copy & Paste function is working ok 👌

  • It is still not working in my iOS app?
  • Hi @Sean_Tado_Beta_User . I still don’t have this feature in IOS do you known when it will be made available? I would also like to suggest that an overview page of smart schedule settings for all devices/rooms would be really useful perhaps as part of the copy and paste feature. .
  • If it helps anyone, you can copy any schedule, eg a week one, or a day, and copy it to any other.

    For example, I had a week schedule for my hallway but wanted to go to days ... I could not copy that schedule via the icon with a calendar and arrow at the upper right because that only lets you copy to another room...

    .... BUT, I saw, just under the scheduling bar, a 'copy' and a 'paste' icon! So I copied my week schedule, and then opted for a daily schedule (which annoyingly would start with the default template and not the existing schedule), and all I had to do was use the paste icon on each day to put my old schedule in as a template.

    !!Now, if Tado would let us set up an empty room, with virtual devices, and then call the rooms 'templates' we could create as many schedules as we want that do nothing, until you cut and copy them into a real room...!!


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