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It is, as I have found from Taco support, possible to control 2 homes from the Tado app. However, to do this, one has to log out and then log in to the second home using a different email address as a username. With his quality product, I'm surprised that Tado haven't addressed this problem in their app.

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  • wateroakley
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    Yes, that’s the way it works. We access our rellies home heating with a second email address. Other find this too difficult.

  • davidlyall
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    If you use a Samsung phone, it is possible to have two separate Tado apps installed logged onto different accounts so you can control two homes. You need to use the Secure Folder app.

    I don't have two homes but did run enough of a test to feel that this would work. I think the app can also be downloaded onto non-Samsung Android devices

    I'm sure there's something similar that would work on Apple too

    It's not ideal but would probably meet the needs of most users with more than one home

  • Tado_WhyNo2ndLoc

    Tado do not care about adding this feature even though It has been requested by many users for many years.

  • davidlyall

    I don't think that's the issue.

    I still believe that their business model is wrong. They sell hardware with a feature set but have no regular income to fund improvements so ultimately they don't have the resources to properly develop the product

  • Adding the facility to control a second home is clearly a required feature from within the app for many of your customers.

    Can Tado developers please supply a time line for when this will be available? Would they like users to work with them to beta test such a feature. I too have just purchased a second Tado system specifically to enable me to be able to control my, and my elderly mother-in-law’s system, which she may not be able to understand herself, and I need real-time updates. If I have to keep logging in and out of the app, I will lose that functionality for one system or the other.

    This really does need fixing. Tado, PLEASE escalate this development.

  • samd
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    @NOLBwithaD Welcome to the forum - in fact you are welcome to the forum!! There is a widely-held belief that tado no longer even visit here let alone contribute so please excuse the more than occasional use of sarcasm when we chat about development.

  • How is this progressing? Is there anything we can do together as customers to encourage change or communicate our needs to Tado?

  • Tado_WhyNo2ndLoc

    It's so wierd that multi-location is not a feature yet, why can't Tado make this possible when so many customers are asking for it?